Author: Cecelia Ahern
First Published: January 1st, 2008 by Harper Collins Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9780007233687
Genre: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance.
Setting: Dublin, Ireland.
Narrative: Two narrators, both first person.
Reviewer’s rating: 5/5
There are books that take the reader to a path breaking journey, at the end of which, the reader comes out shining; brighter and better than before. They tell you that you should always look at the brighter side of every situation you are in and how beautiful life is, even if everything that you believed in is lost. These
self help books have probably changed the minds of all those people who’d have jumped off the roof had it not been for these books. Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern is definitely not one of them. It doesn’t change your life or professes that life is the most beautiful thing to have ever happened to mankind. Yet, it makes the reader appreciate it, even if she/he thinks it’s not worth it.

Thanks for the Memories has two parallel stories looking for one common destination. An Irish woman Joyce Conway has just had a heap of disturbed times in her life. She's going through the loss of her unborn child and a failed marriage. Her miscarriage puts her life in danger because of the loss of so much blood. Add all those sorry faces that she has to face; her life is in a very clear mess.

An American man Justin Hitchcock, who has moved across the country just to be close to his daughter Bea, is recovering from his divorce. He is an art and architecture freak, knows Latin and Italian besides a great knowledge about Renaissance paintings and architecture. He comes to Dublin as a guest lecturer and has to donate his blood just to get in the good books of this gorgeous doctor Sarah. This blood saves Joyce's life when she has the miscarriage. After the blood transfusion, Joyce learns Latin and Italian overnight; apart from the detailed knowledge about the paintings and architecture. The rest is for you to find out!

This is one book that I just didn't want to have an end. The story won’t tell you new things. It won’t leave you with an ‘eyes-popping and jaw-dropping’ face of a newly recognized profound revelation. It is an amazing story which would make you laugh and smile through the tears. The best character of the book is Joyce’s 75 year old father, whom you’d love so much that you’d want to rip him out of the paperback and hug him tight! He’d make you laugh your hearts out! This fiction, ironically, will help you a great deal in going through the reality and not to forget, a better understanding of life and death and everything in between!

So, happy reading and carry a pencil to mark the beautiful sentences you’d find every now and then that I’m sure you’d want to remember for a long, long time. 

- Mansi Sharma
UE Correspondent

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