Illumination is an event being organized by AIESEC in Delhi (Delhi university + Delhi IIT) in association
with Tinker bell productions in order to show its support against child labor, towards peace promotion
and a  green Diwali. This is an initiative by AIESEC in Delhi to show our support against the thousands of
children working in darkness during the production of fireworks, loosing eyesight, and being affected by
the explosives & loosing lives. Illumination is an attempt to break the Guinness World Record by lighting
5000 sky lanterns on the same day at the same time by the youth and creating a positive impact in the society. The event is being held in NSIC Grounds, Okhla on 2nd of November 2012 from 5pm to 8pm.
There will be an opening act by well known musicians and an exhibition of our diverse Indian food culture. A crowd of 7000 people is being expected by this event. Illumination is a Pre-event for The Sky Lantern Project which will be held on 21st December as an initiative by AIESEC INDIA with 23 states participating in this Guinness World Record breaking event by releasing more than 10,000 sky lanterns on
the same day at the same time projecting unity amidst the living diversity of the country.
                                                         ' Let there be light '
Vijay Mallya might no longer make you The King Of Good Times or provide you with an escape from worries but here at Delhi College Of Arts & Commerce (DCAC) both are guaranteed. One might ask, Exams are closing in & everyone’s gearing up for a battle. No parties, No hanging out, No get-togethers for almost a month. So where are the Good times? Before everyone goes on this probation isn’t it only fair that everyone gets to enjoy for one last time and then carry on with the preparations. Keeping the approaching festive season in mind, Delhi College Of Arts & Commerce (DCAC) in collaboration with NSS present Aadya, the Diwali Mela. So charge up your batteries and let your hair down for one last
time and most importantly enjoy at the Mela on November 1st, at DCAC. 

The word ‘Aadya’ is literally the name of Goddess Durga or means simply the ‘Beginning’. The Mela represents not only the festival of lights but also is a part of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of DCAC. Preparations are in full swing and A Roaring time is guaranteed to every attendee. In addition to the regular food stalls various NGOs are also putting up arts & crafts stalls. So you
can be assured that every penny you spent is going to lighten up someone else’s Diwali. The major attraction will be the stall put up by Tihar Jail inmates wherein they will put up for sale an extensive variety. Add to that a highly anticipated performance by ‘Sixth Sense’, a band from Army Public School. There will be a high dose of drama as societies from 3 colleges, including DCAC’s very own Parindey, will also be performing. Plus a performance by Dr. Kuljeet’s Atelier Theatre Group. And yes people, A DJ has been organized for. What else ensures good times? 

For the talented lot out there, Photography, Poster-Making & Face-Painting Competitions have been organized with Cash-prizes. The teachers & staff members have been an active part of the preparations & have come up with brilliant ideas for stalls with some of them even putting up more than one. The Principal too has provided support and is looking forward to the event with great expectations. But of course any event requires mammoth preparations & comes with its own set of problems. Here for instance, the electricity connection was a massive issue due to the fear of short-circuiting. Also, even though the Mela celebrates one of the biggest festivals of the year, setting up stalls was difficult as NGOs and traders were already booked for ‘Karva Chauth(which is exactly on the next day)’ and Diwali Melas elsewhere. Nonetheless, the students and staff overcame these obstacles and looked into every little detail. The college proposes to turn this event to be a pioneer in kick-starting a monthly event for debates, talks, discussions, exhibitions & screenings as a part of their celebrations & thus a lot is riding on this Mela. The Best part is that the Mela goes on till 5 in the evening, so everyone can come up after their College.

So be there. And have a good time. Make a difference. Just to make sure you haven’t missed out on anything important:

Date: 1st November. Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Venue: Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, Netaji Nagar.

Entry Fee: Leave all tensions and worries in your own college and of course a BIG group of friends.

Check out the FB page for more information:



invites you to “THE ECONOMIC CONGREGATION” ON 29TH October from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm in the college auditorium. 

The topics of discussion are:



To provide deep insights to the budding economists, the eminent speakers gracing this event would be:

~ DR. K.L PRASAD (Economic Advisor, Department Of Economic Affairs)

~DR. GULJIT K. ARORA (Associate Editor in Chief,Economics Affairs)

~JITENDRA JAIN (Chief Financial Officer , GMR Group)


 ~ DR. SAUMEN CHATTOPADHAY (Ph.D in Black Economy and Associate professor, JNU)

~NISTULA HEBBAR (Senior Assistant Editor, Financial Express)

The schedule of the events is as follows:

10:30 am -12 noon : talk on subsidy and fiscal consolidation followed by an interactive session

12 noon – 1 pm: lunch

1 pm – 2:30 pm: talk on black economy followed by an interactive session

In the interactive session, anybody is free to ask their questions and the best question would be awarded too. All the participants would be given certificates.

