'Econotize 2013' an initiative by Shaheed Bhagat Singh College was a grand success blend with hues of magnificence & glory. The endeavour put up by the Economics Department of the college bore tasty fruits as it received kudos from every one who came to attend the fest. Even if there were some glitches it was very well outweighed by the overall grit of the event as a whole.

The three day event was kicked off by the felicitous words and woes of the Chief Coordinator Mr. Jayesh Adeshra. The first day of the fest saw enthusiastic students from across the university flooding up the gates to participate in different activities, ranging from Quizopolis to Ad- Mad. Beg, borrow, deal was surely the most popular event as we witnessed many participants rushing from pillar to pillar to beg or to borrow or to steal the items that were given to them in the form of a list .It literally looked as if as a robber was trying to  impress others by his smooth tactics in order to lure out his wants. Ad-Mad was an another pleasure to watch as the students went bang on with head-churning interjections and corrections while munching out the view on topics relating to the political facade of our country. 
Then followed the second day of the fest, the amenity was formal with utter formal gatherings of delegates clad in formal outfits in the form of Model WTO &The Recruiters. Model WTO was organised on lines of MUN and was the light of the day as the delegates couldn't keep themselves from commending the knowledge of the Executive Board and the creativity of the International Press . It went smooth as subtle even dashing off to a clear consensus on  the global agenda of economic reforms .The Recruiters gave chance to many to portray their recruiting proficiency . The second day was spiced up by bit of "dalaali" as the formal order took to its side to finally give way to stocks to smash & stalk the knowledge an the profit-making techniques of the stock-o-vistas . It started off with B-Quiz followed by the stock purchases & the bulletin fluctuations. Musiconomics went slightly awry as the absence of the participants created the  unruly chaos but eventually it was set back to order. 

Third day had the second round of Model WTO along with the freaky & groovy Fifa PS3 Battle which made the gizmos freaks betting their odds against their opponents to take the award home. When such was the grandeur of the activities, the awards & the prizes couldn't lay back as the participants were rewarded with chocolate boxes, cash prizes & many more exciting gift hampers .In all, Econotize 2013, sponsored by HELLO ORGANIC was a sight to take snap of the gleam, gush, grit of the volunteers, executives, joint secretaries, teachers and Economic Society as a whole chunk.

The fest season has already begun, and like each year, every fest in Delhi University (DU) has something new for students. From celebrity gigs to inter-college competitions and DJ nights, the spirit of masti has set in across the varsity... So, here we give you a glimpse of some of the most happening fests of DU. Take your pick as you go fest-hopping.
1.  TARANG (LSR) :

Tarang, the cult fest of Lady Shri Ram College for Women will officially commence on 8th February 2013. It is one of the most awaited fest of the university. Known for its elegance and creativity, their theme this year is to celebrate the 100 years of Indian Cinema with special focus of gender empowerment. Tarang will attempt to celebrate all these nuances of Indian cinema in every way possible. This year, we wish to introduce Tarang with a spectacular show. The main festival will be preceded by a ‘Prelude to Tarang’, three days long. This prelude will include performances by eminent artistes keeping in mind the over arching theme.
The registrations are open for various evens for students to take part in.

The main events spanning over 3 days include

Western music events which have Western Group Song, Battle of the Bands, Solo Singing Competition, Trio Singing Competition, and the popular AMALGAM-13

Indian Music Events i.e.- SAAZ- Instrumental Solo competition, MALHAAR- Classical Vocal Solo Competition, SWARANJALI- Semi Classical Vocal Solo Competition, SANGAM- A Group Singing Competition, SUGAM- Light Vocal Solo Competition, JUGAL GAYAN- Duet Singing Competition

Dramatics events which are Yavnika- the stage play competition, Nukkad- The Street Play Competition

Dance Events such as Mudra - Classical Dance Competition, Baila-Western Dance competition and IZRAZ-choreography event.

Film and Photography Events such as Tunnel-Vision- photography contest, Fade To Black – song and video creating competition, License to Shoot- short film contest.

