Get ready to lose yourself and get high on the most exotic goose-flesh music, the most heart-losing bash is just around the nook in Capital. For all you music lovers out there, it’s time to spend all that moolah if you want to be seen at the most happening events this coming month. The Sunburn Festival, Asia’s popular music fest is set to make its mark on 7th of October from 3pm – 10 pm at Unitech Golf & country club, Noida. Get your knickers up to enjoy some of the world’s most amazing House, Trance, Psy Trance & Techno tunes all packed together for the day!

Showcasing their massive dance beats
are ‘AFROJACK’, the Multi Award Winning, Platinum Record Selling & World #7 DJ, MOGUAI and the Dynamic Duo of Prok & Fitch. Closer home we have India’s #2 Pearl, DJ MAG India. #1 Arjun Vagale, Ash Roy & MASH. Special SHOUT_OUT for Sunburn’s youngest DJ Shaan. The host for this sensational event none other than our hot favorite's Nikhil Chinapa, MTV’s main stay and festival director.

Next in line is the much awaited event, SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA 2012. The Swedish dance music trio and EBBA winners stood at #10 on DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ Poll 2011. The smashing event will he held on 18th of November at Sunburn Arena Unitech golf club, Noida. Their scheduled shows in Amsterdam, San Francisco, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Chicago are already sold out for they announced that this will be their last tour indeed.

Rock Music Freaks pay heed as Grammy Award winner and one of the “Big Four of Thrash”, MEGADETH will be here soon as they are scheduled to perform in Capital on 14th of October at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender Music Festival at Gautam Buddha Nagar, UP. After news for hardcore metal heads, it is now time for the pop fans to go berserk as the Grammy Award-winning global pop phenomenon; ENRIQUE IGLESIAS
is "indeed" visiting the capital this very month. The king of Latin pop will be here in Dilli on 19th of October at HUDA Grounds, Gurgaon. The tour is produced by Only Much Louder, which also organizes various acclaimed music festivals around the globe.

India is coming up as a major platform for international artists to showcase their talent. The gap between Indian fans and the International Stars is definitely shrinking as the youth population changes its consumption pattern by moving to digital platforms, spurring the music industry.

“One good thing about music; when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
- Bob Marley

Mehak Saini
University Express

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Delhi, has done something new this time. They have created a new record in the history of DU colleges which has made it's entry in the Limca Book of Records. The Largest QR code, which can be used to encode any kind of data.

What WYSIWYG is all about?

WYSIWYG is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get. It's a conference organized by YUVA, The E-Cell of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. Founded on 8th January 2012.


WYSIWYG is a conference which serves as a common platform for thinkers and doers from all over the country to come and enlighten us with ideas. 

It caters the needs of the audience to seek out an occupation that gives them a sense of meaning, direction and satisfaction in life. The objective of the event is to get the following message across loud and clear- our time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

Their mission is To provide a platform to the leading thinkers, speakers and innovators of today to reach out and inspire people to learn, share and discuss and unravel the power of ideas.



The conference has many renowned speakers who have excelled in their respective fields.

The speakers include Punit Modhgil, who’s the director of Microsoft, Ajay Chaturvedi who is a social entrepreneur, Sahil Lavingia, CEO and founder, Gumroad, Akshar Pathak who is the founder of Minimal Bollywood Posters, Papa CJ who is an International stand-up comedian, Karan Sing who is a Psychological Illusionist and Nitin Seth who is the MD for Fidelity.


Westin, Gurgaon on 20th October ’12 from 10 am to 6pm.

How to apply?

Tickets are going away fast (40% of seats already occupied). 

If Below 25 years. Fill-in the application form to get selected (app.wysiwygconference.in). 

If above 25 years. You can buy tickets at (http://www.zomato.com/events/ncr/wysiwyg-conference-100020876)

The code has been done by the students of CBS alone, right from the idea generation to making it happen. They themselves have designed and painted the entire QR code.

The link to their facebook page is-  http://www.facebook.com/WYSIWYGConference 

And to the website is -   http://wysiwygconference.in/ 

Kanika Suri
University Express


When it comes to beating the austere & showcasing the alacritism "Shaheed Bhagat Singh College" blows its clarion. Quite voguely the college witnessed a blissfull event in the form of " Economics Department Freshers Party". As it had been for years, the whole event was stuffed with vigour and enthusiasm that almost each fresher took a dig at their chance to savour every bit of the muffled moment . 

