Colours, paints, the best of hues, spectrum of coloured faces, water, balloons. Yes! Holi is here.
Since the last six years, I have played holi with textbooks, struggled to take on the vicious attack of exams and then boards and cursed the examination system of the country. Well, how can I blame the almighty for fixing holi at the time of a major crisis: student’s crisis?! Status updates, photographs, memes and calls are enough to make you go red with jealousy. The moment you hear people shouting their lungs out while being surrounded with people loaded with their weapons of colour and balloons, you just lose it. Standing at an uncomfortable distance and seeing friends & family bask in the festival’s glory while your eyeballs from left to right, then centre, in a serious attempt to absorb what you are ‘trying’ to study. You can only ‘try’ during the charm of festivals. Fact. But this year is going to be entirely different. Fresh into college, you ought to make your first holi in college ‘ekdum hatke’. Unceasing discussion, silly plans, burning desire to flout the rules and play holi on campus, you name it and we have done it.

Remember the time when we were little kids searching for a target to launch our attacks? Difference being that I was the target today. As a kid frivolously shot a balloon at me at the speed of a shooting star, I retorted, ‘What’s wrong with these kids? Nonnsense.Then I sat back, laughed it off and relished my holi  memories.

All those being haunted by the exam-holi dilemma, let yourself loose. Stop thinking, ‘holi kab hai kab hai holi?, get out on the streets and unleash your inner kid!

Shruti Maheshwari

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