In the midst of South Delhi, situated in Kalkaji is the large sprawling campus of Deshbandhu college. Named after the famous the freedom fighter Deshbandhu Gupta, it was established in 1952. It is the oldest college of South Delhi. The college is popular for its science courses and is also making a name for itself in the commerce and arts department lately. The most sought out course is Economics honours.

While hearing all this when students would take their first step in the college, they would be a bit disheartened to see the infrastructure of the college (a normal affair for most of the collge in DU). But one would fall in love with the library and the web access centre which is over two floor large with electronic ID system. Plus the campus is a wi-fi zone. But sadly the canteen looks like more like a Dhaba with a limited no. of food items. But the lack of good canteen is compensated by popular fast food joints McDonalds and Café Coffee Day within a radius of half a kilometre from the college.

But all this can be compensated by the academic part, the faculty are exceptional and quite dedicated. One would be befooled by the name n would think that in harldy any teacher would take any class but this is just a myth. After spending a year in college and with my own personal experience I can say, hardly there was a day when we got an off and the teachers would take all their prescribed classes and this was the scenario in all the courses.

There are a number of active society in the college and some of them have created a good name for them not only in DU but outside Delhi also. Every popular course organises its departmental fest which includes various academic events n students from different colleges participate. The most famous society is the debating society- ‘The Crusaders’ which is one of the most famous debating society of Delhi University. Many of them have won prize at national level. On an average Crusaders win atleast 30-35 awards in one academic year. Then there is ‘Jazba’ the street play society which has also won many laurels in the past. Apart from these there are other society which include dance society, music society, drama society etc.

In the field of sports Deshbandhu college can boast about its Volleyball team which have won them many laurels. Some weightlifters and Javelin throwers have performed at the National level. Aprat from these there is a cricket team, football team, archery team, chess team which have also won awards in the past.

In totality joining these societies may mean working a bit extra but to be better than the rest u need to shed some extra sweat, isn’t it? Being a part of these society leads to an overall development in the personality of a student and help them have an edge over others with these X-factor.

Last but not the least, the annual cultural festival “Sabrang” is like icing on the cake. A three day event full of fun and excitement with star performers like the famous Bollywood playback singer Javed Ali, the Hard Core rapper Hard Kaur, the electrifying band Nasha and the coolest DJ SumitSethi performing live.

Just one year in college and we feel our lives changed so much. In such a short time college plays such a vital role in nurturing us. Even if there is a roller coaster ride of highs and lows life in college is one of the best moments of anyone’s life. Therefore it won’t be wrong to say that Deshbandhu is a very nice college to be at. Just like there are two sides of a coin, similarly every college has some positives n some negatives. It just depends from which side we see it and what we incorporate from it.

Pratish Shraman
University Express

In the middle of the chaos and controversies stands Ram Lal Anand College. It is not only “The College near Venky! “but a lot more than that.

Life in Ram Lal Anand is in the green, peaceful lawns, buzzing corridors and in the mouth-watering combination of samosas with masala tea at the canteen.

In winters, the stairs near the courtyard is the best place to sit, have lunch and soak up the sun. In summers, it is the shade under the trees of the front lawn where one could always chat up with friends and share food with curious squirrels.

The English Department of the college is known but also the college is one of the few colleges in the University, which offers Microbiology and Hindi Journalism. It has a good infrastructure, which is lacking in many other colleges of Delhi University.

The societies of the college are active and new societies come up every year, like the Photography Society (Visual Anthology) came up recently in 2011. Our Dramatics Society HASRATEIN has reached new heights and won the First prize at IIT Kharagpur. The annual fest of the college SPLENDOUR has been attracting a whole new bunch of people after the performance of Pakistani Band-JAL.

The college canteen is self–sufficient and serves a variety of food items. And if the appetite of the students for variety still isn’t fulfilled, you will most likely find them in one of the various food outlets in Satya Niketan mainly Pizza Hut, QD’s, Kev’s Maggi Point and Idli King to name a few.

A few weeks back the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) elections were held in which you could see faces you had never seen before while the college was buzzing with excited fuchhas competing in their first elections and other students promoting themselves and trying to garner as many votes as possible. However, in these few days of elections and campaigning an enormous amount of litter was generated which was thrown all around the college and sadly nowhere near any litterbin.

