Have you ever realized that almost all the sensations and feelings that we humans (and not-so-humans) experience, affect our stomach…but all the credit goes to our heart?

Here are some examples which will show you how-

In school or college, when you can’t (or don’t) complete your work even after the last date has been re-re-re-adjusted, and the teacher starts developing symptoms of Dolores Umbridge and one unfortunate day, when she asks you to stand up in front of the whole class…insults the life out of you and God-forbid you answer her back, which leads to her final transformation into Umbridge and she asks you to step out of your bench (and face her head-on) then what is the immediate reaction that your body experiences? At that very instant when you know that your Firebolt is inside some dark dingy closet that probably Malfoy is guarding and you’ve nowhere to go but in front of him…your stomach punches you hard! So hard that you want the earth to treat you like Goddess Sita and lovingly engulf you inside her! Don’t you feel like it? Like…your stomach clenches itself so much that for a millisecond you think that your belly has actually shrunk a few inches?

See my point? It’s the stomach!

Okay, another one…

Think of the moment when you got something that you didn’t quite expect to be given to you. Like, when you got a surprise test on a Monday morning whose marks will be added in the finals! How would you feel? Like your whole world crashes down and the dreams that you weaved for your prep holidays before finals smashes into pieces? Didn’t your stomach feel a setback then? Sure did! Pay a little more attention to it the next time. It might make him smile through the pain of the test.

Take one more:

For those of you, who while driving, think that nothing’s going to happen to you and that you own the road and you madly speed up your vehicle!

Even for those who are first timers on the road, and are doing experiments on their not-so-developed driving skills in someone else’s vehicle…

What happens when the road is oh-so-smooth! And your heart is saying those encouraging (which sounds more like prayers for survival) words to you and you increase the speed just a little to fulfill your dream of flying in the air and TADA!! Wish Granted! You desperately search for the break and press the accelerator instead and AAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Somehow the vehicle miraculously stops just when it is about to bang into a wall and the world around you comes to a standstill…

It’s not exactly your heart that a stop beating… it’s your stomach kicking the hell out of you!

Okay, enough of the painful stuff, now time for some butterflies!

Yeah! Now! For those who are in love… Remember the first time she/he said those words? Was it really your heart that flip-flopped?  No! It was your stomach! Didn't it suddenly feel so light and then something whirled inside it and you couldn't help but smile and calm yourself down and smile again?  You feel like hugging your pillow so tight so close to your stomach and you feel on top of the world!

See? And all you say is that the person has stolen your heart! Why so much prejudice against your own stomach?
She/he stole your stomach!

When you laugh hard, you hold your stomach as if it would fly off! And still you say you had a “hearty laugh”. Justice denied?

When your loved ones leave you, you cry or become upset and who do you punish? Your stomach…your very own stomach! You stop eating as if that would bring them back! It’s not your heart that’s broken! It’s your stomach! That poor little stomach!

Your voice comes not from your throat but from your stomach!

When you look good, you treat yourself a chocolate! (Stomach smiles)

When you don’t look good, you diet!
(Stomach frowns)

When your stomach’s upset you can’t concentrate on anything….can you? Next time, notice this!

There are umpteen examples of our stomach being the bearer of all emotions; however we seem to ignore it and give the credit to the heart.

We really, really need to spend some time with our stomach…to listen to its worries and rejoice with its special moments!

Stomach Revolution is on its way!

Mansi Sharma

8/14/2018 06:58:25 pm

The stomach is one of the organs in the human body that has an important role in the digestive system. Therefore, it is very important to maintain its health. Thank you very much, sir, for the information that has been conveyed, it's really very useful. :)


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