Betrayal  is survival !
The much awaited Race 2, a sequel to 2008’s Race by director-duo Abbas and Mastan is finally here. Now the question remains, “how far does it race ahead of the original?”

Race 2 is a revenge thriller with a few gripping turns and some stylishly executed action sequences. The action, glamour and the comic subplot holds the movie together however, the story continues to be the weak point. One can term this movie as expensive, stylish, and full of chaos where everybody is a crook. The men seem to have it all, living in casinos and hotels and are always surrounded by beautiful women.  Deepika, Jacqueline and Ameesha add on to the glamour quotient in the movie, making it a one-time watch.

Inspector Robert (Anil Kapoor) voice over introduces Armaan (John Abraham) and Ranveer (Saif Ali Khan) as he arrives in Istanbul to avenge the murder of Sonia (Bipasha Basu). Armaan’s insatiable desire for money and power is evident in the entire movie. Armaan’s half-sister Eleana (Deepika Padukone) is an equal partner and leaves no stone unturned in getting what she wants. Deepika’s stylist deserves a pat on the back for making her look gorgeous. Omeesha (Jaqueline Fernandez), Armaan’s girlfriend also happens to be Sonia’s sister. Ameesha Patel plays her role of a desperate secretary of Robert who is brain-dead and lacks what one calls ‘common sense’. Her part has no real spark in the absence of good dialogues and a substantial role in the movie.  Others have fared well in terms of acting while Khan has acted with the right amount of poise and charm. The ladies look seductive and are definitely a treat to watch.     

To wrap it up, Race is a splendid display of action, style and race cars with several grey characters. It fails to leave an impression as one expects it to be better than Race, which was indeed a better suspense builder than Race 2.  

1/27/2013 09:28:17 pm

Well Done!!
Quite happy with your "unbiased review"
Would love to see more from your side. \m/

1/31/2013 01:12:24 pm

thank u :)


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