Mahatma Gandhi quoted "Be the change you wish to see in the world” - these words have surely influenced the students of the Social Service society of Sri Venkateshwara College "PARIVARTAN" who organized a cleanliness drive on the 11th of January, 2013 in the vicinity of their college: The Satya Niketan area.

Parivartan -As the name suggests pledges to contribute towards changing the callous attitude of the people towards the society and making the world a better place to live in. Apart from this cleanliness drive, Parivartan has also undertaken several other activities in order to sow the seeds of happiness among the people. Some of these activities are: Teaching the underprivileged kids to spread the message "Education is what comes to the rescue when everything falls apart” , Sensitization to spread the message "Remember the happiest people are not getting more, but those giving more" and also organized several health camps and blood donation camps. In September 2012, people donated blood with great zeal and made it possible to collect 118 units of blood in six hours with the help and contribution of Parivartan.   
Mr. Anil Sharma, Municipal Councilor was the chief guest of the event not only ensured cleaner surroundings even safer place in and around the campus area. There was a street play performed by the Volunteers for Better India. It is group of self motivated people which performs street play around Delhi to change India for a better future. The main issues on which the group works upon are:

·         Education
·         Environment upgradation
·         Anti-corruption/good governance
·         Safety for women and girl child
·         De-Addiction
·         Senior citizens

The main motive of the cleanliness drive was to sensitize people about issues that really matter to us and to try to inculcate a few essential habits like throwing the garbage in dustbins, rather than piling it up around our surroundings. With this motive, students took their brooms and cleaned the streets enthusiastically. They walked around the area carrying posters with catchy slogans like "Don’t be punk. Throw your junk”, “It doesn’t require money to be neat, clean and dignified ", etc. The cleanliness drive was a little effort on the part of the members of Parivartan to bring a change and realize that no one, other than "US" will come to clean up our environment.

It is our responsibility to make India cleaner and greener. The President of the Social Service Society Ms. Aavika Dhanda says "We have been studying here since a long time. The place where we study must be clean. Its ours. We made it dirty and now we must clean it." Mr. Subhinav Arora who played the most important role in organising Clean Satya further adds , “I hope this small drive brings a little change, if not much ! " and it surely did manage to catch the attention of some of the people who would usually dump their garbage on the roads. Seeing the success of this Cleanliness Drive we hope it sets an example for further such initiations, not just by the college students but by the society as a whole.

Photographs by - Onusha Dey (Editor)

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