The Department of Journalism, Kamala Nehru College Is all set for its annual festival JOURNO JUNCTION 2012 to be held on 18th and 19th of OCT. Check out all the exciting games and sessions lined up for you! Be there! You do not want to miss this!!


Choti Choti filmo mein..badi badi baatein hoti rehti hain

This session will address the students about the evolution oflyrics, technology and other aspects of film making. It talks about Indian Cinema and how it has changed gradually over the years.

Analyzing a particular period, its effects on fandom and stardom and every other related aspect would form the essence of the session.
• Mr. Bhaichand Patel - Author of Bollywood’s Top 20
• Ms. Anna M. Vetticad – Author of The Adventures of an Intrepid; Film Critic- Twitter and FB
• Ms. Yasmin Kidwai - documentary film maker

SESSION 2 on Day 1 of the festival - 18th OCT starting at 12: 45 PM 
Paisa Vasooli ke Usool

We would request you to talk about the the state of the Indian film industry, the growing international interest in Indian stories, and the opportunity for co-productions. We would also like you to refer to the image of Indian Cinema abroad and the role it plays in international competition and also discuss, about how Indian producers finance their projects and the trend of Indian production houses now getting into distribution themselves, pushing films across theatre abroad.
• Mr. Robinder Sachdev - Director of Imagindia Institute

SESSION 3 on Day 1 of the festival - 18th OCT starting at 3 PM 

In K****n ke saamne mat nachna, Basanti!

This session talks about the portrayal of women in Indian Cinema. From being screen candies to heroes, they have come a long way and have evolved to bring a change among the different perspectives that once existed in the Society.
• Ms. Darshana Sreedhar, School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU
• Ms. Kritika (IIIrd year, BA(Hons) Journalism)

SESSION 4 on Day 2 of the festival - 19th OCT starting at 10 AM 
Rangmanch ki katputliyan

Amalgamation of theatre into mainstream Cinema has been noticed in critically acclaimed movies
like Gangs of Wasseypur, Kahaani, etc. This session talks about the theatre aspect and how it's gaining prominence in Indian Cinema these days. Actors like Vinay Pathak and Darshan Jariwala are being seen in character roles.

During the 70s people who attended film school got into theater but in the present scenario, actors are now entering mainstream commercial cinema.
• Ms. Anuradha Kapoor, Director, NSD

SESSION 5 on Day 2 of the festival - 19th OCT starting at  11:30 AM 
Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani
A Panel Discussion on Regional Cinema- Despite the cultural diversity and ethnicity in India, Regional Cinema has never been given the importance that Bollywood has garnered over the years. People are more aware of Bollywood as compared to other film industries. Through this session, we aim to bridge the gap between students, academicians and research scholars who will be presenting their own papers, which will highlight the different aspects of different film industries.
• Mr. Anirban Kapil Baishya :  School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU
• Ms. Bindu Menon : Professor, History Department, Kamla Nehru College
• Mr. Rajan Krishnan : Professor, Ambedkar University
• Ms. Anisha Mohan : IIIrd year, BA(Hons) Journalism

Film buff, Film critic, Journalist for 18 years. 
That's Anna M. Vetticad for you in a nutshell. 
She is also the author of 'The Adventures of an Intrepid Film Critic', that gives an overview of the Hindi film industry presented through an account of a year in which she decided to review every single Bollywood film released in India’s National Capital Region – including ones you might never have heard of. Over the years she has worked with India Today, The Indian Express, Headlines Today and has been a Consulting Editor with The New Indian Express. While at HT, she hosted her own interview show 'Star Trek'. She is now a freelance journalist, social media consultant and Journalism teacher.

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