The alarm bell rings at 7.45 am to stir me up for the morning Maths lecture at 8.30 in the college. Sometimes, I switch it off to let the pirates (in my dream) conquer the crammed ship. I ask for a five minutes extension but, that somehow multiplies to thirty minutes. Then, I brush. I wash my face. I comb. I do not bathe. I sprinkle the Axe deodorant all over my body believing in their advertisement. I stuff one register into my bag and leave. As soon as I lock the door of my flat, I pray to Sir Usain Bolt (the fastest man on earth) to give his strength for the next five minutes. I run as if I am on the track to win gold in the Olympics. The gatekeepers in the college ask for the I-Card and I show to them with an attitude of an Investigative Officer and enter the college of high heel girls and built up muscular guys. Breathe. I run again to reach the class which is unfortunately on the second floor. 

8.45 am.

‘Ma’am, May I come in?’
‘No. You may not. You are late.’

And, then I wished I could have slept for that half an hour more and enjoyed the invasion of the pirates in my crooked dream. The day would have been much more pleasing! Then, the canteen’s tea and samosa calls me in for the breakfast. The round little brown samosas are the savior for my morning hunger.  I see my friends in the corner table fighting over a plate of Chowmein. They discuss about some assignment that is to be submitted in the next lecture and which I have, obviously, failed to complete.  I console myself and searched for an excuse. 

‘Sir, I had an appointment with the doctor. I was ill.’
‘You seem all hale and hearty. This excuse won’t even work in 1980s. Out.’
‘But, Sir?’
‘2015, Out.’ He pauses. ‘I said, OUT!’

And, then, I felt sorry for the pirate in my dream whose adventures were far more interesting and engrossing than the ‘Fiscal and Monetary Policies of the RBI.’
I come back from the college after all the boring lectures and society practices. Midway to the world of my afternoon nap, the door bell rings.

‘Bhaiya! Newspaper ka paisa de do!’
'Kal le lena. Abhi nahi hai.’

And I shut the door pitying over ‘The Hindu’ which I never manage to read. As I take a step forward for the cosy bed, the door bell rings again. I open it.

‘Bhaiya! Khane me kya bana doon?’
'Dal aur sabji’
‘Bhaiya! Sabji toh hai nahi.’
‘Le ke aata hoon.’

Unlike the other days which go by ignoring the lunch, I stuffed my wallet in the pocket and ran to get the vegetables. I get all the vegetables required for the week. It costs 150 bucks. I search for the money in the wallet and realize that, the beer last night had eaten up the junk. I rush to the ATM. Get the money. Give it to the vendor who gives me a wicked smile. I smile back and rush. I reach the flat and give the vegetables to the chef, who with a decorated smirk, taunts that I had disrupted his planned schedule.
The day goes by, restless, twitchy and agitated. Sometimes, I run after the DTC Bus to get in. Sometimes, I fail to get down at the desired stop in a DTC Bus due to overcrowded population. Sometimes, I reach late for filling forms of a gas connection. Sometimes, I sit on the floor of the metro and get caught by the security guards. And, many a times, I fail to manage my finances due to more night-outs and increasing house rents and bills.

When the weather is breezy, I walk in the park in the evening. I wish for my mom’s agonized taunts that used to wake me up for the morning classes during school days. I wish my dad could see the doctor for me and get my medicines so that I could complete my assignments. I wish I knew the reason behind the wicked smile of the vegetable vendor who has probably charged me more. I wish to be at ‘my’ home, lay lazy with Jason Mraz music and enjoy the luxuries. I wish to munch Grilled Sandwiches and Chicken Curry instead of samosa and dal as my staples. I wish for the free flow of funds that I enjoyed in my hometown. 
In the night, as I sit at my study desk to study for my test the next day, I flip the two hundred pages of John Garle’s ’Rise of Capitalism.’ Suddenly, I look at the Superman T-Shirt I was wearing. It read-

‘I Ain't SUPERMAN. Lemme Sleep!’

