Sri venkateswara college (DU) is situated at Dhaula Kuan New Delhi opposite to the satya niketan market and is one of the most prestigious college in DU , usually known for its amazing faculty and excellent academic standards .It is said that Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body , so students need to use the canteen to recharge their batteries and therefore the canteen of a college plays a very important role  in the college though people often underestimate its importance.

If you go to Sri Venkateswara’s college canteen your first impression is quite impressive .You need not worry about getting a seat as there is abundant space which makes you quite relaxed and you can enjoy your dish .If you wish to sit outside, the view is quite relaxing and if you decide to sit inside, the tables and chairs are quite clean and up to a restaurant standard but the counter belongs to the stone age as you need to exchange money for money coupons which gives a bad impression as we are living in the twenty first century (where is  the cash register??????????) and you can view the kitchen which seems to be a makeshift kitchen which quite kills your appetite but the service is good as compared to other colleges .There is no door to the kitchen which tells the customer to remain off-limits so if you want to take a closer view as a health inspector there is absolutely no obstacle for you in your way.

There is a lot of variety available but the standout dishes are masala dosa, chowmein .Other dishes which are available are samosas etc which are not up to the mark .The biggest let down is that there are no momos (can you believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!)The beverages doesn’t include a variety as they will only have mountain dew or fanta which quite limits your options and I think the refrigerator is a show off piece as the beverages are always at room temperature and not chilled as expected .The usual coffee is always available to get your mind working if you have a hangover from a previous nightout.The menu seems to be of a typical south Indian restaurant which has decided to include some other dishes like noodles etc



Visually the masala dosa at Sri Venkateswara college canteen is small in size as compared to the dosa served in other DU colleges but once you start to eat, it shows that power does come in small size. The masala dosa is full of flavors and doesn’t lack anything as compared to a traditional dosa .The sambar has a good consistency and the some healthy vegetables can be found in the sambar which is good news for the healthy eaters .The coconut chutney is in a class of its own as it has just about the right flavor and its not to liquid as it is the case in many canteens of other colleges but the canteen has a problem in turning out a good dosa every time you place a order for it .So if you are lucky you may get an amazing dosa otherwise you may get a dosa which lacks flavor and there is no conviction in it. But if you do the probability you have a good chance of getting a good standard dosa.The price is only Rs20 which according to me makes it a bargain especially when everyone is complaining about inflation.


To my absolute amazement the chowmein is quite good, both visually and in flavors .It looks quite appetizing and you may want to indulge for another plate and the biggest plus point is that if you are very health conscience then it’s a perfect dish as it is not oily and greasy .It also has vegetables like capsicum which makes it a delight among the healthy eaters. I couldn’t find any fault in it but still lacks a factor which makes it a must eat every time.


If you are passing by sri venkateswara college my advice is to go to its canteen and check out the masala dosa and hope you are lucky enough to get a good standard dosa and the chowmein is a must have And my advice is that if you want chilled beverages please get them from outside the college .But its still a good experience to eat at sri venkateswara’s canteen .So the fresher’s and the students now know what to check out from sri venkateswara’s canteen.

Ashish Kapoor
Guest Writer
University Express