And many other events like Fine Arts events, English Creative writing, Hindi Creative Writing, English Public speaking, Hindi Public speaking, Elocution and many more!

Website: http://www.tarang-lsr.com/

2. “NEXUS” (Sri Venkateswara College a.k.a. Venky):

The pride of the south campus Sri Venkateshwara College’s Nexus is an up-and-coming player in the run. Like every star fest this one too vaunts of celebrities and large crowd line-up. To make up for the excitement missed in the past few years last year we saw ‘Guillotine” a death metal genre band of Delhi, Advaita and Shibani Kashyap. What is to be looked out for now is whether NEXUS is able to live up to the same legacy. Their day one is composed of popular competitions such a solo and group Western Dance, Solo and duet western vocals, second with a fashion show street plays and quiz and on the third day the thrill is carried forward.

With the kick start of the festive season in DU, this is one fest you simply cannot miss! 

3. “MECCA” (Hindu):

Don’t let the name deceive you, MECCA here is synonymous to an energetic aura, moving beats, shout about and ultra- mega celebrities, the fest of this college that boasts of a star-studded alumni such as filmmaker Imtiaz Ali and actor Arjun Rampal, is indeed the Mecca of fest-hoppers!

Expected to commence on 26th February its main featured events are the music stage ranging from sufi to pop and rock-n-roll. Other events include literary events and fashion show. All this have an inconceivable number for participation and has in its name the occurrence of bands such as East India Company, Indian Ocean, Faridkot, Jal, RDB and more! This year too they plan to invite prominent names. As said by the organizers of MECCA itself, the event is meant to drench the crowd with its everlasting essence and to engross its name in golden as the best festival in the whole University of Delhi. This year they have a DJ night with performance of illustrious rock bands.

Check out their fb page: http://www.facebook.com/Mecca2013

4. “RENAISSANCE” (Kirori Mal College):

The annual cultural fest of Kirori Mal College is celebrated with much pomp and show. The three day event will be laced with a number of games, competitions, performances and culinary delights. 

The student union of KMC have done backbreaking work to make Renaissance get included in the A-Listers of fests of DU. The fact that the fest was is held at the end of the session when studies take over and everything else takes a back seat doesn’t deter the college’s students’ union from making their best efforts in putting up a great show! Right from day one to the last day, the celebration is laced with ardor with magnificent performances by their dance and music societies, and if that is not enough the crowd that beseeches for more is satiated with a scintillating performance by a well-known celebrity! The students union is already up with preparations and is taking up suggestions by all the students. 

If you want to give in your input visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Renaissance2012 .


If annual fests of DU were defined as myriad of events, plethora of new activities, colorful themes and soaring budgets then MONTAGE simply cannot be looked away from. Montage is usually held in the month of February but its preparations begin months before. Every year a core team is selected that plans out everything, goes to various sponsors to talk to them, advertises the fest and co-ordinates among all societies of the college. It is a team of approximately twenty members who work day and night to make the event a huge success. During the fest they can be spotted easily- a Montage T-shirt on their backs, a walkie-talkie in their hands and forever running around in college.

Street plays, classical singing, beat-boxing, rock bands, Dances, poster making, creative writing, debates, quizzes, choreography, stage plays, photography, you name it they got it, an palette of events! Besides this, there are some fun events like treasure hunt, radio jockey hunt and rangoli making and also, the trademark of every successful event, MONTAGE too has it evening attractions, the DJ night with some very prominent DJs and band or singer performances the next day. 

Not to forget the fetish for foodies are the various food stalls by leading food chains and beverages. They are days of absolute bliss for every student as no bell rings to remind them of their classes. Another feature that sets Montage apart is that unlike other college fests there is no entry fee.

All this is made a grand sensation by pure hard work of the students and has brought it in the renowned and celebrated names of the pre-eminent fests of Delhi University.

6. Reverie (Gargi):

Come to Gargi on 29th January and you shall witness a mix of  hasty excitements as the college blows the conch to beginning of the festivities in the University.