 I close my book and go off to sleep wondering about the adventures of tomorrow. I set my alarm to 7.45 am which would probably be a useless attempt but gives me unknown satisfaction. As I close my eyes, the pirates invade!
May the odds be ever in my favor.   


- A DU Outstation Student
University Express

To the year that is to follow,
And to the year that just faded away,
You and I have oodles to say.
let’s just pause and mull over what went away.

For the arrival of the prodigy-the nation was beckoned,
The motherland was awaiting the birth of this legend.
Back to the city of dreams- Bombay,
The novelist father and service class mother were cheered up with gay,
their toddler lit up their life with mischief and play.

His stepping into youth was witnessed by all,
With the 16 year Old’s debut the entire realm was enthralled.
Inflated with an early passion for tennis ,
None of his opponents were mindful- he would be such a menace.

Bidding adieu to tennis, he warmly welcomed cricket,
The master blaster stepped in to chop-chap  the wickets.
Of course there is no needed delineation,
TENDULKAR, it is- The sole reason for cricket’s humungous predilection.

His achievements are unabated,
His talent indomitable.
His dedication unrestrained,
His charm unfathomable.

Words are few,
And facts many,
Following, is an insight into his some bits of journey.

Spellbound by his knack.
Coach Ramakant Achrekar helped him pick up the big bat.
Pumped with enthusiasm and ready to conquer the domain,
At 16 he became the youngest Indian
hijacking the CRICKET plane.

To Shane Warne he is a nightmare,
for Sir Bradman’s dream team he is the Indian hare.
To sport’s hero Gavaskar,
He was deserving to be gifted his personal light pads.
For Sachin this was a boost, not just a fad.

He’s not only a man of profession.
His beliefs and deeds supplement the final impression.
Also a family man, nationalist and a busy bizarre bee
The first pick of endorsers,
the richest cricketer in the universe.
Yes he is. Yes he is. Yes

As he bids adieu to sports,
he shall be  respectfully and gratefully escort.
To a world of blessings, rest and harmony,
and be additional well-wishers to the pool of many.

A salute to the hero
Politics, The word can be best described by adjectives like manipulative, exploitative and simply diabolic, when one talks about India in particular.  It has the power to bring out the worst out of people and can lead to even family parting ways. Recent being the split between Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare owing to their difference of opinion on the fight against corruption. 

While Anna’s approach towards fight against corruption is by undertaking a series of protests and hunger strikes in order to force the government into passage of the lokpal bill so proposed by him, Kejriwal opted to take the political route and fight the system from within. While the goal in both the approaches is one -
eradication of corruption; both parties have their own methods of reaching this goal.

The cold war between the two has been under much media scrutiny and the Government is happily cashing their dispute. Anna Hazare made a blistering attack n Arvind Kejriwal, accusing him of wrecking the anti-corruption campaign because of his political ambitions. He feels the party was launched in violation of his wishes. The veteran agitator also warned people not to trust those who used his name and tried to associate themselves with his movement. Kejriwal has maintained that Anna would come around to bless his enterprise in a while. He has downplayed the differences making them seem like a case of estrangement.

In my personal opinion I feel Anna’s agitation will not lead to a fruitful conclusion and Kejriwal’s party might be able to create an impact as is desir. Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption by forcing the government to pass their Jan Lokpal bill within a limited timeframe was unconstitutional. Can a group of people sitting in Jantar Mantar force any democratically elected government to pass the bill by threatening a hunger strike unto death? If the answer is, yes, then it would deprive the population from free and fair debate about the law and it will nullify the utility of the Parliament. Yes, constitution does provide every Indian  right to protest against unjust laws -  they are provided with freedom of speech and expression and can approach the judiciary to address their grievances, however blackmailing the government and going on endless strikes is not the solution.

