University of Delhi recently organized its Annual Cultural Festival “Antardhvani 2013” from February 22-24, 2013. ‘Antardhvani’ when translatedliterally refers to the voice within, the voice that expresses with truth and passion what the heart deeply desires. This multi-dimensional festival showcased talent, achievements, and innovations at the Delhi University.

A cultural extravaganza with a multitude of group activities, healthy competitiveness and sportsmanship were at display at its paramount. The entire event captured the various academic, social and cultural facets of the university, one which already commands a leadership position in the Indian educational scenario.The festival began with the inauguration of the Flower Show and was followed by the NCC parade, exhibitions, various national and international cultural events and the food delicacies at the Food Court. 

Shri Kapil Sibal honored the function by marking his benign presence at the inaugural function. The special attractions for the events included the 55th Annual Flower Show, the International Plaza and the Innovation Plaza. The event was spread over a period of 3 days and witnessed participation in thousands. The University estimated about 150,000 people visited the University Campus located in North Delhi to enjoy Antardhvani’s innumerous offerings. 
The 55th Annual Flower Show was organized at the University Rugby Main Stadium Complex. The special attractions for the flower show included Cacti, Orchids, Succulents and herbal plants. The surroundings were enchanting with flowers all around sure to make you ecstatic. The Flower show was a treat for all the flora lovers. Events and competitions were held between individuals, teams and various colleges from all sorts of domains, ranging from paintings to quizzes, from classical dance competition to rock band competition and the list of events goes on.
The foodies were not left disappointed and were taken care of with the food Court serving all sorts of delicacies. The food Court at the fest was a culmination of various cuisines from all over the world served by the Indian Railway and Catering Tourism Department (IRCTC). The cuisine ranged from Italian Pizzas and pastas to regional food, from Chinese meals to traditional Indian street food. Besides, there were always the regular items like burgers, sandwiches and included some beverages like tea and coffee. Being reasonably priced, it didn’t cause much of a burden to the wallets for anyone!

Another one of the attractions of Antardhvani was the International Plaza where the students of Delhi University from all over the world introduced their traditions and customs of the respective countries they hail from. There were performances by several countries; they had their stalls exhibiting various souvenir items, art objects, and collectibles peculiar to their state. There were various inter-college competitions organized; the most prominent of them being the “Award of Good Practice” where the colleges were invited to showcase their good practices based on which the colleges would be entitled to grants in the form of the prizes to the winners.
The valedictory function and the prize distribution ceremony were presided over by the Chief Guest of the eve Shri Ashok Thakur, Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.

All In all, the entire event was a“panorama of cultural exchanges, fun games, music, dance & food”.The name given by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Dinesh Singh, to the annual cultural festival of the University of Delhi, inspires every student to “march to the drumbeat of his or her inner calling”. He bade farewell to Antardhvani  by promising to have more such events soon….!!         

Garvit Godawat

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