Contributing to more than 25 percent of global GDP, BRIC nations have been predicted to take control over of the global economy by year 2015. 2.5 billion people and 40 percent of the young population have been remarkably adding a surge to this global power.  When the whole world was tackling the global downturn these developing countries was adding statistical and real value to global consumer composition. These are a few mentions out of many, of how these global economies are making a difference on the world map.

Inarguably entrepreneurs and organizations have been growing at a rapid rate in these countries, governments and policy makers have also been looking at collaborative spaces where the similar nature of growth stories can be heard in the rest of world. 

Following the suit of many such organizations, AIESEC hosts its first ever BRIC conference. Young student leaders from Brazil, Russia, China and India have come to our nation capital – Delhi. Through this conference AIESEC seeks to find solutions to the global issues and translating them into actions with its community development and corporate internship programs globally. This conference will also serve as a platform for these young people from these four countries to network and work in collaboration over projects to take AIESEC to more young people. The four day conference starts on 20th of March and goes on till 23rd of March.

BRIC conference will host 50 plus student leaders of AIESEC in these four countries, facilitating discussions and debates of how the world can develop young entrepreneurial and responsible leaders.  The conference will discuss the future of young people in these four countries and bring out the global youth voice in true sense.  The conference will kick start with a panel discussion on BRIC Countries and our shared values. The conference will also host an international gala dinner inviting corporate houses from all nation. The conference will end with a collective statement from these young people of how world would look like by end of 2015 and how we would create images of future and beyond.

Here is what Ramita Vig, 24; President AIESEC India has to say about BRIC Conference “It is our pleasure as AIESEC India to be the hosts of the first ever AIESEC BRIC Conference and we hope that this is the start of many more to come. Brazil, Russia, India and China like in the global economy are the spear heading countries in AIESEC globally and with the National and Local Presidents in the next 4 days we look to create growth strategies that will enable AIESEC in these countries and hence these countries via the leadership AIESEC creates move forward faster and stronger.”

AIESEC is a global non political, entirely student run organization.  AIESEC is an international platform your young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. We are 5000 strong network of people in India and are committed to deliver high quality experience to our members and service our stakeholders with our international HR solutions. AIESEC enables leadership in young people through team experiences and international exchange.

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