Bringing about a change in the constitution and laws cannot be done in a fortnight, there are certain rules and procedures which need to be followed and we cannot simply circumvent the legal process.
Arvind Kejriwal’s route of forming a political party and fighting the government at its own battlefield does seem a fair approach because if one has to fight the system, one needs to be part of the system. By simply protesting externally and pressurizing the government to take measures will not lead anywhere which Arvind Kejriwal realised and decided to form the political party AAP (Aam Aadmi Party).  This new outfit may take some time to fully establish itself and win mass support but it appears to be doing well considering the growing popularity it is gaining so rapidly at the initial stage of its inception. A large number of initial core team members of IAC (India Against Corruption) started by Anna, are supporting Kejriwal which shows their belief that this is the way they can fight corruption. 

I personally feel that Anna Hazare and Kejriwal shouldn’t have parted ways because now their support too has split and has lost the momentum which was there initially. The reason in 2011 the uprising was a roaring success because both the sides together were able to gather the support and make people believe in their cause, however now, people supporting the cause have also split, one supporting Anna’s movement and the other Kejriwal’s party.  The split has been unfortunately much to the Government’s glee which can get back to its corrupt functioning without further disruptions from the people’s side.

We hope the two parties reconcile and join hands together to fight against corruption. Each party backlashing the other and fighting amongst themselves will not lead to their common dream. In the end the both the sides and the people of India want corruption to end an India to thrive as a corruption free country.

Kejriwal to an extent should redefine politics by setting up an honest party working towards the welfare of the people as the name suggests. We hope to see a change.
With New Year returns the pledging season, vide variety of Resolution to welcome the year being pledged until January bids Adieu. Some of course are meant to be broken, (let’s face it) a lot are meant to be broken. But somehow a few of them are realized. While we all vow on a host of issues, we tend to miss out on our college-life. So here’s a list of resolutions a typical DU’ite. I’m positive most of  you’ll be able to identify with a lot of them, if not all. And if you don’t, Please leave a comment and add to the list.

1. I WILL ACTUALLY READ THE BOOKS THAT I ISSUE: After queuing up in serpentine lines and paying fines, a majority of the books that are issued tend to gather dust and remain unread. A frantic attempt to study everything one night before the exams goes in vain. Hence, pledge to read the books that you issue, else you are depriving someone else too.

2. I WILL NOT SUBMIT THE EXAMINATION FEE ON THE LAST DAY: Year after year, students wake only on the last date of submission of the Examination Form & Fee, even though they are notified well in advance. So save yourself the agony and mile-long lines and submit the forms in time. Plus, a lot of students still haven’t collected their original documents from the Admin. Dept. from their colleges. Please do so the first thing on 3rd January.

3. I WILL MAINTAIN AT LEAST 67% ATTENDANCE: Save yourself the misery of running to professors & clerks on the day the admit cards are issued. Ensure a 67% attendance and be in the good books of your professors plus get your admit cards hassle free.

4. I WILL CLEAR ALL ER’s & NOT JUST PASS THEM: Okay, this one is a long shot, but hey better scores will not simply enhance your mark sheets. So gear up & vow to clear any backs and set a realistic target for yourself. Plus, stick to it. The recently declared results did shock quite a few. Learn from your mistakes.

5. I WILL MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY FEST: Enough with the studying; ensure that you have a good time in the various fests that will literally queue up in the coming months. Even if you don’t participate, let your hair down & simply attend them to enjoy.

6. I WILL NOT MISS ANY COLLEGE TRIP: Be it a small group of friends or a college-society trip or a college trip, DO NOT miss any opportunity because you never know the next time you’ll get it. 

7. I WILL NOT STAY SINGLE: This might be invalid for a lot of you, but a large chunk of students are single. Now, pull up your socks as this might as well be the most difficult resolution to realize. That being said, understand the difference between wooing & stalking.

8. I WILL RESPECT EVERY GIRL & UPHOLD THEIR DIGNITY & SAFETY: This one is for all the boys, Be Man enough to respect every girl. Hope you all do that for your mother or your sister too. Treat them as your equal not an object. At all times be senseful and ensure their safety, especially during the night time. It’s not that hard after all RESPECTING A HUMAN BEING.

9. I WILL FIND AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE‘MAGGI POINT’: We all love the masala-maggi & cheese-maagi, but for the love of God, head out & explore other joints. It is almost repetitive now& everyone has tried every single variety.