Having said all that, people of other colleges do not really have any good word to say about RLA and have a tendency to always look down upon the students studying there. They say the crowd is unwelcoming and rowdy, that you can’t even pass a day without getting a snide remark from someone to which most of the students of RLA also agree but what I want to remind everyone is that there are two sides to every story there are people in RLA who are very helpful; they are not restricted to their own departments or interests. After the shocking case of the murder of Radhika Tanwar (who was a 2nd year student of RLA) the students as well as teachers stood together for the safety of women.

In other words, the crowd of the college is not as bad as people describe it to be and one should understand that every college has different students from different parts of the society having a different mindset, and if helpful and caring people exist in any college it cannot be a bad college. We have to learn to accept, mix, match and make friends and live it to the fullest to make it memorable.

For the students, who are going to step into the gates of Ram Lal Anand College (RALLA or RLA), it is full of surprises and you can always expect the unexpected here!

Onusha Dey
University Express

It’s always a little bit of a surprise for many girls if not all to get  into an all girls college after dreaming about getting into a fancy college , being a part of a cool group, bunking classes on and off and enjoying the newly found freedom to the hilt. But wait! Suddenly you hear the alarm buzzing loud beside you and you’re forced to wake up from this dream. Welcome to the reality! Like the popular notion of any other college under an University, you’d expect Kamala Nehru a.k.a KNC (one of the eminent colleges under DU) to fulfill all your desires of having a carefree college life but the scene is a little different here for a newcomer .The first few months might be a rude shock since KNC does not fit in to the stereotypical image of a college. However, the culture of this ‘hatke’ and different institution starts growing upon the students very soon. Eventually when one settles down, everyone has a different tale to tell with the enthusiasm of being ‘in love’ with their college.

KNC is one of the ten all girls colleges under DU and its quite stringent in many aspects. The teachers are obliging and supportive but very particular about conducting classes regularly and maintaining the attendance record and the most disappointing bit is that one cannot put a proxy for the attendance. Thinking of a mass bunk is surely not an appreciated thought in this academy either. But there are some things which overshadow all these off-putting points and make you fall for it soon enough.

KNC is well known for its campus, co-curricular activities and the canteen! The campus is lush green and has a huge ground. The favourite spot for the KNC lasses would undoubtedly be the Chaupal area where you find most of them hanging around during their short break and chilling or just gossiping. Sometimes, you may even get to see Lakshya (The Dramatics society) practicing the different genres of drama. Next to the Chaupal , you have the Nescafe kiosk and the canteen. The scrumptious food and the varieties available at the KNC canteen not only make all the students hog over the food but attract students from other  neighboring colleges to have a quick bite at the canteen. 

Apart from this, KNC has a mammoth crowd of talented young women in various fields and to bind them together, there are varied college societies which nurture their talents and motivate them to reach for the stars. Glitz (Fashion society), Luminoso (Fine arts society), Zephry (Western music society), Nupur (Indian Dance society) to name a few, consist of budding talents winning various prizes in different competitions, taking KNC to the level where it stands up today.

You walk around the campus and when you look around, you’re bound to see girls working for any of the three societies which require a compulsory registration in one the three societies in the three years of college. The societies are NSS (National Service Scheme), NSO (National Sports Organization and NCC (National Cadet Corps). This college never takes a break! Be it the various talks/campaigns on social issues, Sports tournaments, Union students working for the college nitty-gritty or eminent guest speakers delivering inspirational speeches.

KNC very gently and very subtly teaches one a very important value of life; which is - Having fun by breaking rules is passé; the fun which exists within the rules is uncontaminated and uncomplicated. Thus you really don’t have to struggle hard, break your head and heart in your endeavor to be outside the box; remember that the box was made to contain and safeguard all the fun that you need. What best to exemplify this value when our own principal, Dr. Minoti Chatterjee, the key custodian of the culture at KNC who starts dancing to the tune of ‘Hud-Hud Dabang Dabang’ on your college farewell. It’s indeed a life and time at Kamala Nehru College.

