One of the most precious memories we carry through our lives is that of our life being infused with magic and mystical elements.

As soon Christmas approached, we decorated our residence with fancy and florid materials; from stars to angels, to treats till lights; and we never forgot to pin the sock at the door. We always thought that more we decorate the place and the Christmas tree, more gifts we will get the next morning. We still remember the time when ‘Santa Claus’ used to leave us a gift beside our bed that we had secretly seen in the living room drawer that afternoon.

What fun it was. Till…BAM!

We got to know that it was our own sweet parents, who gave us the gifts
for years so that we believed in the fantasy of a person called SANTA!

We do remember that was one fine night (24th December) when we just doze off to our bed. And then, we see our fathers or mothers sneaking into our room and keeping the gift beside us. Then and there, the fantasy of the very existence of Santa oozes out in the air with disgust and utter awe and shock. As we grew we must have wondered how it was possible for Santa to give gifts not just for us but for children around the whole gigantic world, with such immense speed. Some of us did ponder why it was the Santa not generous to children in poorer countries or even the poorer children that we have known.

Our childhood days had taught us that Santa Claus is an overweight old guy with a long white beard, dressed in funny red clothes and is very fond of young children. He loves to give children presents and spread happiness across the globe. The fat mysterious man has spent hundreds of years climbing down chimneys in to other people’s houses and is also is scared of getting stuck in them. He keeps a track on children’s discipline in a red big book. Those children who were nice and not so naughty got presents and treat, while those who were mischievous would get thrown in a sack and drowned by one of Santa’s associates.

Nobody knows exactly how old Santa Claus is. But he ‘is’ old, that's for sure!

It is said that before he was our very own Santa, he may have been Saint Nicholas of Myra, a 4th-century Greek Christian bishop of Myra (now Demre). If this is correct, Santa is approximately 1700 years old. That’s a little too old. Isn’t it?
So, how did he survive for that long? We don't know, but I think it has something to do with the way he lives. We all know that Santa has a deep belly laughter which he uses a lot. (Ho, Ho, Ho!). And laughing is definitely good for health.

The houses that Santa has to visit are scattered all over the globe. That’s quite a distance. But Santa, for all of his old fashioned appearance, has GPS, or some super fast sleigh. The reindeers Santa has are pretty tough, for being able to carry all the weight of gifts and presents. Of course Santa only has just  8 to 10 reindeers, concluding each flying reindeer has the power of half a million normal reindeer. People from all over the world must learn work efficiency from Santa’s elves who work day and night all around the year just for one day.

Well there are many opinions and facts on this. Many people say that Santa is real, that he wears a red suit, and that he lives at the North Pole, making presents for kids and delivering them all over the world on Christmas Eve in his sleigh. Some people say that he doesn't exist and the existence of Santa and his decorative tasks is a myth. On a personal note, I believe that even though Santa Claus has broken millions of hearts over the years, he is still very real in the hearts and minds of parents and children and in the spirit of Christmas. Santa Claus helps us celebrate the spirit of Christmas to spread joy and happiness.

Well, it is all about what you believe the magic, enigma and the festivity of Christmas is special and alluring. I think Santa is a special thing; it brings all the fascination and charm to the festival of Christmas.

Keep believing! Wishing all the readers, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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