10. I WILL WORK HARD & PARTY HARDER: It’s a cliché, but normally students end up following only the latter. So this year, use your own potential. Channelize your efforts in the right direction & most importantly pay heed to your conscience. And don’t forget to reward yourself on your achievements.

Hope you all have a wonderful year ahead & make life-long memories.
They say, College life never knocks back. Enjoy it while you can.
Don’t ever look back in regret.
Wonderful wishes for the year ahead.
Stay Safe. Stay Blessed.
One of the most precious memories we carry through our lives is that of our life being infused with magic and mystical elements.

As soon Christmas approached, we decorated our residence with fancy and florid materials; from stars to angels, to treats till lights; and we never forgot to pin the sock at the door. We always thought that more we decorate the place and the Christmas tree, more gifts we will get the next morning. We still remember the time when ‘Santa Claus’ used to leave us a gift beside our bed that we had secretly seen in the living room drawer that afternoon.

What fun it was. Till…BAM!

We got to know that it was our own sweet parents, who gave us the gifts
for years so that we believed in the fantasy of a person called SANTA!

We do remember that was one fine night (24th December) when we just doze off to our bed. And then, we see our fathers or mothers sneaking into our room and keeping the gift beside us. Then and there, the fantasy of the very existence of Santa oozes out in the air with disgust and utter awe and shock. As we grew we must have wondered how it was possible for Santa to give gifts not just for us but for children around the whole gigantic world, with such immense speed. Some of us did ponder why it was the Santa not generous to children in poorer countries or even the poorer children that we have known.

Our childhood days had taught us that Santa Claus is an overweight old guy with a long white beard, dressed in funny red clothes and is very fond of young children. He loves to give children presents and spread happiness across the globe. The fat mysterious man has spent hundreds of years climbing down chimneys in to other people’s houses and is also is scared of getting stuck in them. He keeps a track on children’s discipline in a red big book. Those children who were nice and not so naughty got presents and treat, while those who were mischievous would get thrown in a sack and drowned by one of Santa’s associates.

Nobody knows exactly how old Santa Claus is. But he ‘is’ old, that's for sure!

It is said that before he was our very own Santa, he may have been Saint Nicholas of Myra, a 4th-century Greek Christian bishop of Myra (now Demre). If this is correct, Santa is approximately 1700 years old. That’s a little too old. Isn’t it?
So, how did he survive for that long? We don't know, but I think it has something to do with the way he lives. We all know that Santa has a deep belly laughter which he uses a lot. (Ho, Ho, Ho!). And laughing is definitely good for health.

The houses that Santa has to visit are scattered all over the globe. That’s quite a distance. But Santa, for all of his old fashioned appearance, has GPS, or some super fast sleigh. The reindeers Santa has are pretty tough, for being able to carry all the weight of gifts and presents. Of course Santa only has just  8 to 10 reindeers, concluding each flying reindeer has the power of half a million normal reindeer. People from all over the world must learn work efficiency from Santa’s elves who work day and night all around the year just for one day.

Well there are many opinions and facts on this. Many people say that Santa is real, that he wears a red suit, and that he lives at the North Pole, making presents for kids and delivering them all over the world on Christmas Eve in his sleigh. Some people say that he doesn't exist and the existence of Santa and his decorative tasks is a myth. On a personal note, I believe that even though Santa Claus has broken millions of hearts over the years, he is still very real in the hearts and minds of parents and children and in the spirit of Christmas. Santa Claus helps us celebrate the spirit of Christmas to spread joy and happiness.

Well, it is all about what you believe the magic, enigma and the festivity of Christmas is special and alluring. I think Santa is a special thing; it brings all the fascination and charm to the festival of Christmas.

