Caste Away is the only AIESEC initiative in the world that addresses a unique form of prejudice and discrimination that affects the Indian Society (over 1/6th of the world's population) and afflicts a community of the oppressed caste or 'Dalits' (17% of India's population). . .At this very moment, this project strives to spread awareness and help eradicate caste based prejudice amongst the student community of Delhi. International interns, AIESECers and other student volunteers from Delhi work with the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) and other caste-based NGOs to create a social campaign through which they hope to initiate a domino effect of sensitization towards casteism. On 19th March, 2013, a poetry night was organized by the Caste-Away  in Hauz Khas village, Delhi. The evening was colored in poetry and noteworthy views on the related issue were shared by the participants in form of touching words. Prominent personalities like Meena Kandasamy, first Indian woman writer, who writes Dalit poetry in English and Dr. Jaipraksh Kardam shared their views on the issue. It was one of those much needed awareness campaigns against the evils like untouchability that can transform the insular mindset of the society indisputably, and it was definitely a success.

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