Ipshita Das
University Express

The time spent at the High School is a mixed bag of different feelings, thoughts, ideas, tasks and Challenges for all the students. This is the time when they start gearing up for the final and most challenging year of their lives “THE BOARD EXAMS”. The scholars need to balance out on their academics, college applications and co-circulars in full swing. So, they need to be very focused with what they are doing.

First Cut offs came out and there was an influx of students to get into one of the best colleges of Delhi University. Indraprastha College for Women (IP College) is a dream college for many girls. The people who were now a part of IP College were neither into in the main North Campus cluster but were still in the North Campus. The building reflected a rich heritage of 28 year.  It was full of greenery and fresh air. With every fresh year comes newness to the campus. The seniors help their juniors fit in the new surroundings.

Some girls got the Subjects of their choice and some didn’t. Those who didn’t get the subjects of their choice had to adapt to the new subject with a good spirit to do their best. So, they began with a fresh mind. They even observed the colourful atmosphere of the campus and realised the change. The scholars got new access to do whatever they want, whichever way they want. This is a platform where the students can meet different kind of people from different states, backgrounds and countries.  So the campus is a blend of different walks of life.

IP College has an enrolment of over 2670 students and offers a wide range of courses.  Uniquely, it offers the B.A (Hons.) course in Mass Media and Mass Communication (BMMMC) which is ranked among the best in the country. The College ranks in the top ten colleges of the city and the top twenty in the country. This fact clearly suggests that faculty, teachers and opportunities are excellent. They are experts in their fields.

The ‘Societies’ of Indraprastha College are nothing less than a celebration. They are the most pleasant and integral part of the campus. Their main aim is an all round personality development of each and every girl graduating from the college. So, every student has to compulsorily join at least two societies, they think they can best perform in. There is a plethora of societies ranging from Abhivyakti- The Dramatics Society, Afroza- Western Dance society, Laashya- Contemporary and Jazz Dance Society, Indian Classical Dance Society, Alaap-Indian Music Society, Western Music Society, Spic Macay, Film and Photography, Fine Arts Society, North East Society to Women Development Cell, English Debating Society, Hindi Debating Society, Eco Club, National Social Service(NSS), National Cadet Corps(NCC) to name few. They have actively been working to towards honing the skills of its members. The seniors play a key role in guiding the freshers through the new setting.

The College’s extensive sports facilities have recently been augmented by the up gradation of the two tennis courts and the basketball court into synthetic courts. A multi-specialty indoor sports centre of international standards has also been built. It consists of badminton courts, a squash court, a shooting range, a fully-equipped gymnasium, an aerobics training centre, table tennis tables, a judo floor and provisions for other indoor games.  The College also has a very large and well- maintained sports field. The College offers dedicated facilities for a variety of other sports as well, such as archery, athletics, handball, volleyball etc. Indraprastha is the only women's college in the University with its own hygienically maintained swimming pool. Its scrupulously clean surroundings, up-to-date facilities and friendly staff make it a popular attraction in the summer months for both learners and swimmers.

The College has a fully equipped studio for in-house training and production. It has several computer laboratories and a spacious library with a lift for PH access. Library is an integral part of the college which carries a range of books from different times; some of which are even extinct from the market. Customized software for an easy access to the book is a frequently used feature. Reading materials in Braille for the visually challenged are also available in the Library.

The College has an auditorium, seminar rooms, a state-of-the-art conference room and an Audio- Visual Resource Centre. It has excellent sports infrastructure with a swimming pool, vast playgrounds and a sprawling multi - facility sports complex. The College also provides basic medical facilities to deal with minor emergencies. It has a Career Guidance and Placement Cell.

The College has two hostels, one funded by the UGC, accommodating 200 students and the newly constructed Indraprastha College Women's Hostel with 166 seats.

Shinam Khandelwal
University Express

When many students saw the first cut off list, they got a bit disappointed by the fact that they got Sri Venkateshwara College (colloquially known as ‘Venky’) and not any of the coveted north campus colleges. As they dragged themselves through Venky’s temple like entrance, they may be a bit disheartened to see the dilapidated state of the infrastructure and the very ‘sarkari hospital’  like colors literally clinging to its walls.

However, looks can be deceiving and in this case, ‘deceiving’ was a gross understatement. The people, the atmosphere, the teachers and the opportunities that this college has to offer are, in my opinion, nothing short of extraordinary.