Keeping its promise of coming back with a bang, it has again lived up to the standard it sets every year. Celebrating the various faces of the new women reverie has its own set of exhilarating events which plan to start with the inauguration with showcasing dances of South India.
On 29th January the events will run in a schedule of:

·         Dramatics     
·         Group Classical Dance
·         Folk dance
·         Short Film
·         English Creative writing
·         Paper costume
·         Sanskrit recitation
·         Sanskrit natya Abhivyakti
·         Indian music (solo & duet)
·         Guess it!!- informal mime
·         Spell-o-mania
·         Choreography

Followed by the next day events which include the much popular ones such as:

·         Street play
·         Battle of band
·         Western music(solo & Duet)
·         Classical Dance (solo)

and more:

·             Hindi poetry
·            Face painting
·            Conventional Debate
·            Photography
·            Indian music- Light (solo)
·            Over Acting
·            Hindi Creative writing
·            Rangoli

and the third day which would finally to satiate the raised heart-beats the concluding day of the three-day festival shall see  the English Play of Lillette Dubey “Where did i leave my pardah” and finally Krishnakumar Kunnath also known as “KK” the celebrated singer to give popular numbers such as "Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai", “Aankhon me teri”, “Khuda Jane” and many more!

Reverie has been the pride of  south campus, and this year too it plans to do the same!


Crossroads! Officially declared as the biggest festival in Delhi university, the 37 year old creates a metaphorical buzz all over town a lot before it is about to commence. You have to be a pseudo-intellectual to miss this! 

With evens that are beyond familiar! With craze and crowd that would daze even the best of event managers, Crossroads has remained a favorite amongst sponsors and students because of its elevated scale and value oriented return. Declared as Delhi’s biggest college festival by Channel [V] – which has been corroborated by Hindustan Times, UTV Bindass, Navbharat Times, Economic Times, and Mid-Day – Crossroads is a victim of its own legacy!

Once you enter this place you completely lose yourself and submit to the craziness.

With the one-of a kind that this event is, it has its own set of events too. You can look forward to the Star night, the Rock night the DJ night, and the fashion night.

And also events that has created benchmarks for other collages to follow Rock Band Competition, LAN Gaming, Paintball, Street Soccer, Gully cricket, Mechanical Bull ride the list goes on!

With all this you’ve got to admit that with the start of the fest season we wait with bated breaths is finally here!

It’s here again, Com’Acumen, the Annual Commerce Fest of Jesus and Mary College.31st January 2013 mark your calendars. This time it’s bigger, better and cooler. The Event starts at 9am with an inauguration ceremony. The rest of the day is full of events and adventures.

The details of the same are as follows:

9.00am: Inauguration ceremony

10.00am: G20 Debate


11.00am: Business Plan


11.30am and 2.30pm: Bidding Bonanza


12.00pm: Business Quiz

12.30pm: Dramebaaz (Ad-Mad but with a difference!!!)


1.00pm: Pictionary (De-Pict!)


2.00pm: Beg, Borrow Find!

For further specific details you can click on:




Make sure you are there to win loads of cash prizes and bagful of goodies!

Don’t forget to put on your business avatars!

An economist is a man who states the obvious in terms of the incomprehensible.
-Alfred A. Knopf

Well, the Economics Department of Jesus and Mary College definitely made the incomprehensible very interesting and understandable. It was EcoVantage the economics fest of Jesus and Mary College which organized a fest full of happiness and adventures.

The fest had huge participations from different colleges across the university. The main motive of EcoVantage was to make students understand economic analysis of global situations and economic issues that affect us in our day to day lives. EcoVantage aims to transmit the beauty of Economics to college students by providing them with an environment, which encourages independent and original thinking through the ‘learning by discovery’ approach. 

Students started pouring into the venue for registrations before 9.00am. Mr.Ajay Maken was the chief guest of the fest who inaugurated the event at 9:30am followed by a speech by the Sister Marina John. The members of the Economics Department proudly wore “EcoVantage ‘13” Caps. The highlights of the fest were:

·         Debate

·         Guess Mess

·         Brand Tambola

·         Business Quiz

·         The Amazing Race

·         The Advertisement Making Competition a.k.a. Ad Mad etc

“The Brand Tambola” was a little twisted than the usual one. The organizers were calling out different logos or tag lines of brands instead of numbers and the participants had to cut the logo on their sheets if they knew the right answer.

