Enactus SRCC (formerly SIFE SRCC) organized during CrossRoads a one of its kind event – LEAP. During SRCC’s Annual cultural fest Crossroads, Enactus SRCC in collaboration with the Travelers Society, SRCC organized – LEAP which was a part of the adventure festival of the Travelers Society called the Escapades. LEAP literally stands for Life On Wheels(LOW) Escapades Adventure Program.

The Travelers Society SRCC is relatively a newer name in the history of SRCC societies. Instituted in the year 2008, the Travelers Society organizes trips, tours and excursions for the college students. Also they have their annual fest during the CrossRoads where they primarily have an adventure festival.

Organized on the 2nd of March, LEAP was a day full of fun, enjoyment and excitement. It was a Saturday full of fun, frolic and adventure for the children of the rickshaw-pullers which are already under the purview of their ongoing project Life On Wheels. The project facilitates micro credit for rickshaw pullers to enable them to purchase their own rickshaw, rather than hire them from exploitative contractors. Due to lack of collateral, rickshaw pullers are unable to obtain credit for themselves. Enactus, SRCC has partnered with Punjab National Bank to help rickshaw pullers overcome this problem by acting as guarantors for their loans.The loan amount covers the cost of the rickshaw, uniform, life and asset insurance. Within a year, the rickshaw puller is able to finish his loan repayment and become the proud owner of his rickshaw.
As many as 20 kids aged 7 – 15 turned up for the 3 hour event organized on the 2nd of March (the last day of the CrossRoads). This was a 3 hour event which started sometime around 9 in the morning. An introductory session was organized at the beginning of the event familiarizing each child with their whereabouts. This was basically an ice breaking session which helped children get comfortable and bring them up to the mood gearing them all for the events to come.
Various adventure activities were organized for the kids during the entire event. Adventure activities for children included – Zorbing, Trampoline Volleyball, Flying Fox and Bouncy Boxing. Various other game events were also in place for the children like Soccer, Throw Ball and Dodge Ball. After the events the children were provided with the refreshments to relax them down after a fun-day of tiring activities. An interactive session followed thereafter which was primarily a feedback session in which the children gave their feedback about the experiences of the day. “It was a memorable day for all the children” was the common conclusion that was generated.

The entire event was successfully organized and co-ordinated by Enactus SRCC and Travelers Society. It was a work well done. Where the entire college was deeply delved into the fashion and the cultural fiesta, there was a cluster of like-minded people lighting someone else’s life. Truly living on the principles of “Live and Let Live” these are such people who still make people retain their trust in something called “humanity”.

Garvit Godawat

Photo Credits: Enactus SRCC

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