The University of Delhi has an old, unbreakable and rock solid relationship with numbers. From the hot cut offs to the cold marks and numerous insensible innovations like merging of courses such as BBE, BBS and BFIA; the list just goes on.

Recently the biggest Central University in India has come up with the revaluated mark sheet and yet again the DU bosses gave away an artificial smile by delivering highly inflated marks. The result speaks clearly that a student who scored 12/75 in one of the theory papers, witnessed an increase of about 30 marks to get into 40s. Most of the papers that went under the revaluation process got cleared with a huge margin. We are not questioning the capabilities of the students but we are questioning the authorities of an esteem University who claimed that their checking process undergoes a refined process.

Few months ago, the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Dinesh Singh claimed that the answer sheet will undergo a 3 stage correction process which would eliminate any scope of errors that might arise otherwise. 3 stages – a number game, yet again! No wonder, DU is led by a mathematician, Dr. Singh himself!

Critically analyzing the reign of Mr. Singh, we saw numerous innovations on the positive side. However, most of them being illogical turned the coin completely. The disorganized semester system where the syllabus is confirmed after a month when the semester starts was already under the hit list of many students. The haphazard syllabus was enough to take away the freedom and destroy the flexibility of the students, but the authorities are not yet relaxed. From wrong papers to inflated marks to non serious checking is doing no good to the education system. Feel for a student who worked hard the entire semester and got an ER in one of the subject. We live in a country full of competition where people still give importance to marks and less to knowledge. Such lazy attitude of the authorities thrashes the confidence of many students who do not get what they actually deserve.

Recently the authorities have taken away the specialization from the undergraduate management courses. Yet another step to change the system positively, maybe! The 4 years undergraduate degree in humanities sounds good but has its own negative side. Are we moving in a society where people are literally jack of all and sufferer of number games? Only future can tell.

The authorities must try to improve the existing system rather than experimenting new ones. Either the papers that went under the 3 stages of checking delivered incorrect results and exposed the casual approach of the DU bosses OR the inflated and revaluated marks are incorrect proving DU a diplomatic institution.

I might not be a good mathematics student; maybe a zero but one cannot imagine mathematics without a zero!

The golden question remains unanswered and we still close our books hoping for a better future.

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