Many would agree that journalism is not just a job- it’s a career! It’s one such field which breaks the norms of being a 9 to 5 job. One can look at journalism in many ways however the ideal is to inform the intended audience about topics ranging from political
affairs to corporate advancements, cultural aspects of the society and so on. Journalism expands to editing, photojournalism, and documentary. This field as a career may seem extremely alluring but like any other option, it does come with its own set of pressures. Journalists swear by the notion,“Being at the right place at the right time” along with managing deadlines and indefinite working hours. Add to that the limited number of quality institutes available to train the journalists of tomorrow. Delhi University offers B. A.(Hons.) Journalism in five colleges: Delhi College of Arts & Commerce (31 seats), Kamla Nehru College (39 seats), Lady Shri Ram College (23 seats), Maharaja Agrasen College (46 seats) & Kalindi College (46 seats). DCAC, the pioneer in this field, initiated the course in 1989. Since then, the course has created a brand name and is considered to be one of the best across the country. The three-year duration course offers extremely interesting subjects ranging from Political Sciences to History, Economics to Law, and Ethics of Journalism to Mass Communication. The syllabus is at par with the universities that offer the same course at Post-Graduate Level. Infrastructure is the only arena where the university can be given any negative marks. The lack of first-class labs and equipments persist to be an issue. Only MAC & LSR can boast of a fine Journalism Lab. Nonetheless, students are compensated with workshops, lectures from media professionals, opportunity to attend press conferences etc. The faculty across all colleges also consists of established names from the industry.

Common Journalism Entrance Test (CJET) began in the year 2011 and has successfully helped passionate students to pursue their dreams despite their performance at the school level. The fact that an overwhelming majority of the present first-years have a science or a commerce base proves that the course is a hit amongst all. The process of admissions & counseling is transparent and merit does not go unrewarded. The Entrance exam is usually held in the last week of May or first week of June. Candidates who qualify are interviewed followed by counseling. For more information log on to the official admission site: http://journalismdu.admissionhelp.com/DUfassh/login.aspx.

The future prospects of this course are massive as it not only provides one with a green card to the newspaper & electronic media field but also provides one with a choice of getting into P.R., Advertising, Film-making, Editing and Photography. Most colleges have P-cells which get in touch with top-notch media companies in order to provide the students with the best opportunities. DU provides a certain class of trained students that are known to leave a mark. Hence, placements are almost guaranteed as companies yearn for DU students. Preeti Dahiya, alumni of KNC batch ‘05, feels that placements should not be a cause of worry provided that the students are sincere and fairly talented. Presently, she’s a freelance journalist as well as a guest lecturer at DCAC and Kalindi College. Dahiya has worked with DD, New X, and Headlines Today in the past. The university has churned out a huge number of talented and fairly successful media professionals in the last decade. Rahul Kanwal, Monika Kshatriya, Anibran Roy, Shalini Langer , Rishabh Gulati, Shruti Goel, Priyanka Chandra, Garima Malhotra, Nidhi Razdan,Shweta Rajpal Kohli to name a few.

The Journalism Department of almost every college is popular for their fest, newspaper issues and annual journals. Even though the course intellectually challenges an individual, it stands out as one of the best across the university. There is a certain kind of dedication, respect and awe associated with the course which makes it worthwhile. So, the next time you see a young journalist facilitating a debate or you come across an article which compels you to think & question, do a background check and chances are he/she may just be a product of Delhi University.

Manav Seth
University Express

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