As we all know, Cinema in India hardly tackles serious issues and once in a while, when it does it is not supposed to be entertaining. Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola (MKBKM) beats that myth for many of us. This recent product of Vishal Bhardwaj falls into the category of "Hatke" films. The movie collected 7.02 crores on its opening day. 

The first half of the movie seemed very confusing as people found it very difficult to understand the content of the movie and the issues it will be tackling. However, the second half of the movie has the answers to all the questions going on in the viewer's mind and everything that seemed trash in the first half of the movie started making so much sense in the second half of the movie.                                                                                                      

The director, Vishal Bhardwaj takes on the touchy issue of farm land being taken over to expand India's cities and make way for retail and commercial space. The movie is full of contemporary issues that plague India, depicting a political satire targeting land scam. The movie has too many cuss words in the typical 'Haryanvi' accent and all the actors seemed to have done justice to it. The cuss words though are definitely not good for children. 

The star of the film is undoubtedly Pankaj Kapur. As Mandola, he is quirky, feisty and energetic. However, some of his words are really difficult to understand when he enacts the part of a drunkard. But, not to forget that he overshadows both young actors with the sheer energy he brings to the screen. He gives the finest performance of his life in what is his first mainstream lead role.

Imran Khan has that rustic Haryanvi look and does enough to take over the crown of the thinking women's sex symbol. 

 Anushka Sharma - THE Bijlee adds glamour to the entire equation. Bijlee was Mandola’s free-spirited, half-rebel daughter who flaunts short shorts, bare skin and tattoos like no tomorrow (one tattoo bordering at the end of her back reads “Daikho Magar Pyar Say” – “Look, but with Love” She almost probably becomes the first mainstream Hindi film heroine to mouth everybody's favorite cuss word and does it several times with such an ease.

Shabana Azmi stands out in a small but pivotal role. She has the scene which has the crux of the film and at the same time explains in a couple of minutes all that has been wrong with India since independence. 

The movie also has a lot of flaws but that varies from person to person. Overall, the movie is an entertaining movie tackling serious issue in a comical manner. It takes a while to get into its groove, but changes gears with spectacular finesse after that. 

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