With New Year returns the pledging season, vide variety of Resolution to welcome the year being pledged until January bids Adieu. Some of course are meant to be broken, (let’s face it) a lot are meant to be broken. But somehow a few of them are realized. While we all vow on a host of issues, we tend to miss out on our college-life. So here’s a list of resolutions a typical DU’ite. I’m positive most of  you’ll be able to identify with a lot of them, if not all. And if you don’t, Please leave a comment and add to the list.

1. I WILL ACTUALLY READ THE BOOKS THAT I ISSUE: After queuing up in serpentine lines and paying fines, a majority of the books that are issued tend to gather dust and remain unread. A frantic attempt to study everything one night before the exams goes in vain. Hence, pledge to read the books that you issue, else you are depriving someone else too.

2. I WILL NOT SUBMIT THE EXAMINATION FEE ON THE LAST DAY: Year after year, students wake only on the last date of submission of the Examination Form & Fee, even though they are notified well in advance. So save yourself the agony and mile-long lines and submit the forms in time. Plus, a lot of students still haven’t collected their original documents from the Admin. Dept. from their colleges. Please do so the first thing on 3rd January.

3. I WILL MAINTAIN AT LEAST 67% ATTENDANCE: Save yourself the misery of running to professors & clerks on the day the admit cards are issued. Ensure a 67% attendance and be in the good books of your professors plus get your admit cards hassle free.

4. I WILL CLEAR ALL ER’s & NOT JUST PASS THEM: Okay, this one is a long shot, but hey better scores will not simply enhance your mark sheets. So gear up & vow to clear any backs and set a realistic target for yourself. Plus, stick to it. The recently declared results did shock quite a few. Learn from your mistakes.

5. I WILL MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY FEST: Enough with the studying; ensure that you have a good time in the various fests that will literally queue up in the coming months. Even if you don’t participate, let your hair down & simply attend them to enjoy.

6. I WILL NOT MISS ANY COLLEGE TRIP: Be it a small group of friends or a college-society trip or a college trip, DO NOT miss any opportunity because you never know the next time you’ll get it. 

7. I WILL NOT STAY SINGLE: This might be invalid for a lot of you, but a large chunk of students are single. Now, pull up your socks as this might as well be the most difficult resolution to realize. That being said, understand the difference between wooing & stalking.

8. I WILL RESPECT EVERY GIRL & UPHOLD THEIR DIGNITY & SAFETY: This one is for all the boys, Be Man enough to respect every girl. Hope you all do that for your mother or your sister too. Treat them as your equal not an object. At all times be senseful and ensure their safety, especially during the night time. It’s not that hard after all RESPECTING A HUMAN BEING.

9. I WILL FIND AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE‘MAGGI POINT’: We all love the masala-maggi & cheese-maagi, but for the love of God, head out & explore other joints. It is almost repetitive now& everyone has tried every single variety.

10. I WILL WORK HARD & PARTY HARDER: It’s a cliché, but normally students end up following only the latter. So this year, use your own potential. Channelize your efforts in the right direction & most importantly pay heed to your conscience. And don’t forget to reward yourself on your achievements.

Hope you all have a wonderful year ahead & make life-long memories.
They say, College life never knocks back. Enjoy it while you can.
Don’t ever look back in regret.
Wonderful wishes for the year ahead.
Stay Safe. Stay Blessed.

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