“Economist! Enough said” marked the caption on the maroon sweatshirts of the students from the Economics Department of Kamala Nehru College. The cool caption was justified with the splendid job put up by the students in their fest. The anxiety started building up with an unexpected downpour on the day of the fest, students were a bit nervous since a lot of hard work was poured in to make the day a huge success  but soon things started falling back in place.

With the huge participation and response that the students received on the day of their fest ensured that their hard work got paid off. Pratish Shraman, an Economics student from Deshbandhu College said, “Ecophoria was very well organised despite the fact that weather was not in their favour. Even the harsh rainfall didn’t spoil the essence of the fest”. The participants around were quite content with the quality and presentation of the fest. They got an opportunity to win huge cash prizes and goodies. Girls had a fine time selecting and shopping for beautiful accessories and cosmetics that were put up on the stalls.

Ecophoria, the Economics Fest of KNC had a number of new events that were incorporated in the fest this year. The Minute to win it event, wherein the students had to complete a given task in a minute was a striking one and was enjoyed by the participants. The Treasure was a big hit as always and the other events like the Quiz, MUN and Mockstock witnessed immense participation as well.

With the accomplishment of a brilliant fest, when we talked to one of the student organiser of the fest, Damini Singh, she cheerfully quoted “This year’s fest saw lots of enthusiastic participants trying out various innovative skills to reach the final rounds. Thankfully it ended on a very good relaxed note.”

All is well that ends well- Holds true in the case of Ecophoria which certainly proved to be spot on as it managed to pull large crowd and  nobody would mind categorizing it among the big departmental fest. 

This doesn’t end here; next year surely has the message apparent with even a bigger, superlative Economics Fest of Kamala Nehru College. 

Photograph -  The Economics Department, Kamala Nehru College

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