So don’t miss the opportunity!




Every year, we celebrate the festival of Dussehra with
superlative enthusiasm and spark. The devil of Ravana, made with artistic designs is ignited to black coal symbolizing the eradication of evils from the society and regeneration of pure and clean environment. 

As I stood in the middle of the jovial crowd, waiting to capture the delighted moment of burning of the Indian Devil this Dussehra, a wave of unknown questions oozed down my spirit. If the Ravana was killed the previous year by the same ceremonial proceedings of burning it down to black, how did it regenerate himself this year, yet again? The bitter truth is, the Ravana- the
Satan of the Hindu Mythology, the sinful demon of our culture, the emblem of grotesque hooliganism, never dies from the Indian Society. Instead, it replenishes into a diabolic monster slowly grapping the Indian Society in its grey roots of evils, waiting to stand an inch taller on the same ground the next year.

A random screening of the daily newspaper cast an image of our country as a hub of demoniac activities. When a minister succumbs himself to corruption, when a girl is molested in public, when we initiate to follow the principles of violence, when we discriminate a lower class to enter the holy places, when we regress our institution of marriage into a dowry system, when we practice untouchability and gender discrimination and when illiteracy, widow remarriage, girl child abortion, child labour, sexual harassment, prostitution, adulteration, gambling, addiction, crime and terrorism is mercilessly practised, not even angelic figures of the Hindu Mythology can curb the formation of the atrocious and cloven-footed Ravana. These evils merge together to form the inhuman and nefarious symbol of the Indian culture.

The main question is, is Dussehra actually the festival of the defeat of Ravana, the destruction of evil from the society? I guess not. Till our ladies face problems in strolling the market places in night hours,
till the time we keep discriminating lower classes, till the time we continue aborting girl child, till the time we keep practising child labour, till the time we keep accelerating criminal activities, the festival of Dussehra is a victory for the Beelzebub of Indian Mythology. The roots of the evil will keep on casting dark diabolical shadows on our society and the Ravana will grow into a large leviathan conquering the good and the pure of the society.

Let this Dussehra be the ultimate demolishing of the Satan. With the flames igniting the artistic model of the devil, the sins and evils of the society depredate into the air. Let us together fight this aggravating monster with revamping ideas, to demolish the blotch of deprecatory activities. May this Dussehra make our country, an auspicious, moral, sinless and obviously, a better place to live in!

Mind-boggling music, exciting games, delicious food and the overall vibrant ambience set the mood as “IMPETUS”, the BBE society of Lakshmibai College organized its Freshers Meet at Café Cruise, Rajouri Garden. This event was a perfect opportunity for the fucchas to let lose and just enjoy themselves. The lovely lasses were dolled up and smeared the atmosphere with cheer and glitter. None of the freshers wanted to miss the chance of interacting with the seniors and putting their best foot forward.“Freshers party was truly awesome, thanks to all the seniors and teachers”, said a fresher Priyanka Nama.

The most awaited event of the party was the BBE pageant. The girls were judged on the basis of their overall personality, intellectual ability and talent. While most performances maintained the momentum of the event, there were definitely a few which caught the judges attention by surprise. Some kept it short while others had a lot to say in the introduction round which was followed by a talent hunt ending with a series of witty questions asked by the judges. 

The fiesta came to an end as Sugandh Kumaria walked away with the title of Miss BBE Fresher 2012 for
her overall performance. Nikita’s mesmerizing belly dance moves won her the title of Miss BBE Talent while Sona Choudhary stood out in the crowd as the most confident fresher. Jyoti’s perfect smile bagged her the title of Miss Killer Smile and Barkha caught the judges attention by her stylish walk which fetched her the title of Miss Chammak Challo! 



While for Delhi government it was a forlorn day to get ranked lowest amongst the 95 countries in the UN report of most productive cities , it was a quick to pick week for the little known but active Haritkram Society, the Go-Green society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College.