The college is best known for its science courses but this does not, in any way, imply that the arts and commerce courses are not up to the mark. The faculty is exceptional and devoted across all departments and the facilities offered are great, to say the least. Although, there is a consequence of this positive aspect – If one is expecting the typical Delhi University trend of classes being occasionally cancelled due to strikes or protests or whatever, then one is mistaken. Classes are rarely disrupted and the teachers are inordinately punctual whenever it’s their respective slot.  Obviously, this consequence can be good or bad, depending entirely on your preferences.

Moving on to the co-curricular face of this college; there are a plethora of societies that one can join (after auditioning, of course). Almost all of the societies have established a name for themselves, not just in Delhi University but in the rest of the country as well, owing to their extremely talented and dedicated members. There is a society to suit every taste, hobby and passion. Some of them are, ‘Nritya’- the Choreography Society; ‘Verve’- the Western DanceSociety; ‘Crescendo’ – the Western Music Society; ‘Verbum’– the English Dramatics Society; ‘Parivartan’ – the Social Service Society; ‘Effulgence’ –the Film and Photography Society and the Debate Societies. These are just a few of the societies, making up a paltry fraction of the spectrum we call extracurricular. In all the societies, the seniors become your guides, your mentors’ and sometimes, even your best friends. They make sure that you perform your best and they push you beyond your limits to make you grow, both as a person and an artist. In the end, the pain and the sweat are all worth it. This
is what makes the extracurricular scene at this college so extraordinary. In the end, it doesn’t remain your hobby anymore; it becomes a part of who you are!

The college has a pretty good set up when it comes to sports as well. It has several teams including (but not limited to) those of Hockey, Basketball, Cricket, Chess, Badminton and Tennis, which provide wonderful training and an amazing platform to further one’s interest and/or passion for the sport.

All in all, I’d say that Sri Venkateshwara College is an incredible place to be in. It’s the oasis of the artist, the academician and the politician alike. It has its shortcomings but they stand no match against its positive side, the
positive side that pervades not only the mind but the very core of a Venkyite’s

Anuj Arora
Correspondent – UE

While in school, We had never imagined ourselves being an all girlscollege in a million years, but here we are today writing about one-(Jesus n MaryCollege)- My

We vividly remember our first day in JMC when we met our batch mates for the first time. We entered this college with a perception, like most have, that an
all girls college is going to be all about bitching, gossiping, dressing up, etc.but after SUCCESSFULLY completing 1 year in this college we can say that we
have been proved wrong. Apart from all this JMC, no doubt is about a lot more.

Located in the embassy area this college has a lot to boast about whether it be the large fields, open areas or the airy basement, extra-curriculars & the active participation & involvement of students in studies as well. The 5th Best Arts College in the Delhi University-JMC has shown remarkable results throughout its existence.

Not to forget the fact that a lot of emphasis is laid on regular classes, attendance,seminars.Throughout the 1st year, we have regularly & patiently attended all our classes, seminars, assemblies (not just for attendance but also because we really wanted to).

As a part of an on going tradition in college ,we all are required to enroll
ourselves in one of the six compulsory societies- NSO,NSS OR WSDC to name a few. Apart from that we take pride in being an active part of several other voluntary socities in the college-Mudra:The Western Dance Society, Kahkasha:The Hindi Dramatics Society,Nrityanjali:Indian Dance Society,SIFE, etc.

Since classes are held regulary we don’t really find time to go out unless we bunk college but whenever we get time off from the monotonous and tight schedule, we all hit the favourite hotspots in and around college. Be it the airy basement (duringsummers), the amphi theatre or field(to enjoy the winter
sun) or we just go off to Satya Niketan for a quick bite. Apart from being the hub of getting  “THE NOTES” ,Satya Niketan is quiet famous amongst all South Campus goers for its eateries, whether it be the – Maggie station, rolls from Nazims &Chowrungee Lane, or mouth watering Tandoori Momos from QD’S.

