Every new Semester commence with a bang. New days, new class rooms, new professors, new subjects and almost everything new. One usually takes the first few weeks for granted. Sleeping in, partying, never even bothering to buy the textbooks. Result- assignments and lessons starts piling up and in the end one has to work harder, more than required to get the required work done.
Well, but that is not the life at all, one has to bid adieu to the luxurious living style at some point or other. Difficult, though, but then there’s no other alternative. Believe is not an option, one just has to know College with all the fun also implies better concentration towards work and studies, its about our career after all. Laid back attitude is of no use during the examination, one should never let the procrastination be the reason for their failure.

Most ready tips to help with the difficult assignments one has to do throughout their college career is through “Time Management.”

Write it Down  

Go Planner. Use a notebook, write on papers or stick notes, whatever suitable.
Jot down the assignments and tests and other important works and their due dates on most visible places for it is nearly impossible to remember everything. Once everything is scribbled its easy scheduling time efficiently.

Plan Ahead. Stay Ahead

Knowing when assignments are due makes it easier to plan the schedule. Complete assignments that are due first or require more time instead of easier ones. This lessen down the burden, leaving behind the assignments which can be done easily and quickly with interest.
Don’t wait until the last moment. One might think, after the difficult work has been all set and done, rest may wait and it leads them unfinished until the semester end. So, it’s better to Split the assignments into smaller fragments and set due dates throughout the semester. One will definitely be thankful later for saving themselves from a headache and stress!


College work should be prioritize before the social life. That doesn’t mean one have to practically make library their home to do well, but must learn to manage and balance between personal and professional front. The world won’t end if not partying for a day. Will it?
We ought to sought our priorities! What has to be done first, should be done by hook or by crook.

Limiting the Distractions

Laptops/Desktops, Cellulars, Television = biggest source of distraction. Best solution is to maintain good distance while working or studying of course not when they are the only gadgets you need to work with [Obvious Pun]. Distracting oneself is lot easier than controlling the urges and working hard. Why not accept it as a challenge?
P.S- Do it once, it might work wonders.


Scheduling time to relax is just as important as getting the work done. A power nap or two, going for a run or watching few episodes of your favorite soap opera or rather chilling with your friends or a good written work, can help recharge your mind.
Overworking without a break leads to hazy working of brain, which of course ain’t an ideal situation. Its necessary to relax in between work. 


Happy Success!

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