“The Guess Mess” was all about guessing the right economic term with the help of another team member. The topic for debate was “This house believes that a capital and trade system is preferable to a carbon tax in reducing trade emissions" in which many students spoke enthusiastically.
The students of the college also organized a Bake ‘N’ Sale stall which sold sandwiches and cakes which were enjoyed by everyone. A stall of the famous “Ram Ladoo” with “Pudine ka Chutney” was also arranged for the foodies. The winners also went back with bagful of cash prizes and goodies.

The president of the department, Simran Bhatia was overwhelmed by response and support she got from her fellows as she was congratulated continuously for her hard work. She said” EcoVantage'13 was by far the best annual fest organized by our department. Last year the fest wasn’t organized, so we were determined to put up a better show this year and YES! It was a huge success. The final outcome was the result of the guidance of our teachers, the hard work of my department and the faith they had in me.”

Finally, they promised that next time it would be bigger and better!

Photographs : Hira Shamim and Rhea Luthra; Columnists

yathecchasi tatha kuru” -Bhagwat Gita (Chapter 18, Verse 63)

 A philosophy fest, or any fest for that matter, couldn’t have started off this well ever. The start of a fest is usually either very slow, boring and distracted, or filled with an overwhelming energy that dies out as the day progresses. But the start of Manthan 2013, on the other hand, was as good as can be. The fest began with the department students asking for Grace from the Almighty, who was generous enough to grant it and make the fest a great success!
It was soon followed by one of the best seminars I have ever attended in my life. The one and a half hour session with Dr. Ashutosh D Mathur from the Department Of Sanskrit at St. Stephen’s College and Dr. Kanchana Natrajan from the Department Of Philosophy at Arts Faculty on the topic “Relevance of Gita for Today’s Youth” was worth every minute. I had thought - given the topic - that the session would end up being didactic and will be one of those where they tell you how great a religious text is and how immature you are not to appreciate it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Dr. Ashutosh’s take on the topic was a treat to the ears. He presented a radical view of the Gita so that some of us who are not ready to accept anything that’s in the name of religion could also connect. He parted with the words that I couldn’t help but remember.  Gita says “yathecchasi tatha kuru”. Do everything exactly as you want to. Gita doesn’t tell us what to do. Its essence lies in the fact that you do things that you want to do. And once you’ve decided what that is, once you have made that commitment, stick by it. Don’t run away and hide if it doesn’t work easily. You are your own maker. Not even the Almighty can dictate what happens in your life once you take responsibility of your own actions.

Dr. Kanchana furthered the discussion and linked the Gita with the Vedanta perspective. She talked about the desire-oriented Karma that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t escape. The seminar ended with a great response from the audience. The speakers had eased and refreshed the young minds so well that there were questions, some of them even about personal difficulties that the students felt comfortable to discuss. This amazing session was followed by lunch and since everybody loves food, the opening day of the fest was a hit. To end the day with fun, the last event for the day was Dumb Charades. And again, the event was a delight for not only the participants and teachers but the spectators as well. The three-round-game included guessing the movies, famous personalities and name of the book. The winners of the event were:

1st:  Kaavya Pillai and Charul Prabhakar from IP College for Women. (Cash prize of Rs. 1200)

2nd: Alan and Jasojeet from Zakir Hussain College. (Cash prize of Rs. 1000)

Chocolates were distributed among the people in the audience who guessed every time the participants missed. 

