Every year, we celebrate the festival of Dussehra with
superlative enthusiasm and spark. The devil of Ravana, made with artistic designs is ignited to black coal symbolizing the eradication of evils from the society and regeneration of pure and clean environment. 

As I stood in the middle of the jovial crowd, waiting to capture the delighted moment of burning of the Indian Devil this Dussehra, a wave of unknown questions oozed down my spirit. If the Ravana was killed the previous year by the same ceremonial proceedings of burning it down to black, how did it regenerate himself this year, yet again? The bitter truth is, the Ravana- the
Satan of the Hindu Mythology, the sinful demon of our culture, the emblem of grotesque hooliganism, never dies from the Indian Society. Instead, it replenishes into a diabolic monster slowly grapping the Indian Society in its grey roots of evils, waiting to stand an inch taller on the same ground the next year.

A random screening of the daily newspaper cast an image of our country as a hub of demoniac activities. When a minister succumbs himself to corruption, when a girl is molested in public, when we initiate to follow the principles of violence, when we discriminate a lower class to enter the holy places, when we regress our institution of marriage into a dowry system, when we practice untouchability and gender discrimination and when illiteracy, widow remarriage, girl child abortion, child labour, sexual harassment, prostitution, adulteration, gambling, addiction, crime and terrorism is mercilessly practised, not even angelic figures of the Hindu Mythology can curb the formation of the atrocious and cloven-footed Ravana. These evils merge together to form the inhuman and nefarious symbol of the Indian culture.

The main question is, is Dussehra actually the festival of the defeat of Ravana, the destruction of evil from the society? I guess not. Till our ladies face problems in strolling the market places in night hours,
till the time we keep discriminating lower classes, till the time we continue aborting girl child, till the time we keep practising child labour, till the time we keep accelerating criminal activities, the festival of Dussehra is a victory for the Beelzebub of Indian Mythology. The roots of the evil will keep on casting dark diabolical shadows on our society and the Ravana will grow into a large leviathan conquering the good and the pure of the society.

Let this Dussehra be the ultimate demolishing of the Satan. With the flames igniting the artistic model of the devil, the sins and evils of the society depredate into the air. Let us together fight this aggravating monster with revamping ideas, to demolish the blotch of deprecatory activities. May this Dussehra make our country, an auspicious, moral, sinless and obviously, a better place to live in!

10/24/2012 02:48:21 am

the problem wid us is dat...we just celebrate these festivals and dont understand the implications....


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