The society has gone through a fantastic array of
events and boasts to making everyone proud of the society & the ambiance they live in altogether. For starters,  it was a day of caution & emotion as
on October the 16th of 2012, members from National Institute Of Disaster Management rolled up at the college & purveyed an immense knowledge to the students about the risk of the imminent disaster and the much needed disaster precautions. They bounded several rounds of the college to pick each and every bit to aware themselves up . The event was characterized by the set of speeches
about the causes, the risk they inflict on human life and the precautions that need to be undertaken in wake of violent disaster in form of the earthquakes.
They presented before the students, the slew of drama and dance acts to get students take stock of tidbits of whole-hearted Delhi as well as the havoc the tectonics's calamity shadows on laymen. This was not an end as on October the 18th of 2012, Haritkram Society organised the Intra-College '' BEST OUT OF WASTE '' competition, which the students partaked in with much gaiety .The interest of the students was itself noticeable as they groped what they had their eyes on in the very first bid. Ranging from crushed bottles to dumped equipments , students cobbled up them up to create distinct objects and did full justice with the whole concept of the event . The students were left agape when they detoured towards the gallery, admiring the flower pots, serenic scenery's, photo frames, upholstery and lot more. The students excelled, were conferred with bouquets of prizes. Whatever was the event , the crux lies in preserving and caressing our biodiversity up to the last breath so it can literally be an abode devoid of any unwelcoming heap of garbage.

It was a majestic initiative from the members of the Go-Green society. Kudos Haritkram!

The Delhi University Students Union seems to have resorted to low-lying methods for increasing their vote bank collection. The organisation set up with the sole purpose of helping the students and providing them with a ‘comfortable’ environment, seem to have abandoned girls of the university from the ‘student’ category . Are we still the child producing machine to our fellow university mates? Well it looks so, a girl from ip college for women was molested outside the arts faculty during a rally show for dusu . The girl, was in a rickshaw stuck in traffic due to the rally, when a group of boys herded and groped her.

The matter was immediately reported to the college authorities. The university procter was immediately contacted for the same. In the convention held by the university vc, dinesh singh the matter was brought up. The vc said he was extremely ashamed. The president of ip college for women, mansha was backed by all other colleges when she said “even dogs react to a situation like this, but your cops didn’t.” Referring to the unresponsive nature and inaction of the cops who were present at the scene but didn’t even crawl an inch to do anything. The vc in response was more like calming down the heated issue, saying that he will look into the matter personally, promising to check the duty postings himself and take strict action against them.

During the convention, the vc said they have already set up an inquiry to look into the matter and also will ban the rallies. The ban on the rallies came into immediate effect with national news channels declaring the vc’s ban.

Earlier in the day on saturday, a lot of security was placed outside ip college for women but the cops or the pcr van was nowhere to be seen post 1pm.

The principal supported her students and openly fought for them. If sources are to be believed the principal of the college will have a meeting with the dcp of north to discuss the security.

This incident has again proved the insensitivity of indian people who refused to help the girl. If you are a woman and studying in the renowned world of delhi university, do carry a pepper spray/deodorant for own safety for no one will come to your rescue in this highly insensitive country.

Also as the news of the ban spread all over the university, the abvp and the nsui called the ban ‘undemocratic’ but what would they call these daily molestation? An act to be awarded the paramveer chakra ?

The ABVP despite the ban carried out a rally two days later in the north campus for ‘women’s security’ or rather carried out their planned rally under the pretext of ‘women’s security’?

We hope this ban won’t be lifted citing political pressure and the dcp will take the necessary actions against the cops found guilty.

About the girl who was molested, having met her she has put up a brave front and is acting all normal, not panicking at all. She is not fighting for herself but what about the rest of us girls? It could have been any one of us there or somewhere else.

We salute the girl for he resilience and hope the ban won’t be lifted, a ban cannot bring in all the change yet it’d be further insult to the girl if it does.

To every single woman out there we’re not an sex object that men toy with! We’re human who happen to belong and stand high in the same society where they stand because of us woman. Take pride in being a woman, know & fight for your rights.

The commerce department of LSR is all set in organizing its on-going annual fest COMQUEST’12 and this year it goes national with students and faculty from colleges like Christ college, Bangalore; Bits Pilani, Hidaytullah University and others participating in the fest.

