Youth4work.com, a new born beam of illuminated ideas is showing a new way to the employment
obsessed generation and the corporations who look for the ‘right talent’ for recruitments.
Delhi, Aug 30th 2012: Students no longer are struggling for the right opportunity to showcase
their true talents. They are no longer struggling to find work that they love to do. The revolution
and the future are not just about finding any job in a big brand for a monthly pay cheque. The
future is about finding the work that you really love, and get paid for doing what you love.
Sounds utopian?
Well, I was reminded of what once Japanese writer Haruki Murakami rightly said: “If you are
young and talented, it’s like you have wings”. Catering in the same direction, youth4work.com
is giving youth the wings to fly high and excel. It is helping youth not only in discovering their
talents but also to decide the career they have always wanted to pursue.

What exactly it does?

At youth4work, one can find companies from various sectors to post their jobs for youth- be it fresher or experienced. This gives students a vast option to choose from. Also, most of the companies in India do not hire undergraduate. As a result, most of the students have to wait for their studies to get over before they can actually work. It is because of Youth4work, students are getting a platform to showcase their talents and work for companies and the best part is that they don’t even have to wait for their studies to get over before they can actually start working. At youth4work, companies belonging from various sectors and industries are giving opportunity to youth. It acts as a great opportunity for the youth to choose and work for thesector in which they want to pursue their career. Working for big and reputed companies is providing youth with a chance to actually gain working experience even before joining an actual company. Moreover it is also helpful for those who have not yet decide or are confused about what career to choose. They can try working on various projects on youth4work which in return will help them to unravel their qualities and find their talent. This will help them a lot to decide the perfect career for themselves.

Think out-of-the box

Another thing about youth4work which enables it to stand out is that certificates and prize money which a student receives as a result of winning a project motivates him to join that field for excelling and growing professionally.

Finally… the Nutshell:

Youth4work, being one of its kind, is not only helping youths to get recognition, experience and certificate for their talents, but also they are helping them realise their dreams and enabling them to work towards the career of their choice.


Youth4work strives to make the Indian youth more employable by working on them at the grass root level, the time when they are fresh and receiving education. The company wishes to help today’s youth identify their field of interest, so that they can pursue a career in their interest field and help them get placed. Youth4work is absolutely no cost venture for students and each and every student can register themselves and start working on the projects that have been posted on the site.

The results speak for itself, in about an year into beta launch, Youth4work now reaches youth from over 2300 colleges & over 900 companies are posting work on the site. It’s self funded and has more orders from companies right now than it can deliver. It’s growing phenomenally and did we mention the neat profiles that are being created and that may give LinkedIn a chase for its money. Check talents at Youth4work. As a company you can post a conventional job on the site free but in case you are looking to post a freelance project we take a margin over and above the projects posted.

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