If shivering up the spine with some thrilling gush is your want, SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH COLLEGE presents a suitable & splendid opportunity for all the future economist in a unique of its kind ECONOTIZE 2013, an endeavour to learn, explore and cherish and absorb everything that goes beyond the academic curricular .

It will be a three day event starting on 22nd till 24th January 2013, inclusive of the mind-churning activities that has been well-planned to test the all round development skills of the students that lands up here in the blissful arena.

Ø  First in the list of exotic events being PAPER PRESENTATION where participants need to prepare a draft of 2000 words with a powerpoint presentation on topics that will be par with economic perspective.

Ø  Ever wanted to be jammed up with people around listening to you; well JAM gives students an opportunity to speak for just-a-minute on a topic that will be announced with the rules on the spot.

Ø  For all the brain vitas QUIZOPLIS will be there with 2 participants per team and cross-college students are also permitted to bask in.

Ø  BEG, BORROW, AND DEAL! Gives way to the participants to hunt for a product which includes an answer to a riddle, with a chance to market it to judging panel by the smooth and tactical skills at disposal.

Ø  Next in the list comes the popular event, AD-MAD, in which students will be branding a generic product with the help of melodious jingles and satisfying television com.

Ø  In a much formalised sense MODEL TWO CONFERENCE lines up in which there will be an intense round of debate and deliberation amongst the representatives of various countries on much critical global issues. Stochastic pursuit has always been the cult and it will be as the stocks and the bulletin fluctuations will give rise to a profit - making team

Ø  THE RECRUITERS, a unique embrace in which 3 member participating team will get a chance to put forth their interesting interviewing skills with the relevance and beauty of questions being checked.

Ø  Every event seems to be incomplete without the tinge of music in it, MUSICONOMICS, which involves a song being played and participants will get a time to think an economic word that appears in the song & have to speak on it for 45 seconds with a 15 second advantage of guessing the artist of the particular song.

Ø  Finally for all the gizmos and gadgets freaks FIFA PS3 BATTLE will be organised to spice up the last day of the much-awaited ECONOTIZE 2013.

Being here will surely be a worthwhile experience with the Economic touch and days filled with fun, drama and glitter puffed up in the pockets....

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