Just when the Fresher’s party fever was dying down in DCAC and people were looking forward to a week long mid-semester break, they were showered with a massive surprise on the last working the day before the break began(literally showered). On 28th September, Friday, DCACites enjoyed a Rain-Dance party and, boy, it was not just a party. Everyone was wet, grimy & tired yet no one wanted to leave the dance floor which was set up right next to the canteen area. All one can say is that this academic year has begun with a bang and one can hope that it continues to surprise the students for the rest of the year.

Though everyone had the time of their lives but this was no random party thrown to celebrate nothing. You see, the team of newly elected Student President of DCAC Mukesh (B. Comm.: Final Year), while campaigning, had promised a roaring Rain-Dance party if their candidate emerged victorious in the college elections. Proving their credibility & giving an insight into the rocking year ahead, the team kept their word. Organized by Aadesh (B. Comm.: Final Year) & Sumit (B. Comm.: Final Year), the party brought together every student in the college & marked the middle of the semester with best bash on campus so far. Aadesh said that he’d been avoiding every other Rain-Dance college party for the last two years & being a true DCACite; he wanted to enjoy the party at his own college. He had been trying to organize one in DCAC for the same period of time. Finally the end result was a stupendous success. 

Students were overheard praising the party and by late night a lot had changed their DPs to a wetter and stickier version of their previous self. The party began at 12.30 p.m. and went on for nearly 5 electrifying hours. The DJ came well prepared and belted out chartbusters and crowd-pleasers one after the other. From Enrique to Honey Singh, from Rihanna to Pitbull, from Punjabi-funk to Sheila & Munni, the playlist was lively & thrilling. The people who were initially apprehensive about getting wet were drawn in soon as they simply couldn’t resist the music. Even though there was some competition organized by ‘LipIce’ but it didn’t stand a chance in front of the party and the crowds thronged the floor while the competition area wore an almost deserted look once the party began. All in all, the break began on a happy note & raised the bar for the upcoming bashes. There was a unanimous admiration for the party and people were left wanting for more. Here’s looking forward to many more such great parties ahead.

Manav Seth
University Express

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