There was even more cash to be won and this might sound very materialistic, but it sure attracted a huge number of participants for the Debate scheduled for the second day! Jokes aside; the 47 teams that participated in the day’s events made it a great success. Some very strong points were made both in favor of and against the topic “Entertainment industry has a deep impact on the moral psyche of the Youth.” The Rolling Trophy for winning team was given to Nalin Kumar and Aparna Sharma from Rajdhani College. Individual prizes were won by:

1st: Sbanand from Law Faculty. (Cash prize of Rs. 2500)

2nd: Esh from IP College (Cash prize of Rs. 1500)

3rd: Kamal from ARSD (Cash prize of Rs. 1000)

Best interjectors: Payal from IP College (Cash prize of Rs. 500)

  and Saurabh Divedi from Zakir Hussain College. (Cash prize of Rs. 500)

The last event for the fest was Philosophy Quiz which again had very good participation. The winners were:

1st prize to the team from Hindu College (Cash prize of Rs. 1200)

2nd prize to the team from IP College (Cash prize of Rs. 1000)

3rd prize to the second team from IP College (Cash prize of Rs. 700)

Certificates were given to all the participants and winners.

All in all, the fest was filled with fun and knowledge and the efforts of the Union members and the teachers paid off very well. Radhika Anand, the president of the Department was very happy with the success of the event and the congratulations she received from both students and teachers alike, since it was the first time that the fest had received such huge participation. Ma’am Udaya Yogi was all praises for the Union members and the students and was modest in accepting the support system she provided for the Fest. Manthan this year has certainly raised the bars for all the coming years!

Photographs : Payal Kohli ; Department of Philosophy, Indraprastha College for Women
Dr. Deepak Malhotra, principal of Dyal Singh Evening College, passed away on Sunday, January 20’13 following a cardiac arrest. He was 60 and is survived by his wife and two sons. Dr. Malhotra had just completed 24 years as Principal of Dyal Singh College, two weeks back as the college held its 24th annual fest, Rajnigandha. “Being a principal of the college for many years I have always tried to channelize the energy of the students by organizing the annual fest on scale bigger than the previous year. Next year, we will celebrate the silver jubilee with even more fanfare”, had said Dr. Malhotra. Before his stint as the principal of this college, he was appointed Chairman of a DU panel for redrafting the curriculum. This committee is responsible to examine and make changes in undergraduate level admission processes for all categories of students in DU colleges. His keen interest in politics was also evident in recent years as he is the founder of the National Students Union of India. Later, he became the General Secretary of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee. He was also a member of a government-constituted panel to assess the functioning of mid-day meal scheme in Delhi schools.

It is a huge loss for me personally, besides the field of education. He took Dyal Singh College to great heights. He would be missed deeply by the academic community’, Delhi University Vice Chancellor Professor, Dinesh Singh said.

Dr. Deepak Malhotra was indeed an inspiration to all. “I exhort you to think big and set high goals for yourself. Develop some worthy vision, be prepared to put commensurate level of effort, and you will realize that it is in your hands to develop a rewarding career”, were his words of wisdom to his students. 

The season of fests in Delhi University is around the corner and Jesus and Mary College has also kick-started it with its departmental fests. One of the biggest one in the pipeline is ` Com’Acumen 13’, the annual commerce festival of Jesus and Mary College to be organised by its Commerce Department on 31st January, 2013 in the college premises.  It is one of the most awaited events of the college as it presents a rich variety of formal and fun events centered on the overall theme of Business and Commerce.

The one day festival promises to be a fun filled event with various activities lined up throughout the day. Some such events include G20 Debate, business quiz and `inception’- a make-your-own business plan competition. Apart from these there are many innovative and new events like Pictionary; `Beg-Borrow-Steal’- a competition which requires participants to collect a list of items from within the campus in a given time limit; `Bidding Bonanza’ in which teams will be given a budget and will be required to bid for the cricket players and build the most popular cricket team; and `Dramebaaz’- a new twist to the traditional ad-mad competition.

'We are expecting a big turnout as it is anyway a popular event and we have a larger variety of activities planned this year with exciting prizes, also the fun events will surely be crowd pleases ‘, says a source from the organizing committee.

The fest holds strong catch on the event list and seems potentially strong enough to maintain the class presented by other fests this year.

