Betrayal  is survival !
The much awaited Race 2, a sequel to 2008’s Race by director-duo Abbas and Mastan is finally here. Now the question remains, “how far does it race ahead of the original?”

Race 2 is a revenge thriller with a few gripping turns and some stylishly executed action sequences. The action, glamour and the comic subplot holds the movie together however, the story continues to be the weak point. One can term this movie as expensive, stylish, and full of chaos where everybody is a crook. The men seem to have it all, living in casinos and hotels and are always surrounded by beautiful women.  Deepika, Jacqueline and Ameesha add on to the glamour quotient in the movie, making it a one-time watch.

Inspector Robert (Anil Kapoor) voice over introduces Armaan (John Abraham) and Ranveer (Saif Ali Khan) as he arrives in Istanbul to avenge the murder of Sonia (Bipasha Basu). Armaan’s insatiable desire for money and power is evident in the entire movie. Armaan’s half-sister Eleana (Deepika Padukone) is an equal partner and leaves no stone unturned in getting what she wants. Deepika’s stylist deserves a pat on the back for making her look gorgeous. Omeesha (Jaqueline Fernandez), Armaan’s girlfriend also happens to be Sonia’s sister. Ameesha Patel plays her role of a desperate secretary of Robert who is brain-dead and lacks what one calls ‘common sense’. Her part has no real spark in the absence of good dialogues and a substantial role in the movie.  Others have fared well in terms of acting while Khan has acted with the right amount of poise and charm. The ladies look seductive and are definitely a treat to watch.     

To wrap it up, Race is a splendid display of action, style and race cars with several grey characters. It fails to leave an impression as one expects it to be better than Race, which was indeed a better suspense builder than Race 2.  

Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Instrumentation is a course to train students thoroughly with working, maintenance and application of a multiple variety of instruments viz. electrical, electronic, analytical, optical, nuclear and biomedical instruments and microprocessors also to train them in achieving technical expertise in instrumentation. Instrumentation engineering is a specialized branch of electrical and electronic engineering and it deals with measurement, control and automation of processes.

Imagine a world without instruments. It would be like traversing into a time that probably goes even beyond the Stone Age. Man has always been fascinated towards instruments and the

quest to invent and innovate on new instruments has pushed mankind beyond barriers to an age where instruments have become a part and parcel of the life. Today, we find instruments at home and at workplace, and this was possible only because of the science instrumentation amd that is where this course states its importance.

Course Structure:

The instrumentation course starts with the first semester having simple circuit and network analysis, nuclear, optical and thermal physics (formally known as applied Physics), Mathematics, organic and inorganic chemistry and practicals based on them in the first semester.

In the second semester the students are taught C language with Data Structure, Instrumentation theory, Mathematics, a basic introduction in Biology and genetics and practical based on these topics.

In the third semester students are taken to a higher level of electronics with Di gital Electronicsand Analog Electronics. They are  also taught Biochemistry, Signal system or Mic robiology & Genetics and practical based on these topics.

In the fourth semester commen ces with training the students for the industry    ith industrial instrumentation, analog electro nics is further taught with electronic instrumen tation practical based on these topics with sum mer training also being provided.

The fifth semester has teaching on Microprocessors and analytical instrumenta tion, Electrical machines and control systems and biomedical instrumentation is also taught with practical based on these topics.

The final or sixth semester further teaches Analytical instrumentation, Biomedical nstrumentation, quality control and microcontrollers with practical based on t hese topics.


Instrumentation graduates are required in number of heavy R & D units of all th e big guys in the arena of production and design. They are also recruited by the steel industry, c ement and raw materials industries due to an o ngoing evaluation of the quality required in these industries. An amateur instrumentation trainee can earn 15,000 to 20,000 p.m and can go upto as 4 lakh.

