Named in the fond memory of a freedom fighter with indomitable courage, CBS is known to incubate real life heroes. Short for Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, the institution has just crossed the silver mark, i.e., it has completed 25 years of imparting quality education in management and information technology at the undergraduate level this year.

Located in the land across the Yamuna, Vivek Vihar is one place which is that part of Delhi that is still undergoing transformation to become completely urban. This is at least what we as students feel.  But home still remains home.
Situated out of the campus, the college doesn’t fall into the jazzy circle of colleges in the university area but has managed to create its ownsole kingdom which all other colleges severely fear.

In an underdeveloped area like this, only fast food joints come to rescue.The Cross River mall and the V3S mall stay abuzz of Cbsites all the year round, especially in the season of famous movie releases. Our very own Chinese hub, Mathela has always been the most hopped on food joint to delight our taste buds. With a cool name and even cooler food joint options like CCD, Pizza hut, McDonald’s and lots more, there is yet another mall called the Agarwal Fun city Mall (Sorry I am not aware who named it: P).For those who have their pockets loose and even for those who have them deep, it’s the desi taste that still rules. Gharki bani masaledaar maggi, aloo de paranthe and chilled coffee from a shop owned by a couple complete the homely experience at Shahdra.  Not to forget, CBS has its personalized CCD- CHADHA CATERING DHABA, our college canteen. And what ‘s more – we have a latest entrant (still under construction)- TAJ, SHAHDRA to add to the charm of east Delhi and it is something to be really proud of ( after all we’ll be neighbors).

More than stuffing their bellies, cbsites believe in not only bringing change but also being a part of it. The college annually conducts a corporate get together event CONVERGENCE to amalgamate classroom teaching with corporate experience by exposing the students to new ideas, concepts and trends governing the modern day business world. Also CBS doesn’t stay behind in organizing the
annual fest, CRESCENDO, a cultural extravaganza. This year CRESCENDO shone with foot tapping and head banging musical performance by international Dance-pop sensation Akcent, a dazzling fashion night lit up by fireworks and lastly a captivating performance by Farhan Saeed Butt of JAL fame; the college truly outdid the others by calling upon a global music icon such as Akcent for its
star night.

The College is known for its excellent placement records. Because of the wholesome learning that CBS provides, renowned biggies like Bain Capability Centre, CBRE, AT Kearney, McKinsey KC, Inductis, FuturesFirst, Ernst and Young and many more find excellent prospective employees in Cbsites with the help of the Career Development Centre of SSCBS.

The CBS culture is a mix of all colors. The societies are what dominate the functioning of CBS. One could begin from the flamboyant spree of the street play society, VERVE or could end up on exactly the other extreme SYNERGY, the mecca of nurturing and realizing corporate aspirations. To bring out the Micheal Jackson in the students there’s BLITZ, the dancing society, to help students mould their views into words there are CBSMUN and Renaissance, the debating society. There is Dhwani, the music society that always bangs on to the right music chord. Backed by a conviction to be the change, S.I.F.E SSCBS aims at
continuously working to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business. There are other societies like Communique, the promotion cell, Dramatics society, Finx, the financial cell, Grandeur, the knowledge cell , Mark-it, the marketing society, Illuminati, the quizzing society, Kriti, the art society, Kartavya, the social service forum, Management Interaction cell, Parishram, the sports society, Ecovision, the  economics society, Continuum, the technological society and Trojan, the IT society that
complete the colours in the rainbow.

Being in CBS is a dream come true. Though cbsites have not been fortunate enough to be well supported infrastructurally but there is something that I have learnt over time and that too forever- Outer beauty only attracts, inner beauty captivates.

Important Link : – http://sscbsdu.ac.in/files/CBS%2025%20Years.pdf

Rashi Arora
Correspondent – UE

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