“Economist! Enough said” marked the caption on the maroon sweatshirts of the students from the Economics Department of Kamala Nehru College. The cool caption was justified with the splendid job put up by the students in their fest. The anxiety started building up with an unexpected downpour on the day of the fest, students were a bit nervous since a lot of hard work was poured in to make the day a huge success  but soon things started falling back in place.

With the huge participation and response that the students received on the day of their fest ensured that their hard work got paid off. Pratish Shraman, an Economics student from Deshbandhu College said, “Ecophoria was very well organised despite the fact that weather was not in their favour. Even the harsh rainfall didn’t spoil the essence of the fest”. The participants around were quite content with the quality and presentation of the fest. They got an opportunity to win huge cash prizes and goodies. Girls had a fine time selecting and shopping for beautiful accessories and cosmetics that were put up on the stalls.

Ecophoria, the Economics Fest of KNC had a number of new events that were incorporated in the fest this year. The Minute to win it event, wherein the students had to complete a given task in a minute was a striking one and was enjoyed by the participants. The Treasure was a big hit as always and the other events like the Quiz, MUN and Mockstock witnessed immense participation as well.

With the accomplishment of a brilliant fest, when we talked to one of the student organiser of the fest, Damini Singh, she cheerfully quoted “This year’s fest saw lots of enthusiastic participants trying out various innovative skills to reach the final rounds. Thankfully it ended on a very good relaxed note.”

All is well that ends well- Holds true in the case of Ecophoria which certainly proved to be spot on as it managed to pull large crowd and  nobody would mind categorizing it among the big departmental fest. 

This doesn’t end here; next year surely has the message apparent with even a bigger, superlative Economics Fest of Kamala Nehru College. 

Photograph -  The Economics Department, Kamala Nehru College

The Department of Philosophy at IP College is ready with its Annual Fest ‘Manthan 2012-2013’. Department students and faculty have made joint efforts to organize the two day event packed with knowledge and fun. For the entire month, the Department has worked for 9 hours beginning from 8 in the morning. From assigning duties to volunteers, to calling all the teachers-in-charge for follow up, the Union members have made possible the much awaited fest of the college. Ma’am Udaya from the Philosophy Department has not only monitored the overall working but has also helped with the singing practice.  

Department President Radhika Anand and Vice President Priyanka Gupta have collected the Rolling Trophy from Sri Venkateswara College and have worked for bringing together the department magazine by collecting articles, photographs, proof-reading and editing. The Union members including Cultural Secretary Tanya Babbar, General Secretary Deepalee S. Dubey, Joint Secretary Anisha Manchanda along with the Treasurer Bushra Khan have taken care of the publicity of the fest and have put posters in colleges across the university.   The Fest will commence on January 22, 2013 with a Seminar and will conclude on January 23, 2013 with Philosophy Quiz.

The program will follow the following schedule:

Day 1: 22nd January 2013

10:00 am – Seminar on the topic “Relevance of Gita for Today’s Youth”

Speakers: Dr. Kanchana Natrajan (Associate Professor, Dept. Of Philosophy, Arts Faculty)

Dr. Ashutosh D Mathur (Associate Professor, Dept. Of Sanskrit, St. Stephen’s College)

01:00 pm – Lunch

02:00 pm – Dumb Charades

Rules: One team per college (Two members only)

Cash Prizes worth Rs 3000 to be won!

Day 2 : 23rd January 2013

10:00 am – Debate (Registrations open till January 22, 2013)

Topic: “Entertainment industry has a deep impact on the moral psyche of the Youth”

Rules: One team per college

Duration: 3+1 min

Cash Prizes worth Rs 7000 to be won!

02:00 pm – Philosophy Quiz (Registrations open till January 22, 2013)

Rules: One team per college (Two members only)

Prizes worth Rs 3000 to be won!

