In the midst of South Delhi, situated in Kalkaji is the large sprawling campus of Deshbandhu college. Named after the famous the freedom fighter Deshbandhu Gupta, it was established in 1952. It is the oldest college of South Delhi. The college is popular for its science courses and is also making a name for itself in the commerce and arts department lately. The most sought out course is Economics honours.

While hearing all this when students would take their first step in the college, they would be a bit disheartened to see the infrastructure of the college (a normal affair for most of the collge in DU). But one would fall in love with the library and the web access centre which is over two floor large with electronic ID system. Plus the campus is a wi-fi zone. But sadly the canteen looks like more like a Dhaba with a limited no. of food items. But the lack of good canteen is compensated by popular fast food joints McDonalds and Café Coffee Day within a radius of half a kilometre from the college.

But all this can be compensated by the academic part, the faculty are exceptional and quite dedicated. One would be befooled by the name n would think that in harldy any teacher would take any class but this is just a myth. After spending a year in college and with my own personal experience I can say, hardly there was a day when we got an off and the teachers would take all their prescribed classes and this was the scenario in all the courses.

There are a number of active society in the college and some of them have created a good name for them not only in DU but outside Delhi also. Every popular course organises its departmental fest which includes various academic events n students from different colleges participate. The most famous society is the debating society- ‘The Crusaders’ which is one of the most famous debating society of Delhi University. Many of them have won prize at national level. On an average Crusaders win atleast 30-35 awards in one academic year. Then there is ‘Jazba’ the street play society which has also won many laurels in the past. Apart from these there are other society which include dance society, music society, drama society etc.

In the field of sports Deshbandhu college can boast about its Volleyball team which have won them many laurels. Some weightlifters and Javelin throwers have performed at the National level. Aprat from these there is a cricket team, football team, archery team, chess team which have also won awards in the past.

In totality joining these societies may mean working a bit extra but to be better than the rest u need to shed some extra sweat, isn’t it? Being a part of these society leads to an overall development in the personality of a student and help them have an edge over others with these X-factor.

Last but not the least, the annual cultural festival “Sabrang” is like icing on the cake. A three day event full of fun and excitement with star performers like the famous Bollywood playback singer Javed Ali, the Hard Core rapper Hard Kaur, the electrifying band Nasha and the coolest DJ SumitSethi performing live.

Just one year in college and we feel our lives changed so much. In such a short time college plays such a vital role in nurturing us. Even if there is a roller coaster ride of highs and lows life in college is one of the best moments of anyone’s life. Therefore it won’t be wrong to say that Deshbandhu is a very nice college to be at. Just like there are two sides of a coin, similarly every college has some positives n some negatives. It just depends from which side we see it and what we incorporate from it.

Pratish Shraman
University Express

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