When many students saw the first cut off list, they got a bit disappointed by the fact that they got Sri Venkateshwara College (colloquially known as ‘Venky’) and not any of the coveted north campus colleges. As they dragged themselves through Venky’s temple like entrance, they may be a bit disheartened to see the dilapidated state of the infrastructure and the very ‘sarkari hospital’  like colors literally clinging to its walls.

However, looks can be deceiving and in this case, ‘deceiving’ was a gross understatement. The people, the atmosphere, the teachers and the opportunities that this college has to offer are, in my opinion, nothing short of extraordinary.

The college is best known for its science courses but this does not, in any way, imply that the arts and commerce courses are not up to the mark. The faculty is exceptional and devoted across all departments and the facilities offered are great, to say the least. Although, there is a consequence of this positive aspect – If one is expecting the typical Delhi University trend of classes being occasionally cancelled due to strikes or protests or whatever, then one is mistaken. Classes are rarely disrupted and the teachers are inordinately punctual whenever it’s their respective slot.  Obviously, this consequence can be good or bad, depending entirely on your preferences.

Moving on to the co-curricular face of this college; there are a plethora of societies that one can join (after auditioning, of course). Almost all of the societies have established a name for themselves, not just in Delhi University but in the rest of the country as well, owing to their extremely talented and dedicated members. There is a society to suit every taste, hobby and passion. Some of them are, ‘Nritya’- the Choreography Society; ‘Verve’- the Western DanceSociety; ‘Crescendo’ – the Western Music Society; ‘Verbum’– the English Dramatics Society; ‘Parivartan’ – the Social Service Society; ‘Effulgence’ –the Film and Photography Society and the Debate Societies. These are just a few of the societies, making up a paltry fraction of the spectrum we call extracurricular. In all the societies, the seniors become your guides, your mentors’ and sometimes, even your best friends. They make sure that you perform your best and they push you beyond your limits to make you grow, both as a person and an artist. In the end, the pain and the sweat are all worth it. This
is what makes the extracurricular scene at this college so extraordinary. In the end, it doesn’t remain your hobby anymore; it becomes a part of who you are!

The college has a pretty good set up when it comes to sports as well. It has several teams including (but not limited to) those of Hockey, Basketball, Cricket, Chess, Badminton and Tennis, which provide wonderful training and an amazing platform to further one’s interest and/or passion for the sport.

All in all, I’d say that Sri Venkateshwara College is an incredible place to be in. It’s the oasis of the artist, the academician and the politician alike. It has its shortcomings but they stand no match against its positive side, the
positive side that pervades not only the mind but the very core of a Venkyite’s

Anuj Arora
Correspondent – UE

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