An Instrumentation graduate can also pursue higher studies such as

1.    M.Sc (Analytical Instrumentation)
2.    M.Sc (Biomedical Instru mentation)
3.    M.Sc (biotechnology)
4.    M.Sc (Genetics)
5.    M.Sc (Electronics)
6.    M.Sc (microbiology)
7.     M.Sc (Environmental Sciences) 
8.    M.B.A & M.C.A 
9.     Masters in Bioinformatics 

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As we all know, Cinema in India hardly tackles serious issues and once in a while, when it does it is not supposed to be entertaining. Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola (MKBKM) beats that myth for many of us. This recent product of Vishal Bhardwaj falls into the category of "Hatke" films. The movie collected 7.02 crores on its opening day. 

The first half of the movie seemed very confusing as people found it very difficult to understand the content of the movie and the issues it will be tackling. However, the second half of the movie has the answers to all the questions going on in the viewer's mind and everything that seemed trash in the first half of the movie started making so much sense in the second half of the movie.                                                                                                      

The director, Vishal Bhardwaj takes on the touchy issue of farm land being taken over to expand India's cities and make way for retail and commercial space. The movie is full of contemporary issues that plague India, depicting a political satire targeting land scam. The movie has too many cuss words in the typical 'Haryanvi' accent and all the actors seemed to have done justice to it. The cuss words though are definitely not good for children. 

The star of the film is undoubtedly Pankaj Kapur. As Mandola, he is quirky, feisty and energetic. However, some of his words are really difficult to understand when he enacts the part of a drunkard. But, not to forget that he overshadows both young actors with the sheer energy he brings to the screen. He gives the finest performance of his life in what is his first mainstream lead role.

Imran Khan has that rustic Haryanvi look and does enough to take over the crown of the thinking women's sex symbol. 

 Anushka Sharma - THE Bijlee adds glamour to the entire equation. Bijlee was Mandola’s free-spirited, half-rebel daughter who flaunts short shorts, bare skin and tattoos like no tomorrow (one tattoo bordering at the end of her back reads “Daikho Magar Pyar Say” – “Look, but with Love” She almost probably becomes the first mainstream Hindi film heroine to mouth everybody's favorite cuss word and does it several times with such an ease.

Shabana Azmi stands out in a small but pivotal role. She has the scene which has the crux of the film and at the same time explains in a couple of minutes all that has been wrong with India since independence. 

The movie also has a lot of flaws but that varies from person to person. Overall, the movie is an entertaining movie tackling serious issue in a comical manner. It takes a while to get into its groove, but changes gears with spectacular finesse after that. 

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The Beginning…

Kevin Systrom had a marketing job at Nextstop. Even without prior knowledge or skill, he learnt how to program simple engineering ideas. One of his ideas led to combine the 'Check-in' ability of foursquare (which allows you to 'check-in' to a location on the map) with the elements of the popular game - Mafia Wars. He made a prototype and named it as 'Burbn'.

Luck was on his side when he met two prominent individuals from Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz who were immensely impressed with his ideas and decided to fund his venture with $500,000.

As Mike Krieger joined Kevin, Burbn was almost coded into a neat HTML5 mobile app which allowed users to check into locations, make plans (future check -ins), earn points for hanging out with friends, post pictures and much more. However, Burbn seemed too cluttered as an iPhone app, overrun with features. 

This led to a shift in focus as Mike and Kevin identified mobile photos as a worthwhile opportunity.  An app was built, right from scratch - basically cutting everything from Burbn except its photo posting ability, comments and like capabilities. What remained was Instagram - a photo sharing application and a social-network.


Current scenario

A 1 MB application that allows users to post photos and share with other users - Instagram has more than 100 million users and 1 billion photos on its database today. As homage to both the Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid cameras, Instagram confines photos in a shape of a square. Each second, a new user is added and on an average, 58 photos are uploaded. In its largest acquisition deal to date, Facebook Inc. purchased Instagram for $1 Billion in cash and stock but decided to keep it independently managed. Instagram is available as a free app in App Store and Google Play.           