The event was  kicked off by the introduction of the seniors of the Economic Society  to the entrants which was very well trailed off by the welcoming and felicitious speeches by Augustine Principal of the college & the man in the cult , Chief  Guest of the event Dr. I.C Dhingra. After the soothing spate of speeches , the Cabinet members of the Economic society were brought to the knowledge of the entrants. Mystically as any event is rendered incomplete without the performances, it was very well taken into consideration as the freshers were cordially invited  to the dais the deliver their breathtaking performances in different pursuits that included dance, music, drama etc & the freshers willingly took part in that which was an another positve note of the day.

The well-lit and the glistening room of the college also confronted a bit of talent scouting as the freshers were made to go through several rounds of performances. In the very first round it was all about beating the beat with the partner in a quick fix one minute snap. Students from both the sections were dropped in the tangle in a bid to transform it  into a long lasting friendship for three cherishing years. The pairs performed with utmost rapture and grit that was enough to lure out words of appreciaton from each and every one present their. The freshers were made to go through two more rounds where in the final round they competed for the tag of Mr & Mrs Fresher and that could be hailed as must to watch hour of the event. Moping it up, moment that left every one chuckled was when the seniors grabbed the stage and started dancing quite merrily & that was the big icing on the cake. The splendour of the event was too supported by the felicitation of Mr & Mrs Fresher by the Chief Guest and the sideway clicking and snapping of  pics by the seniors and the freshers . Literally the gilmming eyes of each head was  worth seeing and it took the event to the  Zenith's height.

Mrighansh Jain
University Express

Just when the Fresher’s party fever was dying down in DCAC and people were looking forward to a week long mid-semester break, they were showered with a massive surprise on the last working the day before the break began(literally showered). On 28th September, Friday, DCACites enjoyed a Rain-Dance party and, boy, it was not just a party. Everyone was wet, grimy & tired yet no one wanted to leave the dance floor which was set up right next to the canteen area. All one can say is that this academic year has begun with a bang and one can hope that it continues to surprise the students for the rest of the year.

Though everyone had the time of their lives but this was no random party thrown to celebrate nothing. You see, the team of newly elected Student President of DCAC Mukesh (B. Comm.: Final Year), while campaigning, had promised a roaring Rain-Dance party if their candidate emerged victorious in the college elections. Proving their credibility & giving an insight into the rocking year ahead, the team kept their word. Organized by Aadesh (B. Comm.: Final Year) & Sumit (B. Comm.: Final Year), the party brought together every student in the college & marked the middle of the semester with best bash on campus so far. Aadesh said that he’d been avoiding every other Rain-Dance college party for the last two years & being a true DCACite; he wanted to enjoy the party at his own college. He had been trying to organize one in DCAC for the same period of time. Finally the end result was a stupendous success. 

Students were overheard praising the party and by late night a lot had changed their DPs to a wetter and stickier version of their previous self. The party began at 12.30 p.m. and went on for nearly 5 electrifying hours. The DJ came well prepared and belted out chartbusters and crowd-pleasers one after the other. From Enrique to Honey Singh, from Rihanna to Pitbull, from Punjabi-funk to Sheila & Munni, the playlist was lively & thrilling. The people who were initially apprehensive about getting wet were drawn in soon as they simply couldn’t resist the music. Even though there was some competition organized by ‘LipIce’ but it didn’t stand a chance in front of the party and the crowds thronged the floor while the competition area wore an almost deserted look once the party began. All in all, the break began on a happy note & raised the bar for the upcoming bashes. There was a unanimous admiration for the party and people were left wanting for more. Here’s looking forward to many more such great parties ahead.

Manav Seth
University Express

Recently a 17 year old girl in Delhi who had secured 72.5% marks in her 12 CBSE boards approached the high court to challenge the physical test for the chess trails which has ignited the debate whether there should be a different physical test for indoor and out door games.


Chess is a game of the mind which requires a high concentration and quick thinking. It is a very widely played game in our country and people like Viswanathan Anand have made our country proud by not only announcing the arrival of Indians to the international chess arena but also making us proud by winning the world championships on numerous occasions. Chess has allowed Indians to showcase their talent and ability in the international community.

The people who take chess trials at Delhi University require undergoing a physical test which is required for every person seeking admission under the sports quota. The test is to run one kilometer in six minutes.