Keep believing! Wishing all the readers, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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The recent Queer Pride March held in the capital last month questioned the existence of equal rights in our society as hundreds of gays and lesbians gathered to protest against discrimination, demanding their right to live a life of dignity. The first gay pride parade was held in New York City in 1969 which marked the beginning of modern gay rights movement. Various pride parades have since been successfully organized in various countries such as South Africa, India, Israel, Taiwan, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Russia and Spain, to name a few. Though each  parade celebrates life in a festive mood, the variation is largely dependent on the political, economic and religious settings of the area. Even the most festive ones however, dedicate some aspect of the march towards victims of AIDS and anti-LGBT violence. 
Acceptance and equality remains a struggle for these sexual minorities as they are targeted and oppressed in all parts of the world. Many imminent politicians, individuals continue to express their opinions against homosexuals and gay marriage. The belief that it’s unnatural and a sin in the eye of a god restricts many to follow a path where everyone is treated equal in our society. Psychological theories suggest that homosexuality can be explained by a person’s environment. Whereas, biological studies suggest that genetic explanation is possible to some extent for different sexual preferences. Various studies have since been undertaken to prove that homosexuality is very much a part of our society and must not be overlooked as a disease or a mental disorder.   
Despite India being a conservative society, it has been successful in organizing its 5th gay parade this year. However, this change was not easy as opposition was faced as the political party BJP expressed its disagreement with the concept of a gay pride parade back in 2008. The very next day, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appealed for greater social tolerance towards homosexuals at an AIDS event. Support from the government and victory came as a high court in the Indian capital, Delhi ruled on 2 July 2009, that homosexual intercourse between consenting adults was not a criminal act, which until then had been an offense punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Many still don’t consider homosexuals as a part of our society expressing disgust and disagreement. Most of them base their opinions out of religious beliefs or just due to society norms. It’s because of these social stigmas that millions of people in India would still prefer to stay hidden in the ‘closet’ rather than live a life of dignity, where they are equal before the law for who they really are.                                                        
“In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher.” 
 - Dalai Lama
When we talk about emerging stars of Delhi University in the field of sports, we usually see boys popping out from the dense populated institution. However, nowadays when girls have shown that they are potentially equal or even better than boys, we see lots of girl population making their way in field of sports. 
Naturally we frame a picture where girls show more interest in sports like badminton, tennis, chess, athletics, swimming etc. Very few girls find their future in boxing. We have a rising boxing star here in Delhi University named Ms. Dhanya Venkatesh from Kamala Nehru College who won the Delhi state women's amateur boxing championship and was a part of the Delhi contingent for the senior women's national boxing championship in Guwahati. We are proud of Dhanya for taking the name of Delhi University to a certain height and also encouraging more girls to participate and come up in different  fields.

It was our pleasure to interview such a talented icon of Delhi University. Scroll down as we interview Ms. Dhanya :

We normally dont see much participation by girls in boxing. What motivated you to take up boxing?
Yes, you are right. There was a time when there were not many girls taking up boxing but then the trend is changing now. Girls are coming up in each and every profession and so is boxing. My coach Mr. Satheesh is my only motivation. He was the one who picked me up randomly from the football ground and asked me to box. I could not even imagine myself boxing. He believed I could. He was the one who saw the capablities in me and made me realize my potentials.

Who is your favourite boxing player?
Andrew FLintoff is my favourite mainly because he after making a mark in Cricket flipped to boxing and still managed to show excellence.

Tell us about your practice structure? How do you manage your academics along with boxing?
I practice 6 days a week from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. The practice sessions mainly projects on building up strength, stamina, endurance and tactics. To boost up myself, my coach also gives me verbal classes once every week. He teaches how to combat fear and to relax the mind. As far as academics is concerned, my teachers and classmates are very supportive. Even if I miss a couple of classes, they
help me learn the portions covered.

What, according to you, should be the right strategy for a boxer during the match?
Right strategy? Just be sincere to what you are doing. Take it up in your heart and do it. Success will be yours and especially in a sport, winning or losing does not matter. Participation is what counts.

Tell us about your biggest achievement till now.
My biggest achievement till date is undoubtedly winning the Delhi State Amateur Boxing Championship this year.

