It was more than everything it promised to be. Even though Diwali is still a good two weeks away, but Delhi College of Arts &
Commerce (DCAC) celebrated it on November 1 in the form of Aadya: Diwali Mela- a collaboration of NSS and DCAC.  It
was a smooth affair with hardly any glitches. The people were happy & winners delighted. The teachers cancelled classes, well most of them did, & the students honestly weren’t bothered. There was drama, dance, food, music, stalls & a spirit of celebration thronging the venue. Students from various colleges turned up in good numbers & made the event a massive success. Little kids from NSS were invited to join in the festivities & they were the centre of attraction throughout.

The event was kicked off by Parindey, DCAC’s street play society, parading through the college and inviting everyone to join in the Mela. After the NSS kids inaugurated the event in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, 3 hard-hitting plays from the Street play societies of Shivaji College, Kamala
Nehru College (KNC) & Daulat Ram College (DRC) left the audience a lot
to think about. The DJ had an up-to-date playlist and the students danced away for a large part of the day. ‘Gangnam Style’ by the sensation Psy was undoubtedly the song of the day. ‘Renaissance’ a band from Army Public School, in their maiden performance, awed one and all and left everyone asking for more. The students were in for a treat as yummy snacks of a variety were available. From Bhel Puri to Momos, Brownies to Chuskis, and Ice-Creams to Kathi Rolls- you had it all. Brownies & Chuskis were an instant hit with students & teachers alike.

Various NGO’s and traders had put up stalls that had an amazing variety of products. DCAC’s very own ‘Prakriti’(the Environment society) handed out free paper bags to discourage the use of polybags. Stalls had products ranging from diyas, candles, chocolates, and greeting cards to jewelry, artworks, bakery products, clothes and what not. SIFE, BWWA, TJ and a lot others had put up stalls but somehow there weren’t many footfalls. The organizers said that a lot of students glanced through the products but did not buy anything. Defying the trend, however, was the Tarot-card reading stall which was never seen vacant.
The talented lot won cool cash prizes and of course, a lot of name and appreciation. The face-painting competition saw Kanupriya of Shivaji College bagging the first prize & Anshuman of Dyal Singh (Evening) College closing the second position. For the poster-making competition, after a tough decision, Kritika Kamra of Janki Devi Memorial was declared the winner. While the online photography competition was won by Sanyam Bajaj of Bhim Rao Ambedkar College, in the on-the-spot photography competition Kanak of Motilal Nehru College was declared the winner. So all in all, the fete had a touch of tradition but was modern, was a mix of the old and the new, a platform to win and lose & was a reason to celebrate. So now that the countdown for Diwali is set, here’s hoping that Aadya sets the tone & rhythm for the events to follow. Wishing every reader a very Happy Diwali.

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