While for Delhi government it was a forlorn day to get ranked lowest amongst the 95 countries in the UN report of most productive cities , it was a quick to pick week for the little known but active Haritkram Society, the Go-Green society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College.

The society has gone through a fantastic array of
events and boasts to making everyone proud of the society & the ambiance they live in altogether. For starters,  it was a day of caution & emotion as
on October the 16th of 2012, members from National Institute Of Disaster Management rolled up at the college & purveyed an immense knowledge to the students about the risk of the imminent disaster and the much needed disaster precautions. They bounded several rounds of the college to pick each and every bit to aware themselves up . The event was characterized by the set of speeches
about the causes, the risk they inflict on human life and the precautions that need to be undertaken in wake of violent disaster in form of the earthquakes.
They presented before the students, the slew of drama and dance acts to get students take stock of tidbits of whole-hearted Delhi as well as the havoc the tectonics's calamity shadows on laymen. This was not an end as on October the 18th of 2012, Haritkram Society organised the Intra-College '' BEST OUT OF WASTE '' competition, which the students partaked in with much gaiety .The interest of the students was itself noticeable as they groped what they had their eyes on in the very first bid. Ranging from crushed bottles to dumped equipments , students cobbled up them up to create distinct objects and did full justice with the whole concept of the event . The students were left agape when they detoured towards the gallery, admiring the flower pots, serenic scenery's, photo frames, upholstery and lot more. The students excelled, were conferred with bouquets of prizes. Whatever was the event , the crux lies in preserving and caressing our biodiversity up to the last breath so it can literally be an abode devoid of any unwelcoming heap of garbage.

It was a majestic initiative from the members of the Go-Green society. Kudos Haritkram!

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