Also, Once in a blue moon doesit happen that we come to college, sacrificing our sleep for the 8:30 class & we get a PLEASANT SHOCK that our first few lectures have been cancelled. In that case we end up in C.P. as that is the only place we have come across where eating outlets are open at 8:30 in the morning. And even if all this does not appeal us, we turn to our canteen (not to forget
the pink coloured walls-seeing which makes the feeling of being in an all girls college stronger). The delicacies of our canteen are – chilly potato , the all famous KEEMA SAMOSAS, chole bhature, fried rice & Once in this college, You should never forget the ‘sweet guy’ who sells delicious sevpuri/bhelpuri for 30 bucks. Also, ourcollege has recently introduced THE COCA COLA-HAPPINESS STATION, where you get all sorts of shakes , pastries, creamrolls, etc.

Right infront of our college we have the Kareena Market (Interesting, but no one knows why its called by that name ). We end up there to get the mobile recharge done & it is the placewe turn to when we want to escape the huge rush outside the photocopy shop of our college to get the notes photo copied. Other than the great location,the college has excellent infrastructure. JMC has an old library with a huge collection of books divided on three floors. A unique feature,which no other college under Delhi University provides, is an in house gymnasium.The gymnasium is open to membership for only students and staff of JMC. The college, wihch is also known for its psychology course, has a well-equipped lab.

Coming to college everyday to attend classes gets pretty monotonous and we end up cursing long strenuous days in college with extreme temperatures but when you have great friends to hangout with, sitting for classes from 8:30 in the morning till 4 in the evening gets easier. Not to forget that we get the benefit which most other college students don’t ,and that is to enjoy the WEEKEND !!

1 Year in this college and we can already feel our lives changing. JMC is nodoubt, is playing a very important role in molding our clay lives into perfectones and is preparing us to face the real world. We have had some of the best moments of our lives in this college and also some really frustrating ones. 

As Gretchen Rubin has stated- “The days are long but the years are short” . There couldn’t be anything more apt to discuss our college experience.

Most importantly, This College has given us a chance to meet ‘wonderful people’who we know will be our life long friends and we’re sure that Once out of this college, thinking about all this will surely bring a smile to our faces.

Hira Shamim & Rhea Luthra
Correspondents – UE

In a faraway spot in Delhi, situated in the calm sub-city Dwarka is the lush green campus of Netaji Subhas Institute Of Technology – better known as the only engineering college of the University Of Delhi. Over the years, NSIT has formed an excellent reputation as one of the best engineering college in the country and to get through into the college is itself an herculean task. The college attracts the top-rankers in the prestigious All India Engineering Entrance Exam
(AIEEE) but unlike other engineering colleges in the country, it ensures that the engineers are brewed to perfection in all fields.

Life at NSIT revolves around many elements – thick textbooks which one seldom pays heed to, the medley of opportunities that the college offers, the delicious chilly potatoes during the break time, the butter coated aloo paranthas during the evening, occasional mass bunks which call for a party if successfully executed and what not! The college is always abuzz with activities. In one corner (Yes, the 145 acre campus has many ‘corners’ which need unique descriptions) of the college, the student led teams like Bullet Hawk Racing and
NSIT Motorsports can be seen working days and nights on making Formulae style race cars and All Terrain Vehicles. Every week, some or the other eminent personalities of the nation visit the college to embrace the students with their words of wisdom.  From the past two years, the college has been sending delegations to Harvard National Model United Nations. Then, the NSIT Quiz Club holds the reputation of being one of the best in the country. The college has its own newspaper under Crosslinks. The college has its own social networking website. There is a door for every interest that one might want to seek.

Being cut off from the rest of the University Campus might seem to be a slight disadvantage when it comes to the fun-factor that the college might miss on, but then, appearances are deceptive. To spot a student of NSIT at Rajouri/Subhashnagar malls is a common sight. The laser tag arena at Janakpuri and the ice skating at Ambience mall, Gurgaon are some other attraction. Inside Dwarka, students generally hangout at Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Berco’s, KFC etc. which are hardly some meters away from the campus. Moreover, the college canteens and cafeteria  delivers mouth watering delicacies. All in all, NSIT campus is self-sufficient.

