The Annual flagship Sporting Extravaganza ‘Adrenaline’ brought to the sports enthusiasts by THE SPORTS SOCIETY SSCBS - PARISHRAM has over the years leapt leaps and bounds to become the most eagerly anticipated event of the fest calendar.

This event represents the very sporting spirit and attitude of CBS. With the motto, “The Spirit Lies In Sports…!”, the society promises to combine competitive sporting activity along with mainstream academics, which form an integral part of any CBSite’s life. Parishram nourishes talent within Athletics (Sprinting), Cricket, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Chess, Badminton, Table Tennis, Carom etc. by holding various Sports League such as  

The events lined up for this year are:-

·         W.O.W BUNDESLIGA- the official soccer mania
·         CBS KNOCK IT- the table tennis mania (men and women events to be conducted separately)
·         CBS GRAND SLAM- the shuttle mania(men and women events to be conducted separately)
·         CBS CHECKMATE- mixed chess mania-on the basis of one minute per move
·         CBS VOLBO- The volleyball mania
·         CBS BASKETBALL LEAGUE (men and women events to be conducted separately)
·         TOUR DE CBS CITY

o   Tour de 100-the 100 meter sprint
o   Tour de 200-the 200 meter sprint
o   Tour de 400-the 400 meter sprint
o   Tour de 800-the 800 meter sprint
o   Tour de 1500-the 1500 meter sprint
o   Tour de relay- the 4x100 meter relay

Moreover, the sports extravaganza began with the CBS CRICKET LEAGUE (CCL) that saw prodigious participation from several teams.

The first edition of CCL saw 108 players spread across 18 different teams cutting across all the courses and years while uniting the whole college together like never before. Hosted at the nearby Surajmal Grounds, CCL 1.0 kicked off on 8th Dec 2008 & ended on 22nd Jan 2009. 

This year, the tournament received a thunderous start on 17 Jan 2013 and had evolved due to the addition of some innovative ideas such as:

·         High fives format rather than the knockout semifinals.

·         Wild Card entry was allowed to one of the 4 teams who lost their quarter final games. A bowl out was held to decide the 5th team for the High fives.

CCL '13 saw the victory of Buzkashi Kings over BFIA Boys on 30 Jan 2013, with 16 teams making it to the fixtures :

·         Buzkashi Kings
·         Surajmal Sultans
·         The Vellas
·         BFIA Boys
·         CBS 7
·         Shahdara Shikaris
·         B.Sc Bangers
·         CRM Panthers
·         Keh Ke Lunga
·         The Unbeatables
·         BFIA Daredevils
·         Game Changers
·         Mast Kalandars
·         Jhilmil Gladiators
·         Team Nexus
·         Finance Ke Launde

For the first time ever in the history of CBS, the entire college flooded the BACK LAWNS (aka Lord’s of CBS now) to cheer the FEMALE TEAMS participating as:-

Punjab Di Kudiyaan and Lappad Maare Laundiyaan

CCL’s success is expected to be replicated in the events that are yet to take place.

Being more than just management pros, CBSites take pride in hosting such events which create an unforgettable and riveting charm which lasts until the next season of the event returns.

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