A matter this popular, is not just a matter today,
For some its a debate, and for some merely child’s play,
For some it is the road to Damascus,
And for some it might be another usual ruckus.

This freedom of expression is “ELEPHANTINE”,
Makes even the most idle man break his confines.
So why should you and I stay behind,
When youth related issues are left for us to unwind.

Reservation for girls in ‘the’ University Of Delhi,
Is a big question mark on the gender inequality.
For India’s education system, to raise the bar,
An unbiased view is the need of the hour.

If seats are reserved for girls, like they are today,
It might enlighten the future of women, which otherwise is grey.

Some are deceased through female feticide,
While others are victimized in the vice of burning the bride
Some are persecuted to sexual slavery,
And all such iniquities make women all the more fiery.

Cogent Sex ratio is NOT an Indian scenario,
And domestic violence and suppression aren’t just negligible trivia.
Right to Education is the only groundbreaking reform
Through which the fate of women can be transformed.

Blind reservation is not what is required,
Stringent reservation is all that is desired.

The ill effects of this cannot also be disregarded,
With a thought of being deprived, boy-clan might be bombarded.
Reservation might also dilute the spirit of competition,
And might encourage callous tactics to access education.

The pros and cons outweigh each other
And that is the sole reason why we should bother.

And rightly so I conclude,
Reservation for EQUALITY and Not Reservation for SUPERIORITY
Can make the India’s future more mighty.


Rashi Arora
University Express

Radhika Mehrotra
10/5/2012 04:53:12 am

Rightly Concluded!

10/13/2012 03:04:38 am

well in "harmony"....


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