Is endurance better to have than strength in a fight? Or are they equally needed?
Personally, for me, both strength and endurance are equally important. As they say attack is the best defence. Also, it may vary from person to person. I really can't generally make a statement so as to what is more important.

What is the toughest challenge you have faced till now?
It is not really an easy task waking up early in the morning and practicing but one must always keep in mind the result you are going to get out of it as well as the satisfaction. That will help you keep going.

Something you want to share with our audience?
What I would like to say is that it would be great to see more women taking up boxing. There are a lot of oppertunities in the country. There are very few women boxers and even if one is not considering to take up boxing as a career,it is a great self defence. I can ensure you that you will never regret if you learn it.
It was a great encounter with an emerging DU Star. We ‘University Express’ wish Ms. Dhanya all the very best for her future and we hope more stars come up and make us proud.

'There was a rope like structure jutting out of her body, probably her intestine.'

Sunday, the 16th of December 2012 would rather be marked the Black Day in Indian history, the night was stained and petrified with blood curdling, heart wrenching shrieks and howls of an innocent 23 year old girl, who probably didn't knew Doom was just inches away from her, ready to eat her alive. A fool she was to think boarding a Bus, so called public transport, was safe enough to happily escort her to her haven and, like so many other women, she was wrong. Her belief was killed not once, not twice but six times. Her body, her soul was looted brutally of its purity.

Those bastards not only ravaged her feminism, they crippled her entire psyche, every value that she stood for, every word that her world survived for 23 years of her existence. How wrong were those animals to think they'd survive such heinous act? She goes strong, yes she lives; lives to witness those animals dying, dying every minute they survive and begging yet for death to come.

How easy it is to burden someone else of your own dead thinking. Yes the Government is wrong; the Police, a bunch of stupid hoard never bothering with their duty; but what are we- Super Heroes? What a heroic act was it to leave two naked and humiliated, hurting and freezing to near death humans, uncovered? Not a single piece of cloth, not a hand to help, not a single tear shed for whole of an hour, and we call ourselves literates?  SHAME INDIA!

Being a girl I'm numb, shocked, scared and shaken to the very core of my nerves. It was her that night, it might be you, me, or someone dear to us tomorrow, and what would we do then? Another mass movement, another public act and it will lead to what? Four thousand more rape cases around India and nothing happening.
Oh, yes together we stand today, even after 6 days after the shameful act, bearing the laathi charges, water cannons, tear gas and what not to save the pride of the heroic girl and every other woman in India. Does that really help? 

Wake up India- High time. Wake up and vote! Vote for the right people and right cause, not for some promised amount of money or bloody gadgets or sugar-coated words of promise. It'd all be affordable with your own money, with right and sane people adorning the Parliament. False promises so made and chosen will eat our pride; rob us of our own sanity. Rapes would be their second nature. It won't cease- the hue and cries, until we wake up, wake up for the right cause and right people.

Every time Rape is reported, there would one of those moral police, some so called minister or one of our family member singing the same old story- "Girls mustn't wear provocative dresses.", "They must not walk on roads alone during night."

We still are a bunch of learned illiterates. It's not us who needs to change but the pseudo men mentality.

We might be fourth largest with the Armed Forces or whatever but even today, we stand nowhere when it comes to law, crime control and women protection. Of course, how is it possible when the one sitting there to protect us, are the ones on top of the list to commit such animalistic acts. The oath, the promises, the badges, goes all in vain.

A day before, funny it felt to see one of the political parties from DU supporting the cause.  Supposedly suffering temporary memory loss, for it wasn't that I remember just few months ago, a girl was publicly molested while one of their rallies took place? I don't question their support but the hideous people their group constitutes of!

A women today is safe nowhere. It's not our clothes or looks that'd change the situation, but revamping of the sick-chauvinistic-mentality.

Why a 10 year old girl in Kanpur was sickeningly ravished of her virginity? She wasn't provocating anything out of her innocent school uniform. She died, the accused still lives? What about the married women raped in front of her in-laws, she was clad in a so called perfect-Indian-attire Saree. What provocation a married woman might have demanded? When a 2 year old girl is raped by her own Father what provocative limits she must have crossed?

