'There was a rope like structure jutting out of her body, probably her intestine.'

Sunday, the 16th of December 2012 would rather be marked the Black Day in Indian history, the night was stained and petrified with blood curdling, heart wrenching shrieks and howls of an innocent 23 year old girl, who probably didn't knew Doom was just inches away from her, ready to eat her alive. A fool she was to think boarding a Bus, so called public transport, was safe enough to happily escort her to her haven and, like so many other women, she was wrong. Her belief was killed not once, not twice but six times. Her body, her soul was looted brutally of its purity.

Those bastards not only ravaged her feminism, they crippled her entire psyche, every value that she stood for, every word that her world survived for 23 years of her existence. How wrong were those animals to think they'd survive such heinous act? She goes strong, yes she lives; lives to witness those animals dying, dying every minute they survive and begging yet for death to come.

How easy it is to burden someone else of your own dead thinking. Yes the Government is wrong; the Police, a bunch of stupid hoard never bothering with their duty; but what are we- Super Heroes? What a heroic act was it to leave two naked and humiliated, hurting and freezing to near death humans, uncovered? Not a single piece of cloth, not a hand to help, not a single tear shed for whole of an hour, and we call ourselves literates?  SHAME INDIA!

Being a girl I'm numb, shocked, scared and shaken to the very core of my nerves. It was her that night, it might be you, me, or someone dear to us tomorrow, and what would we do then? Another mass movement, another public act and it will lead to what? Four thousand more rape cases around India and nothing happening.
Oh, yes together we stand today, even after 6 days after the shameful act, bearing the laathi charges, water cannons, tear gas and what not to save the pride of the heroic girl and every other woman in India. Does that really help? 

Wake up India- High time. Wake up and vote! Vote for the right people and right cause, not for some promised amount of money or bloody gadgets or sugar-coated words of promise. It'd all be affordable with your own money, with right and sane people adorning the Parliament. False promises so made and chosen will eat our pride; rob us of our own sanity. Rapes would be their second nature. It won't cease- the hue and cries, until we wake up, wake up for the right cause and right people.

Every time Rape is reported, there would one of those moral police, some so called minister or one of our family member singing the same old story- "Girls mustn't wear provocative dresses.", "They must not walk on roads alone during night."

We still are a bunch of learned illiterates. It's not us who needs to change but the pseudo men mentality.

We might be fourth largest with the Armed Forces or whatever but even today, we stand nowhere when it comes to law, crime control and women protection. Of course, how is it possible when the one sitting there to protect us, are the ones on top of the list to commit such animalistic acts. The oath, the promises, the badges, goes all in vain.

A day before, funny it felt to see one of the political parties from DU supporting the cause.  Supposedly suffering temporary memory loss, for it wasn't that I remember just few months ago, a girl was publicly molested while one of their rallies took place? I don't question their support but the hideous people their group constitutes of!

A women today is safe nowhere. It's not our clothes or looks that'd change the situation, but revamping of the sick-chauvinistic-mentality.

Why a 10 year old girl in Kanpur was sickeningly ravished of her virginity? She wasn't provocating anything out of her innocent school uniform. She died, the accused still lives? What about the married women raped in front of her in-laws, she was clad in a so called perfect-Indian-attire Saree. What provocation a married woman might have demanded? When a 2 year old girl is raped by her own Father what provocative limits she must have crossed?

It's probably the word‘sex’ being treated a taboo in India that leads to all what's shameful and unworthy of acceptance. There is no need to shallow-worship Goddess Durga or Lakshmi. Rather respect the living flesh and bones of a ‘woman’.

WE ARE NOT YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY. We can't be some for-granted conclusion for the sole reason of having a Vagina.

Let me remind all of us once again- It's more because of a ‘women’ that we exist! Let men enjoy their rights and ‘no more’. Let women have their rights and ‘no less’.

Our Vengeance for Vendetta isn’t any entailment of violent act but violent words. A pen has always been mightier than a sword and it would be the same ‘sans justice’.

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