The month of July- August fills the DU campuses with a vibrant energy. One witnesses youngsters fresh out of school, hanging out in groups of all sizes near the canteen or the popular college spots a.k.a  “addas” . Those smiling faces, not only fills the air with laughter and a jubilant spirit but also they become favourite  timepass for the so called seniors. Honestly speaking, when I first stepped into college, almost a kid out of school, I had no clue what to do or how to be as a college going student. I rather felt confident imitating people around me, the way they spoke, their tits-bits  and dressing style. I was simply blown away by the chilling & “I Damn Care” attitude of the seniors  and since was a victim of this flaunting business, I wanted to carry on same with my juniors as well. But then of course my senses prevailed and I realised these kids, like me will sooner or later know what they want, and how they want others to perceive them as an individual.

Now talking about the variety of freshers I see in my college daily [Basically I'm almost always an idle being 'typically Vella student' (a popular term used by the dilli valas in every nook and corner of this vibrant city)]. I rather much love to observe people around me. I see freshers adorn in various kind of clothes, instantly tagged as wannabes or jhallas or nerds or perfect by vella’s like me. I know its mean,but a very fun game nonetheless! I see juniors around with beautiful silky hair wearing pretty dresses with matching footwear n handbags, to freshers wearing kurtis giving them a very ethenic yet amazingly
cool & trendy look. Occasionally even I love dressing in kurtis with matching  jhumkas  and  a comfortable pair of mojris. Trust me girls- Guys fall more for a soni Indian kudi rather than a face plastered with heavy make up wearing stilletoes! Another set of crowd is the carry-comfort crowd where the girls adhere to comfy loose tee’s with torn denims,this dressing style perfectly suit lazy people like me who love their sleep more than anything else and don’t have time to dress up like partying all day!

Enough talking about the girls. Lets peep in the trend setters among the male population. Some love to wear loose kurtas with denims and look ubercool and some stylish branded tees/shirts with their expensive stylish shades on. And believe me guys whatever you choose, don’t get too funky thats rather a big turn-off for sensible lot of girls!

In tit-bit of trend-setters there also are some ultra stylish guys & girls who suck big time in the fashion department, seriously when I come across these look-at-me freaks I feel like branding them to the fashion police and preaching them some life saving tips!

Apart from the dressing skills, freshers stand apart with their ability to talk freely and fluently to anyone  and  everyone, their sporting spirit , their humour and their overflowing confidence. These qualities might found in a few but that does not mean rest of them don’t get a chance to be known. My college propogates many societies ranging from dance to music to debating to fashion and what not! Thus any enthusiastic souls who are good with extra curriculars get an equal and fair chance to come up and showcase their talent, this brings in a healthy yet competitive spirit among everyone.

Every college has a mixed population. Be it the geeks, the bullies, the pretty people or the smart intellectual ones, coming from different backgrounds.It all does not stop them from mingling together and having hearty fun. The best part for me when the freshers arrive, is observing how different people come together as one big lively community!

Akankhya Nanda
Guest Writer
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

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