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Visually impaired students (not using the word ‘blind’ because it explains the quality of some other people better) have been enrolled in various colleges of the University of Delhi.  University has ‘offered’ them help by allowing concessions in their fees. Kind, indeed! According to them, their sense of responsibilities and kindness ends here. The golden question here is – “Is that enough from their part?”

University’s lack of facilities or lack of concern is exposed when everyday many such so called ‘blind’ students run after these ruthless DTC buses. The vigor and compassion with which they  stand amidst the vivacious crowd of overly enthusiastic DUites and the faith with which they board buses everyday without having any idea of which way the bus is heading, is incredible indeed. The never dying smiles on their faces re-establish one’s faith in God which gets lost at times due to the exaggerated problems of our daily lives. 

Visualizing the courage of these physically disabled, a thought is provoked and an unanswered question rises that how easily we get defeated, discouraged and disheartened with small failures! However, God has sent some of its messenger on earth to teach us how life is lived and not just passed. Their sticks, their MP3 players, their Braille notebooks and their amazing technique of identifying someone by smell keeps one wondering how much of these extraordinary powers are preserved by the human beings. We call ourselves physically enabled and we don’t even value our lives. We don’t even realize how adventurous life is! Witnessing such experiences of those impaired students teach us a lot of lessons. All that Zoya Akhtar tried explaining in her latest movie – life is short, smile, fly high and explore your limits.

The fighters don’t find it easy to travel everyday in such crowded buses, they don’t enjoy coming to the college for the sake of attendance, they don’t enjoy these partially special treatment given to them but they enjoy living their lives as they know that there is a reason why God has sent them. They walk, they fall, they can’t even see someone’s smile but they know how to catch the one who is falling, they know how to pass a smile and turn that sour heart into a friend. They can’t be blind when they can see so much more than us. Blind is an adjective that can be used for the authorities who are technically disabled but don’t have a single moment to spare and pounder upon this topic.

Still, the fighters won’t complain, since they have learnt how to deal with anything and everything they encounter, with a smile, I guess! No doubt, science and humanity both has equally supported the never dying zeal of the torch bearers of the young generation.

People, get conscious, look around, you might not realize what a tremendous gift life is but its better late than never.

 Cheers to them! Cheers to life!


3/19/2013 01:52:37 am

Our college (JMC) has a lecturer who is visually impaired. It's amazing to see how he comes to college in a metro and takes an auto to reach the metro station. Just seeing him being so motivated leaves all the students inspired.

3/19/2013 02:16:45 am

You've given words to something we all observe daily but rarely think bout..Really nice and heart touching!! :)
Well written Aditi (y)

Pratim Kumar
3/20/2013 01:05:37 am

One of my favorite quote on this topic is "when god closes one door, he opens another", it's just the matter of our conscience how we snatch that opportunity. In our day to day life, we meet many people who are visually/physically/mentally impaired but still imbued with some distinct/ untapped power. As above, 1 comment described the potential of one of the lecturer. In similar way, there are many universities which are obsessed with such kind of people, and mine university too. Our Gov't is just a medium to bring those people in the mainstream of our society by giving various incentives in educational/ professional life. But it's our responsibility to treat them as people of equal opportunities as we have, and also to help them in sharing there untapped power with us for the welfare of this society.

3/22/2013 10:13:32 pm

thank you :)


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