People are divided on this issue. One set of people believe this is a great injustice and disrespect to the chess players as they don’t have to do much physical work in playing chess and they argue that chess is a game of strategy which only requires the use of the mind and they cannot understand how officials in DU fail to acknowledge this and still demand a physical test .They cannot figure out how a chess player would benefit if he/she could run a kilometer in six minutes.

Another set of people (mostly the DU officials) say that physical fitness is required for mental fitness so if a person could run one kilometer in 6 minutes it shows that the person is physically fit and thus mentally fit.

The recent High Court order has been a blow to the DU officials as they have stated that the DU officials should consider the issue and reformulate physical standards for games like chess.  The judges were of the opinion that the existing physical standard criteria was apt and justified for outdoor games and also indoor games like badminton and table tennis, in which physical activity was involved, but different standards of physical fitness is required for games like chess and carom.

We can now only hope that the DU officials understand the issue and make the necessary changes which will be a big impetus to the students who apply for chess trails .With the support and understanding of DU officials they will make us proud in the international chess arena.

Ashish Kapoor
Guest Writer
Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (M)

After the phenomenal success of Blisspoint 2011, the economics association of Sri Venkateswara College organised Blisspoint 2012 – a two day inter-college event that took place on the 27th and the 28th of this month. With the theme being “Sustaining India’s Growth amidst Global Crisis” and well over ten events occurring in a span of two days, it was a lively, enlightening and enjoyable event for all concerned.

The fest commenced with an inaugural session which included speeches and an interactive session conducted by Dr. Pronab Sen (Chief Guest), Principal Advisor, Planning Commission of India and Dr. Rohini Samanathan (Guest of Honour), Professor of Economics, Delhi School of Economics. It kicked off with the ‘BlissMUN’, a two day conference comprising of three committees – The General Assembly, The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Security Council. The General Assembly was literally armed with two agendas, the main one being “Ballistic Missile Proliferation” and the reserve agenda, “Prevention of an arms race in outer space”. The conference hall resonated with the sound of frequent table tapping (more like banging) and numerous pleas to follow up by the delegates. The delegate of Iran, in particular, seemed to make well-founded arguments and bring up valid points throughout the duration of the conference. The Security Council decided to discuss the situation in the Middle East with a special emphasis on Palestine, while the ECOSOC argued over the vulnerability of the global market to natural and unnatural disasters. In all the committees, the varying views of the delegates made concord, and hence the formation of a draft resolution, a seemingly monumental and never ending task. When asked about the event, the delegates complained about the lack of functioning Air Conditioners and laptop charging points throughout the venues, but they lauded the efforts of the organising committee and praised the executive board for their vast knowledge and experience.

While the caucuses and the commotion at BlissMUN continued, a general quiz was conducted by Venky’s own quiz society, ‘ConQUIZtadors’ which tested the general awareness and the knowledge level of the candidates in two gruelling rounds. Some events like the ‘Be an Economist’ and the ‘Treasure Hunt’ required no prior knowledge of economics on the part of the participant and turned out to be mind boggling, stimulating and fun all at the same time. The treasure hunt comprised of a challenging elimination round that tested the candidates’ logical reasoning abilities before actually shortlisting them for the hunt. The Siddharth Memorial Debate, named in the memory of one of the best debaters of the college, consisted of two rounds (one conventional and one parliamentary) of vociferous argumentation and insightful expression by the participants. However, the response was disappointing. A mere nine teams showed up out of which six had to be selected for the parliamentary round.  ‘Marshall’s Dojo’ was one of the events that made its debut at this year’s Blisspoint. It required all partakers to present a research paper on any topic/theme of their liking in front of a panel of judges who then questioned them about the same.

The ‘B-Plan’ event saw some very interesting ideas and methods of execution. The team from SRCC, in particular, grabbed the judges’ attention through its extensive marketing, finance and human capital strategies on the idea of recycling plastic. Other events in the fest included a Mock Stock Event, a Marketing Event and a Group Discussion.

Blisspoint 2012 was a marvellous success and all the credit goes to the indefatigable efforts of the organising committee, the economics association of the college and of course, the volunteers. It has raised the bar when it comes to organisation and execution and only a few can hope to match up to its level.

Anuj Arora
University Express

Commerce Department Freshers’ at Hansraj college was all about “Fun

The first year students were all geared up for the freshers’, dressed up as per the theme WALK OF FAME’.