Author:                       Suzanne Collins

First Published:            August 24th, 2010 by Scholastic Press

ISBN:                          0439023491 (ISBN13: 9780439023498)

Series:                        The Hunger Games #3

Genre:                        Dystopia, Young Adult.

Setting:                      Post-apocalyptic North America. A nation called Panem.

Narrative:                  First person, present tense.

Reviewer’s rating:       5/5

If there’s a word that sums up feeling totally drained, broken, but at the same time hopeful, that's the story of Mockingjay in a nutshell. Like the previous book of the series, Mockingjay begins at a slow pace. The previous book of the series ended with a shocking information from Gale: there is no District Twelve. Mockingjay comes with even more cliffhangers. The story begins when the rebellion has finally started. The long gone and dead District Thirteen emerges from the underground, quite literally. And with them comes yet another pair of people Katniss finds hard to trust.

Katniss Everdeen has survived yet another Hunger Games; against the wishes of the Capitol, against the wishes of her own. District Thirteen has come out open with a plan. The Head Gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee is on the Rebels side. While the District has been training their soldiers and the refugees from Twelve, Plutarch is coaxing Katniss to be the Face of the Rebellion. There’s only one purpose she has to serve and that is to be the Mockingjay, the symbol of the Rebellion which gives hope to the Districts.

If words could kill, you’d die a hundred times over in this book. You can’t help but live along with Katniss and feel the physical and mostly the mental fatigue of every thing that happens to her.  You’d want to get away and read the book as an audience, detached from what was happening, but Suzanne Collins with her use of the narrative makes sure that doesn’t happen. Some people have critiqued the story as being full of violence, bloodshed and brutal deaths. Mockingjay sure has all of them. Yet there’s a very clear anti-war message inherent in every thing that goes inside Katniss’s mind.

The final installment of The Hunger Games was pretty much all a reader could take. We often find ourselves not wanting a favorite series to end. Well, we all wanted J.K. Rowling to not finish Harry Potter. But that changes when it comes to The Hunger Games trilogy. A reader would love having read it but wouldn’t want another installment of the series. Because wanting that would mean even more suffering in Panem. And one can only take so much.

The story again contains very strong Marxist views and comments on the consumerist society. A feminist reading will give a thumbs-up to the story as well. Katniss shows immense courage which, in the dystopic world of Panem, is saying something. The story’s going to quench the thirst of every generation of readers. The head and the heart both become a battlefield in themselves. And while the battle unfolds right in front of the reader, one can’t help but feel the underlying comment on the present-day society. A very strong remark is made by Plutarch Heavensbee when after the war Katniss asks him if he’s preparing for another war. He says: “Oh, not now. Now we’re in that sweet period where everyone agrees that our recent horrors should never be repeated. But collective thinking is usually short-lived. We’re fickle, stupid beings with poor memories and a great gift for self-destruction.” Could be a comment on the world we live in, right?

 All in all, if there's no Apocalypse stopping you, you would read the book at one stretch.  This book is so well written. Each word, each sentence is so well structured. If you haven't read this yet, trust me you don't want to miss it. It will make you sad and scared but it will make sure you understand where you are and the effect you can have. The book is worth every experience. Whatever problem you're in, just remember that if Katniss could, you could too. All you'll ever need to seek is that dandelion in the spring. That yellow which promises life.
Because Katniss' children believe, 

Deep in the meadow, hidden far away 
A cloak of leaves, a moonbeam ray 
Forget your woes and let your troubles lay 
And when again it's morning, they'll wash away….”

To the year that is to follow,
And to the year that just faded away,
You and I have oodles to say.
let’s just pause and mull over what went away.

For the arrival of the prodigy-the nation was beckoned,
The motherland was awaiting the birth of this legend.
Back to the city of dreams- Bombay,
The novelist father and service class mother were cheered up with gay,
their toddler lit up their life with mischief and play.

His stepping into youth was witnessed by all,
With the 16 year Old’s debut the entire realm was enthralled.
Inflated with an early passion for tennis ,
None of his opponents were mindful- he would be such a menace.