The department celebrated the month of October as the month of Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) which is also the theme of the fest. The fest kick-started with the inaugural ceremony on the 9th of October and it was attended by Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath, Principal, LSR, and the chief guests Dr. Shyama Chona – Ex Principal DPS RK Puram, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan awardee and founder of NGO Tamana and Dr. Ritu Juneja (Director of Tamana). The chief guests delivered a talk on CSR
in the education sector which was followed by a cultural programme in which Tamana, daughter of Dr. Chona , danced along with the students who were performing. From 16th-18th October there were a series of events attended by personalities like Mr R.M Lala who had a book discussion on his book-‘The art of effective giving’, Dr. Rekha Shetty who conducted a workshop on ‘corporate innovation’ and Mr
Dalbir Singh
who spoke on CSR in banking sector. Ms. Meena Chaturvedi: CEO, Public services and   E-Learning will be delivering a talk on CSR on 23rd October in the college. 

The Main events of the Fest are spread over the two days 25th and 26thOctober .On Day one, there will be a National seminar on the theme CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY-A GENDER PERSPECTIVE which will be held at the India International Centre from nine in the morning. Speakers attending the Seminar are: Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath- Principal, Lady Shri Ram College for women; Dinesh Singh-Vice chancellor, Delhi University; Shri Salman Khurshid- honourable law minister of India; Mr. Shami Khorana- president, HCL global; Mr. Sunil Munjal- CEO, Hero motor corp. and eleven other prominent
speakers. The moderators for the seminar are: Sweta Rajpal – journalist, NDTV and Shivani Wazir actor, director and anchor.

Day two of the fest will witness some events such as the Paper Presentation on the given theme and this will be held at LSR from nine-thirty onwards. There will also be informal events which will bring the fun quotient to the fest such as Ad-mad, Go green (best out of waste), movie making and amazing race (treasure hunt).

COMQUEST seems to be extremely promising this year with a wide variety of events happening. The National seminar will animate high powered debates and discussions on the theme and will provide fruitful inputs on the same. Students of the department who have been planning the fest for the last few months are extremely excited as the fest looms closer. ‘Each one of us is frantic for COMQUEST’12 since the whole department has given its heart and soul to it. Since it’s on a national level this time, this itself brings a sense of greater level of excitement’ were one such sentiments of Meghna Bhutra- Secretary of the Commerce Department. The students and faculty who have worked hard for the fest are looking forward to a successful culmination.

Details regarding the events of the fest, can be found on

“The date sheet is out. We are stressed. A lot has to be done. The syllabus is nowhere near completion. We are fed up of the extra classes.”

Such statements are assumed to be that of students. But, this time, the professors at Delhi University are the ones issuing them. Only 3 months back when everyone had just joined or returned to their college, the atmosphere was relaxed and chilled. No one had foreseen that the giant monster of Exams would catch up so soon. Just when the fuchchas were starting to like the college and the seniors started realizing that they actually are ‘seniors’, the date sheets were announced.
‘Lets-bunk-and-go-to-the-canteen’ is now ‘Lets-bunk-and-go-to-the-library’. Students have joined coaching classes near South Campus and are literally catching up with the syllabus. A leading newspaper recently reported that certain college professors are actually skimming through the entire syllabus and completing it just for the sake of it ignoring the concepts. The big question is not about managing the syllabus now, but why did this situation arise at all?

Here comes the tricky part, you can’t really peg the blame on one entity or body. There is a unanimous opinion that the semester systems is to blame, but let us not miss out the finer details. A student of B.Com Hons (1st Semester), on the condition of anonymity, says “Even though the syllabi is mammoth, there are discrepancies at the end of professors as well. DUTA strikes, long leaves, lack of dedication and the race to finish the syllabus before the others are the drawbacks.” Add to that, the fact that the college has admitted students in almost every course way beyond its capacity and natural factors like the approaching festival season and Dusshera-Diwali Holidays further magnifies the dilemma. There is severe time crunch and presently the professors are literally racing against time to finish the syllabi. Manu, BA Political Science Hons (1st Semester), says, “Barely 60-70 % of the syllabus is complete. I am sure we won’t be able to complete everything & eventually we’ll have to cover some topics by ourselves.” This opinion was reflected by other students as well.
Aakash, a student of B.A. English Hons (3rd Semester) says, “We have two books for our subjects. The first one has been done in detail but we are just flipping through the second one due to lack of time and the pressure to complete the syllabus at the earliest.” A Political Science professor, wishing to be unnamed, said that most arts subjects are intellectually challenging, and it’s essential to make them understand the topic by relating it to present day. Just sticking to the syllabus is never enough. However, he added that with the present system, where a teacher gets barely 3 months to cover 5 units, it
becomes impossible to even finish the syllabi, let alone encourage debates, discussions or case studies.