For further details, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/366909916756513/
The 3rd Annual United Nations Young Changemakers Conclave, organised by the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan in collaboration with the popular youth channel Bindass at The Indian Society of International Law, held on January the 19th 2013, rightly endorsed the tag-line 'Rest Less'.
The event was marked with most eminent speakers, sharing their life changing stories with the young people. To name, attendees had mind-boggling sessions with Mr. Omar Abdullah- Honorable Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, Mr. Rahul Shivshankar- Executive Editor, Headlines Today, Ms. Ishita Chaudhary- CEO & Founder, YP Group, Ms. Poonam Saxena- Editor, HT Brunch, Mr. Narayan Krishnan- Founder, Akshaya Trust, Mr. Chaksu Roy- Head, Technology Initiatives at PRS Legislative Research, Mr. Unmukt Chand- Captain, U-19 Cricket Team, Mr. Anuraag Batra- Founder, Exchange for Media Group, Mr. Varun Agarwal- Founder, Alma Mater, Ms. Ramita Vig- President of AIESEC, India & Mr. Mahesh Mathai- Founder, Blue Frog.
The event commenced with UNIC Secretory General, Ms. Kiran Mehra Kerpelmann quoting Ban Ki-moon, "Empowering young people is crucial. Young women & men want jobs and dignity, we must support them."
To divulge the young at mind and heart, the very first speaker of the day Mr. Rahul Shivshanker rolled in. It would be an understatement to call him blunt and to the point man. He believes The Electronic Media really needs an ethical outlook rather than just cashing the TRP's. The abduction of morality amongst the News people disheartens him to the core, "None of the News channels crew was interested in covering the sad story of a 27 year old farmer who committed suicide, they were more worried about the TRP's".
Ms. Ishita Chaudry's speech was rather enthralling for men and awe-inspiring for women. She seemed amused as she shared her school time experience, "My third grade teacher was haplessly conscious of teaching us about the exact human anatomy, for years I believed it's constituted by a head, shoulders, arms, stomach & legs." She believes, for the current social situations, it's a must that Indian view changes for better regarding the sex-education in senior school curriculum.
Mr. Narayan Krishnan, to everyone sitting there was a ‘Hero’. For 11 years down the line, the generous man has been feeding and rehabilitating the deferentially able and the old, and cremating the desolate bodies. "Do good, you'd recognize your own-self” is what he believes. To the world he might be a ‘Hero’ but he calls himself a ‘Cook’.
 The session with Mr. Omar Abdullah was rather interesting and engrossing. He was awed to see how engaging his audience was. "A politician does not see the candles you light, it's your words and action that makes him a responsible public servant." He sees a lot of potential in today’s youth and believes that the time would change soon for the better.
Ms. Poonam Saxena shared her thoughts rather differently “Change, though optimistic, is need of the hour. It's sad that people do not accept change with fervor." She like others did not just believe change has to come, but rather in the fact, that the youth is completely aware about the responsibilities that follows with it, would really change the picture.
Not to forget about the Young National Heart-throb Unmukt Chand. He wasn't floating on cloud 9 for his recent stardom, instead his thoughts held his roots to the ground. "The fact that our government is keener towards the Academics and there are no institutions like IIS (Indian Institute of Sports) is sad for the young generation." The young man believes change won't happen with ranting about the corrupt society but the basics to start with.
The other respected speakers seconded the same thoughts about how the change would not come with accusing and blaming but being a part of the change itself.

The audience was a mix bag of people from different age groups to profession, to different countries. AIESEC, the 'Youth Reach Partner' for the event, made sure a lot of young people from all spheres attended the event.
As the UE team was able to catch up tits and bits with the Executive Team Members of the UNYCC, they shared with them their experience to organize a life inspiring event like this.
Samyak Chakrabarty the President at UNYCC was quite baffled with adventurously arranging the new venue for the event to take place on a short notice of 24 hrs, "The collaboration of ideas so great makes it all the more great experience to organize and work as a team for such event." he said.
Sanvar Oberoi the National Director at UNYCC, a happy-go-lucky person rather, was more confident about continuing with organizing such events in future, "It gets easier with experience to be a real part of the organizing team. If you would ask the person his experience about organizing Film Fare Awards every year, he'd rather flaunt that confident smile and say, 'It gets more amazing every year'."

Closing Note by Chaksu Roy "Make a difference, Rather than tweeting or Facebook, Get Out Do Something " did not fail to impress many!