Bidding adieu to tennis, he warmly welcomed cricket,
The master blaster stepped in to chop-chap  the wickets.
Of course there is no needed delineation,
TENDULKAR, it is- The sole reason for cricket’s humungous predilection.

His achievements are unabated,
His talent indomitable.
His dedication unrestrained,
His charm unfathomable.

Words are few,
And facts many,
Following, is an insight into his some bits of journey.

Spellbound by his knack.
Coach Ramakant Achrekar helped him pick up the big bat.
Pumped with enthusiasm and ready to conquer the domain,
At 16 he became the youngest Indian
hijacking the CRICKET plane.

To Shane Warne he is a nightmare,
for Sir Bradman’s dream team he is the Indian hare.
To sport’s hero Gavaskar,
He was deserving to be gifted his personal light pads.
For Sachin this was a boost, not just a fad.

He’s not only a man of profession.
His beliefs and deeds supplement the final impression.
Also a family man, nationalist and a busy bizarre bee
The first pick of endorsers,
the richest cricketer in the universe.
Yes he is. Yes he is. Yes

As he bids adieu to sports,
he shall be  respectfully and gratefully escort.
To a world of blessings, rest and harmony,
and be additional well-wishers to the pool of many.

A salute to the hero
Politics, The word can be best described by adjectives like manipulative, exploitative and simply diabolic, when one talks about India in particular.  It has the power to bring out the worst out of people and can lead to even family parting ways. Recent being the split between Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare owing to their difference of opinion on the fight against corruption. 

While Anna’s approach towards fight against corruption is by undertaking a series of protests and hunger strikes in order to force the government into passage of the lokpal bill so proposed by him, Kejriwal opted to take the political route and fight the system from within. While the goal in both the approaches is one -
eradication of corruption; both parties have their own methods of reaching this goal.

The cold war between the two has been under much media scrutiny and the Government is happily cashing their dispute. Anna Hazare made a blistering attack n Arvind Kejriwal, accusing him of wrecking the anti-corruption campaign because of his political ambitions. He feels the party was launched in violation of his wishes. The veteran agitator also warned people not to trust those who used his name and tried to associate themselves with his movement. Kejriwal has maintained that Anna would come around to bless his enterprise in a while. He has downplayed the differences making them seem like a case of estrangement.

In my personal opinion I feel Anna’s agitation will not lead to a fruitful conclusion and Kejriwal’s party might be able to create an impact as is desir. Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption by forcing the government to pass their Jan Lokpal bill within a limited timeframe was unconstitutional. Can a group of people sitting in Jantar Mantar force any democratically elected government to pass the bill by threatening a hunger strike unto death? If the answer is, yes, then it would deprive the population from free and fair debate about the law and it will nullify the utility of the Parliament. Yes, constitution does provide every Indian  right to protest against unjust laws -  they are provided with freedom of speech and expression and can approach the judiciary to address their grievances, however blackmailing the government and going on endless strikes is not the solution.

Bringing about a change in the constitution and laws cannot be done in a fortnight, there are certain rules and procedures which need to be followed and we cannot simply circumvent the legal process.
Arvind Kejriwal’s route of forming a political party and fighting the government at its own battlefield does seem a fair approach because if one has to fight the system, one needs to be part of the system. By simply protesting externally and pressurizing the government to take measures will not lead anywhere which Arvind Kejriwal realised and decided to form the political party AAP (Aam Aadmi Party).  This new outfit may take some time to fully establish itself and win mass support but it appears to be doing well considering the growing popularity it is gaining so rapidly at the initial stage of its inception. A large number of initial core team members of IAC (India Against Corruption) started by Anna, are supporting Kejriwal which shows their belief that this is the way they can fight corruption. 