The function began by lighting the lamp of learning by our Principal, Dr. V. K. Kawatra, our H.O.D, Mr. N.K. Jain, our Convenor, Ms. Sneha Suri, other teachers and our Vice President Eeti Agarwal, followed by an inspiring speech by
the Principal who emphasized on travelling that extra mile to turn our dreams into reality.

The show continued with some enthralling performances by Tina-a II year student who awed the audience with her bharatnatyam moves, a band performance by Tenzing Lagyal and his group, Ishmeet who sang “ruk ja o dil deewane” from DDLJ,a dance performance by a group of girls, a musical performance by WGC (When Genres collide) welcoming their juniors in a new era: The beginning of their college life.


The main highlight was the Mr. and Miss Fresher Contest where students were seen flaunting their charisma and showcasing their talent. It consisted of two rounds. The first round was a brief introduction by the students in which they introduced themselves and the personality they were impersonating. On the basis of that, the panel of judges short-listed 10 boys and 10 girls for the final round in which the finalists were paired as couples and had to dance on a random song played.

The function ended on a high note with Abhinav Khanna being crowned as Mr.fresher, Anchal Arora as Ms. Fresher,  Gaurav Agrawal as Mr. best dressed and Shaurya Gahlawat as Ms. Best dressed.

Mehek Sachdeva
Correspondent – UE

The month of July- August fills the DU campuses with a vibrant energy. One witnesses youngsters fresh out of school, hanging out in groups of all sizes near the canteen or the popular college spots a.k.a  “addas” . Those smiling faces, not only fills the air with laughter and a jubilant spirit but also they become favourite  timepass for the so called seniors. Honestly speaking, when I first stepped into college, almost a kid out of school, I had no clue what to do or how to be as a college going student. I rather felt confident imitating people around me, the way they spoke, their tits-bits  and dressing style. I was simply blown away by the chilling & “I Damn Care” attitude of the seniors  and since was a victim of this flaunting business, I wanted to carry on same with my juniors as well. But then of course my senses prevailed and I realised these kids, like me will sooner or later know what they want, and how they want others to perceive them as an individual.

Now talking about the variety of freshers I see in my college daily [Basically I'm almost always an idle being 'typically Vella student' (a popular term used by the dilli valas in every nook and corner of this vibrant city)]. I rather much love to observe people around me. I see freshers adorn in various kind of clothes, instantly tagged as wannabes or jhallas or nerds or perfect by vella’s like me. I know its mean,but a very fun game nonetheless! I see juniors around with beautiful silky hair wearing pretty dresses with matching footwear n handbags, to freshers wearing kurtis giving them a very ethenic yet amazingly
cool & trendy look. Occasionally even I love dressing in kurtis with matching  jhumkas  and  a comfortable pair of mojris. Trust me girls- Guys fall more for a soni Indian kudi rather than a face plastered with heavy make up wearing stilletoes! Another set of crowd is the carry-comfort crowd where the girls adhere to comfy loose tee’s with torn denims,this dressing style perfectly suit lazy people like me who love their sleep more than anything else and don’t have time to dress up like partying all day!

Enough talking about the girls. Lets peep in the trend setters among the male population. Some love to wear loose kurtas with denims and look ubercool and some stylish branded tees/shirts with their expensive stylish shades on. And believe me guys whatever you choose, don’t get too funky thats rather a big turn-off for sensible lot of girls!

In tit-bit of trend-setters there also are some ultra stylish guys & girls who suck big time in the fashion department, seriously when I come across these look-at-me freaks I feel like branding them to the fashion police and preaching them some life saving tips!

Apart from the dressing skills, freshers stand apart with their ability to talk freely and fluently to anyone  and  everyone, their sporting spirit , their humour and their overflowing confidence. These qualities might found in a few but that does not mean rest of them don’t get a chance to be known. My college propogates many societies ranging from dance to music to debating to fashion and what not! Thus any enthusiastic souls who are good with extra curriculars get an equal and fair chance to come up and showcase their talent, this brings in a healthy yet competitive spirit among everyone.

Every college has a mixed population. Be it the geeks, the bullies, the pretty people or the smart intellectual ones, coming from different backgrounds.It all does not stop them from mingling together and having hearty fun. The best part for me when the freshers arrive, is observing how different people come together as one big lively community!

Akankhya Nanda
Guest Writer
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce