DATE- 25-26 FEB
Another day , another fair
to hog the glare
loud roared the blast
as EPHIPHANEIA went past

It reflected the genuine revelation of sorts & vigour
even patrolling the inborn rigour
pepped up by awe-inspiring moments
put in by the participating students

Strucking the raw-nerve the event kicked started with fruitful inauguration,
letting the beam of honouration
meshed with the  stream of words by the Augustine Principal & Chief Guest on stage
looked almost like  a much-needed salvage

Coming as  a first bead of garland
Dramatique weaved in to entrance the sect
With  a abstract display of emotions much
in  association with a literary text

A  second weave took a great leap
storming the brains came the warming discussion & deliberation
on the hot issues that called upon serious contemplation

Presenting  a  gush of knowledge in a form of literary quiz
Gnosis whizzed to eventually morph synopsis of academic grit
Scenting the arena with kavitas the event forged
An extra mile with a round of laughs & sparks
Of the river of words  released by the participating kavis and kavitris

A  little bit of kalamkaari was the theme
as the young wave of writers penned out the on the spot created scheme
Splashing in to settle,
strode the comic mettle
creating comic strips seemed like  a span of undeterred span
of cutting & pasting to craft a humour
without any rumour

Coming as a last wreath to complete the garland
Nukkad-Natak itself took a exhortive shape  as the naatkari’s
pinched the heart with issues ranging from tobacco consumption
to cruel humiliation of animals with a tearing force
even generating the claps & appreciations in the course 

Mrighansh Jain

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