The campus of Kamala Nehru College was brimming with enthusiasm and cheerfulness this morning as the young ladies in their deep blue T-shirts moved here and there to make sure that nothing gets in their way of making their departmental fest a success.

Women in the mirror- Celebrating selves, Cynosure, 2013, the name says it all. The annual fest of the Department of Sociology, Kamala Nehru College was a HUGE hit.

Dr. Minoti Chatterjee, the principal inaugurated the fest by lighting the ceremonial lamp, the inauguration ceremony was followed by a stage play by the sociology department in sync with the theme of the day. The play was hugely appreciated. As the curtain fell at the end, the auditorium echoed the applaud of the audience which reflected the high spirits of the participants and organizers. 

Jam packed with a series of interesting competitions, the response was so good that few aspiring participants had to return back because of closed registrations.

The highlight of the fest was the panel discussion on gender inequality and representation. A Panel discussion? Sounds so usual. Doesn’t it? But no, this was unique and very inspiring, as the members weren’t professional public speakers but mothers, all working in different fields who had come together to brainstorm this very crucial yet ignored issue. As one of the participants and student convener Ipshita Das walked out of the seminar room, she looked confused yet satisfied as if many unanswered questions had got their answers and a number of new questions had popped up, ‘It was a thought provoking session’ was all she could say.
The participants had a little problem locating the registration desk but nonetheless the volunteers were easy to recognize and ever willing to help.

Ms.Prabhati Dua, Teacher In charge, department of Sociology was overwhelmed by the response that the fest had received. She said “Department of Sociology is one of the growing departments of Delhi University, we have been doing this for a few years now and I am very happy about how pleasantly things have turned up for Cynosure. All credits to the students, from taking the initiative in the first place to completing the task efficiently, the team has done a brilliant job.”

Kokila Khanna, President, Department of sociology seemed more than just satisfied with everything about Cynosure. She said, “I feel proud that we as a team did so well, this is going to stay with me as one the most cherished memories of my time in KNC. I’m glad that I had such an enthusiastic team to work and co-ordinate with. For being categorized as a department fest, Cynosure was BIG, it is the joint efforts of the first years, second years and us thirds years and of course the guidance of our professors that we could pull it off so well.”

The fest had some amazing stalls to keep the visitors engaged, large number of students showed up to hop and shop. Ms. Amrit Kaur was glad about the number of bags that were sold off her stall. ”I like the crowd here”, she quoted.

Sharmada Sivaram, a third year student of the department exclaimed, “It was brilliant to see 1st March happen, things were even better than expected. The madness and efforts as a department was indeed worth it.” She was happy that the fest gave them (the third years) an opportunity to bond with their juniors.

As the entire department posed for their group picture in the end, all one could hear were ‘Hip hip hurray’s’ and ‘Yes, we did it!’.  

| Kanchan Bisht | Kirti Sharma |

Photo Credits: Onusha Dey

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