I personally feel that Anna Hazare and Kejriwal shouldn’t have parted ways because now their support too has split and has lost the momentum which was there initially. The reason in 2011 the uprising was a roaring success because both the sides together were able to gather the support and make people believe in their cause, however now, people supporting the cause have also split, one supporting Anna’s movement and the other Kejriwal’s party.  The split has been unfortunately much to the Government’s glee which can get back to its corrupt functioning without further disruptions from the people’s side.

We hope the two parties reconcile and join hands together to fight against corruption. Each party backlashing the other and fighting amongst themselves will not lead to their common dream. In the end the both the sides and the people of India want corruption to end an India to thrive as a corruption free country.

Kejriwal to an extent should redefine politics by setting up an honest party working towards the welfare of the people as the name suggests. We hope to see a change.
With New Year returns the pledging season, vide variety of Resolution to welcome the year being pledged until January bids Adieu. Some of course are meant to be broken, (let’s face it) a lot are meant to be broken. But somehow a few of them are realized. While we all vow on a host of issues, we tend to miss out on our college-life. So here’s a list of resolutions a typical DU’ite. I’m positive most of  you’ll be able to identify with a lot of them, if not all. And if you don’t, Please leave a comment and add to the list.

1. I WILL ACTUALLY READ THE BOOKS THAT I ISSUE: After queuing up in serpentine lines and paying fines, a majority of the books that are issued tend to gather dust and remain unread. A frantic attempt to study everything one night before the exams goes in vain. Hence, pledge to read the books that you issue, else you are depriving someone else too.

2. I WILL NOT SUBMIT THE EXAMINATION FEE ON THE LAST DAY: Year after year, students wake only on the last date of submission of the Examination Form & Fee, even though they are notified well in advance. So save yourself the agony and mile-long lines and submit the forms in time. Plus, a lot of students still haven’t collected their original documents from the Admin. Dept. from their colleges. Please do so the first thing on 3rd January.

3. I WILL MAINTAIN AT LEAST 67% ATTENDANCE: Save yourself the misery of running to professors & clerks on the day the admit cards are issued. Ensure a 67% attendance and be in the good books of your professors plus get your admit cards hassle free.

4. I WILL CLEAR ALL ER’s & NOT JUST PASS THEM: Okay, this one is a long shot, but hey better scores will not simply enhance your mark sheets. So gear up & vow to clear any backs and set a realistic target for yourself. Plus, stick to it. The recently declared results did shock quite a few. Learn from your mistakes.

5. I WILL MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY FEST: Enough with the studying; ensure that you have a good time in the various fests that will literally queue up in the coming months. Even if you don’t participate, let your hair down & simply attend them to enjoy.

6. I WILL NOT MISS ANY COLLEGE TRIP: Be it a small group of friends or a college-society trip or a college trip, DO NOT miss any opportunity because you never know the next time you’ll get it. 

7. I WILL NOT STAY SINGLE: This might be invalid for a lot of you, but a large chunk of students are single. Now, pull up your socks as this might as well be the most difficult resolution to realize. That being said, understand the difference between wooing & stalking.

8. I WILL RESPECT EVERY GIRL & UPHOLD THEIR DIGNITY & SAFETY: This one is for all the boys, Be Man enough to respect every girl. Hope you all do that for your mother or your sister too. Treat them as your equal not an object. At all times be senseful and ensure their safety, especially during the night time. It’s not that hard after all RESPECTING A HUMAN BEING.

9. I WILL FIND AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE‘MAGGI POINT’: We all love the masala-maggi & cheese-maagi, but for the love of God, head out & explore other joints. It is almost repetitive now& everyone has tried every single variety.

10. I WILL WORK HARD & PARTY HARDER: It’s a cliché, but normally students end up following only the latter. So this year, use your own potential. Channelize your efforts in the right direction & most importantly pay heed to your conscience. And don’t forget to reward yourself on your achievements.

Hope you all have a wonderful year ahead & make life-long memories.
They say, College life never knocks back. Enjoy it while you can.
Don’t ever look back in regret.
Wonderful wishes for the year ahead.
Stay Safe. Stay Blessed.