An economist is a man who states the obvious in terms of the incomprehensible.
-Alfred A. Knopf

Well, the Economics Department of Jesus and Mary College definitely made the incomprehensible very interesting and understandable. It was EcoVantage the economics fest of Jesus and Mary College which organized a fest full of happiness and adventures.

The fest had huge participations from different colleges across the university. The main motive of EcoVantage was to make students understand economic analysis of global situations and economic issues that affect us in our day to day lives. EcoVantage aims to transmit the beauty of Economics to college students by providing them with an environment, which encourages independent and original thinking through the ‘learning by discovery’ approach. 

Students started pouring into the venue for registrations before 9.00am. Mr.Ajay Maken was the chief guest of the fest who inaugurated the event at 9:30am followed by a speech by the Sister Marina John. The members of the Economics Department proudly wore “EcoVantage ‘13” Caps. The highlights of the fest were:

·         Debate

·         Guess Mess

·         Brand Tambola

·         Business Quiz

·         The Amazing Race

·         The Advertisement Making Competition a.k.a. Ad Mad etc

“The Brand Tambola” was a little twisted than the usual one. The organizers were calling out different logos or tag lines of brands instead of numbers and the participants had to cut the logo on their sheets if they knew the right answer.

“The Guess Mess” was all about guessing the right economic term with the help of another team member. The topic for debate was “This house believes that a capital and trade system is preferable to a carbon tax in reducing trade emissions" in which many students spoke enthusiastically.
The students of the college also organized a Bake ‘N’ Sale stall which sold sandwiches and cakes which were enjoyed by everyone. A stall of the famous “Ram Ladoo” with “Pudine ka Chutney” was also arranged for the foodies. The winners also went back with bagful of cash prizes and goodies.

The president of the department, Simran Bhatia was overwhelmed by response and support she got from her fellows as she was congratulated continuously for her hard work. She said” EcoVantage'13 was by far the best annual fest organized by our department. Last year the fest wasn’t organized, so we were determined to put up a better show this year and YES! It was a huge success. The final outcome was the result of the guidance of our teachers, the hard work of my department and the faith they had in me.”

Finally, they promised that next time it would be bigger and better!

Photographs : Hira Shamim and Rhea Luthra; Columnists

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