It's probably the word‘sex’ being treated a taboo in India that leads to all what's shameful and unworthy of acceptance. There is no need to shallow-worship Goddess Durga or Lakshmi. Rather respect the living flesh and bones of a ‘woman’.

WE ARE NOT YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY. We can't be some for-granted conclusion for the sole reason of having a Vagina.

Let me remind all of us once again- It's more because of a ‘women’ that we exist! Let men enjoy their rights and ‘no more’. Let women have their rights and ‘no less’.

Our Vengeance for Vendetta isn’t any entailment of violent act but violent words. A pen has always been mightier than a sword and it would be the same ‘sans justice’.


invites you to “THE ECONOMIC CONGREGATION” ON 29TH October from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm in the college auditorium. 

The topics of discussion are:



To provide deep insights to the budding economists, the eminent speakers gracing this event would be:

~ DR. K.L PRASAD (Economic Advisor, Department Of Economic Affairs)

~DR. GULJIT K. ARORA (Associate Editor in Chief,Economics Affairs)

~JITENDRA JAIN (Chief Financial Officer , GMR Group)


 ~ DR. SAUMEN CHATTOPADHAY (Ph.D in Black Economy and Associate professor, JNU)

~NISTULA HEBBAR (Senior Assistant Editor, Financial Express)

The schedule of the events is as follows:

10:30 am -12 noon : talk on subsidy and fiscal consolidation followed by an interactive session

12 noon – 1 pm: lunch

1 pm – 2:30 pm: talk on black economy followed by an interactive session

In the interactive session, anybody is free to ask their questions and the best question would be awarded too. All the participants would be given certificates.

So don’t miss the opportunity!




Every year, we celebrate the festival of Dussehra with
superlative enthusiasm and spark. The devil of Ravana, made with artistic designs is ignited to black coal symbolizing the eradication of evils from the society and regeneration of pure and clean environment. 

As I stood in the middle of the jovial crowd, waiting to capture the delighted moment of burning of the Indian Devil this Dussehra, a wave of unknown questions oozed down my spirit. If the Ravana was killed the previous year by the same ceremonial proceedings of burning it down to black, how did it regenerate himself this year, yet again? The bitter truth is, the Ravana- the
Satan of the Hindu Mythology, the sinful demon of our culture, the emblem of grotesque hooliganism, never dies from the Indian Society. Instead, it replenishes into a diabolic monster slowly grapping the Indian Society in its grey roots of evils, waiting to stand an inch taller on the same ground the next year.

A random screening of the daily newspaper cast an image of our country as a hub of demoniac activities. When a minister succumbs himself to corruption, when a girl is molested in public, when we initiate to follow the principles of violence, when we discriminate a lower class to enter the holy places, when we regress our institution of marriage into a dowry system, when we practice untouchability and gender discrimination and when illiteracy, widow remarriage, girl child abortion, child labour, sexual harassment, prostitution, adulteration, gambling, addiction, crime and terrorism is mercilessly practised, not even angelic figures of the Hindu Mythology can curb the formation of the atrocious and cloven-footed Ravana. These evils merge together to form the inhuman and nefarious symbol of the Indian culture.

The main question is, is Dussehra actually the festival of the defeat of Ravana, the destruction of evil from the society? I guess not. Till our ladies face problems in strolling the market places in night hours,
till the time we keep discriminating lower classes, till the time we continue aborting girl child, till the time we keep practising child labour, till the time we keep accelerating criminal activities, the festival of Dussehra is a victory for the Beelzebub of Indian Mythology. The roots of the evil will keep on casting dark diabolical shadows on our society and the Ravana will grow into a large leviathan conquering the good and the pure of the society.

Let this Dussehra be the ultimate demolishing of the Satan. With the flames igniting the artistic model of the devil, the sins and evils of the society depredate into the air. Let us together fight this aggravating monster with revamping ideas, to demolish the blotch of deprecatory activities. May this Dussehra make our country, an auspicious, moral, sinless and obviously, a better place to live in!