Probably the best feeling that a NSITian takes with himself is the feeling of pride.  NSIT has been continuously featuring in the list of top engineering colleges of the country. Over  125 companies visit the campus which include Facebook, Google, Amazon, Tata Motors, Yahoo, Texas Instruments etc. The college also boasts of an excellent Alumni network with people getting selected in reputed IIMs, London Business School, Harvard Business School, Caltech, MIT etc. The Director of the college – Professor Raj Senani was chosen as the Second Laureate of the 25th Khwarizmi International Award recently. Indeed, the college has more to it than one could possibly jot down in an article. Life here is a blend of awesome DU – Life and a busy to-be-engineer life. One gets to live the best of both worlds.

Videt Jaiswal
Correspondent – UE

Named in the fond memory of a freedom fighter with indomitable courage, CBS is known to incubate real life heroes. Short for Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, the institution has just crossed the silver mark, i.e., it has completed 25 years of imparting quality education in management and information technology at the undergraduate level this year.

Located in the land across the Yamuna, Vivek Vihar is one place which is that part of Delhi that is still undergoing transformation to become completely urban. This is at least what we as students feel.  But home still remains home.
Situated out of the campus, the college doesn’t fall into the jazzy circle of colleges in the university area but has managed to create its ownsole kingdom which all other colleges severely fear.

In an underdeveloped area like this, only fast food joints come to rescue.The Cross River mall and the V3S mall stay abuzz of Cbsites all the year round, especially in the season of famous movie releases. Our very own Chinese hub, Mathela has always been the most hopped on food joint to delight our taste buds. With a cool name and even cooler food joint options like CCD, Pizza hut, McDonald’s and lots more, there is yet another mall called the Agarwal Fun city Mall (Sorry I am not aware who named it: P).For those who have their pockets loose and even for those who have them deep, it’s the desi taste that still rules. Gharki bani masaledaar maggi, aloo de paranthe and chilled coffee from a shop owned by a couple complete the homely experience at Shahdra.  Not to forget, CBS has its personalized CCD- CHADHA CATERING DHABA, our college canteen. And what ‘s more – we have a latest entrant (still under construction)- TAJ, SHAHDRA to add to the charm of east Delhi and it is something to be really proud of ( after all we’ll be neighbors).

More than stuffing their bellies, cbsites believe in not only bringing change but also being a part of it. The college annually conducts a corporate get together event CONVERGENCE to amalgamate classroom teaching with corporate experience by exposing the students to new ideas, concepts and trends governing the modern day business world. Also CBS doesn’t stay behind in organizing the
annual fest, CRESCENDO, a cultural extravaganza. This year CRESCENDO shone with foot tapping and head banging musical performance by international Dance-pop sensation Akcent, a dazzling fashion night lit up by fireworks and lastly a captivating performance by Farhan Saeed Butt of JAL fame; the college truly outdid the others by calling upon a global music icon such as Akcent for its
star night.

The College is known for its excellent placement records. Because of the wholesome learning that CBS provides, renowned biggies like Bain Capability Centre, CBRE, AT Kearney, McKinsey KC, Inductis, FuturesFirst, Ernst and Young and many more find excellent prospective employees in Cbsites with the help of the Career Development Centre of SSCBS.

The CBS culture is a mix of all colors. The societies are what dominate the functioning of CBS. One could begin from the flamboyant spree of the street play society, VERVE or could end up on exactly the other extreme SYNERGY, the mecca of nurturing and realizing corporate aspirations. To bring out the Micheal Jackson in the students there’s BLITZ, the dancing society, to help students mould their views into words there are CBSMUN and Renaissance, the debating society. There is Dhwani, the music society that always bangs on to the right music chord. Backed by a conviction to be the change, S.I.F.E SSCBS aims at
continuously working to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business. There are other societies like Communique, the promotion cell, Dramatics society, Finx, the financial cell, Grandeur, the knowledge cell , Mark-it, the marketing society, Illuminati, the quizzing society, Kriti, the art society, Kartavya, the social service forum, Management Interaction cell, Parishram, the sports society, Ecovision, the  economics society, Continuum, the technological society and Trojan, the IT society that
complete the colours in the rainbow.

Being in CBS is a dream come true. Though cbsites have not been fortunate enough to be well supported infrastructurally but there is something that I have learnt over time and that too forever- Outer beauty only attracts, inner beauty captivates.

Important Link : – http://sscbsdu.ac.in/files/CBS%2025%20Years.pdf

Rashi Arora
Correspondent – UE