Nonetheless, certain courses have beaten time and are on the verge of completion. Journalism Hons (1st Semester) for example is comfortable in 3 of the 4 papers. With the examinations still about a month away, there are also certain students who are not worried but comfortable. All in all, the atmosphere is tense and charged. No one wants to see an ‘ER’ on their marks-sheet but is seriously apprehensive and doubtful about the same. Blaming the semester system or teachers or syllabi won’t work. For the short term, one has to study really hard and pray for a miracle. For the long term, the university must come up
with a foolproof system to ensure such a situation doesn’t arise again. For arts and commerce courses, there are around 3 weeks to prepare. Our heart goes out to the B.Sc. students who will be appearing for exams in the first week of November itself.

The Department of Journalism, Kamala Nehru College Is all set for its annual festival JOURNO JUNCTION 2012 to be held on 18th and 19th of OCT. Check out all the exciting games and sessions lined up for you! Be there! You do not want to miss this!!


Choti Choti filmo mein..badi badi baatein hoti rehti hain

This session will address the students about the evolution oflyrics, technology and other aspects of film making. It talks about Indian Cinema and how it has changed gradually over the years.

Analyzing a particular period, its effects on fandom and stardom and every other related aspect would form the essence of the session.
• Mr. Bhaichand Patel - Author of Bollywood’s Top 20
• Ms. Anna M. Vetticad – Author of The Adventures of an Intrepid; Film Critic- Twitter and FB
• Ms. Yasmin Kidwai - documentary film maker

SESSION 2 on Day 1 of the festival - 18th OCT starting at 12: 45 PM 
Paisa Vasooli ke Usool

We would request you to talk about the the state of the Indian film industry, the growing international interest in Indian stories, and the opportunity for co-productions. We would also like you to refer to the image of Indian Cinema abroad and the role it plays in international competition and also discuss, about how Indian producers finance their projects and the trend of Indian production houses now getting into distribution themselves, pushing films across theatre abroad.
• Mr. Robinder Sachdev - Director of Imagindia Institute

SESSION 3 on Day 1 of the festival - 18th OCT starting at 3 PM 

In K****n ke saamne mat nachna, Basanti!

This session talks about the portrayal of women in Indian Cinema. From being screen candies to heroes, they have come a long way and have evolved to bring a change among the different perspectives that once existed in the Society.
• Ms. Darshana Sreedhar, School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU
• Ms. Kritika (IIIrd year, BA(Hons) Journalism)

SESSION 4 on Day 2 of the festival - 19th OCT starting at 10 AM 
Rangmanch ki katputliyan

Amalgamation of theatre into mainstream Cinema has been noticed in critically acclaimed movies
like Gangs of Wasseypur, Kahaani, etc. This session talks about the theatre aspect and how it's gaining prominence in Indian Cinema these days. Actors like Vinay Pathak and Darshan Jariwala are being seen in character roles.

During the 70s people who attended film school got into theater but in the present scenario, actors are now entering mainstream commercial cinema.
• Ms. Anuradha Kapoor, Director, NSD

SESSION 5 on Day 2 of the festival - 19th OCT starting at  11:30 AM 
Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani
A Panel Discussion on Regional Cinema- Despite the cultural diversity and ethnicity in India, Regional Cinema has never been given the importance that Bollywood has garnered over the years. People are more aware of Bollywood as compared to other film industries. Through this session, we aim to bridge the gap between students, academicians and research scholars who will be presenting their own papers, which will highlight the different aspects of different film industries.
• Mr. Anirban Kapil Baishya :  School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU
• Ms. Bindu Menon : Professor, History Department, Kamla Nehru College
• Mr. Rajan Krishnan : Professor, Ambedkar University
• Ms. Anisha Mohan : IIIrd year, BA(Hons) Journalism

Film buff, Film critic, Journalist for 18 years. 
That's Anna M. Vetticad for you in a nutshell. 
She is also the author of 'The Adventures of an Intrepid Film Critic', that gives an overview of the Hindi film industry presented through an account of a year in which she decided to review every single Bollywood film released in India’s National Capital Region – including ones you might never have heard of. Over the years she has worked with India Today, The Indian Express, Headlines Today and has been a Consulting Editor with The New Indian Express. While at HT, she hosted her own interview show 'Star Trek'. She is now a freelance journalist, social media consultant and Journalism teacher.