While in school, We had never imagined ourselves being an all girlscollege in a million years, but here we are today writing about one-(Jesus n MaryCollege)- My

We vividly remember our first day in JMC when we met our batch mates for the first time. We entered this college with a perception, like most have, that an
all girls college is going to be all about bitching, gossiping, dressing up, etc.but after SUCCESSFULLY completing 1 year in this college we can say that we
have been proved wrong. Apart from all this JMC, no doubt is about a lot more.

Located in the embassy area this college has a lot to boast about whether it be the large fields, open areas or the airy basement, extra-curriculars & the active participation & involvement of students in studies as well. The 5th Best Arts College in the Delhi University-JMC has shown remarkable results throughout its existence.

Not to forget the fact that a lot of emphasis is laid on regular classes, attendance,seminars.Throughout the 1st year, we have regularly & patiently attended all our classes, seminars, assemblies (not just for attendance but also because we really wanted to).

As a part of an on going tradition in college ,we all are required to enroll
ourselves in one of the six compulsory societies- NSO,NSS OR WSDC to name a few. Apart from that we take pride in being an active part of several other voluntary socities in the college-Mudra:The Western Dance Society, Kahkasha:The Hindi Dramatics Society,Nrityanjali:Indian Dance Society,SIFE, etc.

Since classes are held regulary we don’t really find time to go out unless we bunk college but whenever we get time off from the monotonous and tight schedule, we all hit the favourite hotspots in and around college. Be it the airy basement (duringsummers), the amphi theatre or field(to enjoy the winter
sun) or we just go off to Satya Niketan for a quick bite. Apart from being the hub of getting  “THE NOTES” ,Satya Niketan is quiet famous amongst all South Campus goers for its eateries, whether it be the – Maggie station, rolls from Nazims &Chowrungee Lane, or mouth watering Tandoori Momos from QD’S.

Also, Once in a blue moon doesit happen that we come to college, sacrificing our sleep for the 8:30 class & we get a PLEASANT SHOCK that our first few lectures have been cancelled. In that case we end up in C.P. as that is the only place we have come across where eating outlets are open at 8:30 in the morning. And even if all this does not appeal us, we turn to our canteen (not to forget
the pink coloured walls-seeing which makes the feeling of being in an all girls college stronger). The delicacies of our canteen are – chilly potato , the all famous KEEMA SAMOSAS, chole bhature, fried rice & Once in this college, You should never forget the ‘sweet guy’ who sells delicious sevpuri/bhelpuri for 30 bucks. Also, ourcollege has recently introduced THE COCA COLA-HAPPINESS STATION, where you get all sorts of shakes , pastries, creamrolls, etc.

Right infront of our college we have the Kareena Market (Interesting, but no one knows why its called by that name ). We end up there to get the mobile recharge done & it is the placewe turn to when we want to escape the huge rush outside the photocopy shop of our college to get the notes photo copied. Other than the great location,the college has excellent infrastructure. JMC has an old library with a huge collection of books divided on three floors. A unique feature,which no other college under Delhi University provides, is an in house gymnasium.The gymnasium is open to membership for only students and staff of JMC. The college, wihch is also known for its psychology course, has a well-equipped lab.

Coming to college everyday to attend classes gets pretty monotonous and we end up cursing long strenuous days in college with extreme temperatures but when you have great friends to hangout with, sitting for classes from 8:30 in the morning till 4 in the evening gets easier. Not to forget that we get the benefit which most other college students don’t ,and that is to enjoy the WEEKEND !!

1 Year in this college and we can already feel our lives changing. JMC is nodoubt, is playing a very important role in molding our clay lives into perfectones and is preparing us to face the real world. We have had some of the best moments of our lives in this college and also some really frustrating ones. 

As Gretchen Rubin has stated- “The days are long but the years are short” . There couldn’t be anything more apt to discuss our college experience.

Most importantly, This College has given us a chance to meet ‘wonderful people’who we know will be our life long friends and we’re sure that Once out of this college, thinking about all this will surely bring a smile to our faces.

Hira Shamim & Rhea Luthra
Correspondents – UE

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