When one talks about India, one can write pages about this wonderful subcontinent of ours which has place to accommodate all cultures , religions, traditions, ethics, languages etcetera but one thing that surely binds the multifarious people of India is their firm and resolute belief in the many superstitions which prevail in every nook and corner of our beloved country.

There are some household beliefs which is true for all Indian families such as not using the ‘jhaadu’ to sweep the floor right after the person has left the house, the use of "VAASTU" as a guide for floor plans of a house or bathing a new born child in the Ganges . Animals are not far behind when it comes to superstitions. The sacred cow which is considered our ‘mother’ is a part of many beliefs for example the tail end of cows is considered as the most sacred part as fortune Lakshmi resides there!! The cats that seem docile and harmless play a negative role in the bizarre world of superstitions. People believe that one must not proceed if a black cat crosses their way as it brings omen or looking at the cat in the morning is a jinx. People who feel blessed with cat eyes, different from the typical ‘Indian brown eyes’ shouldn’t be so as they are considered if one must say in Hindi terms ‘chaaloo’ and one should never trust them. Days and numbers too are very popular in the Indian superstitions scenario. According to many beliefs people should not shave on Mondays and not wash their hair on Thursdays. Non vegetarian must curb from eating meat on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Saturdays which is called ‘Shani ka din’ one must give alms to the poor so as to not anger the god. People change the spelling of their names as they feel the numerology of their name will bring them success. In the film industry we have seen Ajay Devgan who has changed his name to Ajay ‘Devgn’ as he feels by doing so he will achieve success and deliver hits. Karan Johar, famous for his ‘K’ movies (K3G, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kal Ho Na Ho) believes that ‘K’ is an auspicious alphabet which will bring him success. Tarot card reading is the latest in the superstitious beliefs.

While some say these superstitions are crazy and don’t make sense, some live their lives on the basis of their beliefs and can go to any extent to fulfil them.  Whether it is the illiterate or the educated, rich or poor these superstitions which have existed from time immemorial form an integral part of many traditions and cultures in Indian homes and will continue to do so even in the future. 

Meghna Jain
Editorial Department
University Express
10/4/2012 01:30:42 am

nice article :)

Deepika K
10/4/2012 05:43:45 am

Superstitions differ from religious beliefs and numerology. Clubbing them together is only unfair.


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