Bizhawk, 2013 held on 5th and 6th March 2013 was the second installment of SGGSCC’s E Cell’s Fest. Bigger & Better than last time, the entrepreneurship fest spanned across 2 days and 6 events, namely Scamster, Ideamatic, Blue Chips, Escalada, Soch Incubation and Phoenix.

The fest began on 5th March, with a keynote speech by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, a prominent social activist and founder of the Aam Admi Party. Mr. Kejriwal’s speech revolved around mobilizing the youth towards a corruption free India. The floor was open for questions from the audience, one of them being, and I rephrase, “Don’t you think that the Lokpal Bill is just another platform for people to find their way around to corrupt others... because corruption is caused by humans and not systems, for instance, taxation is also a very good system, but people have found ways to corrupt it, what are your thoughts?”, to which Mr. Kejriwal replied by citing another example, regarding the Shopping Malls and littering, “People’s mentality changes when the system is right. People don’t litter in shopping malls but they do litter as soon as they exit, so you just need to create the right type of system for people to live in and that’ll ensure they don’t corrupt it.”
The 1st day had many events, including Ideamatic, the Business Plan Competition, where participants didn’t just present a business plan, but also got an opportunity to be real life entrepreneurs and Escalada, the elevator pitch competition, where participants were given 2 minutes to present their idea for a new product, business or a service. Day 1 also saw Mega Case Study Competition– Phoenix, Soch Incubation, the platform for budding entrepreneurs and Make Your Own Product – Barter competition.

On the 2nd day, there were several formal events like Blue Chips, the Mockstock competition, where buyers invested and earned profit, vying to outdo all the other investors in the market and emerge the ultimate victor and Scamster, where a team of 5 members were given a situation and were judged on their spontaneity. Other informal events included Musical Tambola, Angry Entrepreneur and Football Bidding! The entire college was present at the common Beggars Point enjoying all the different events put together by the Cell.

This two day fest was innovative, fresh and memorable, and the organizers promised that the fest will indeed reach new heights in the coming years. 

Tushar Aggarwal

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