“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
~ Maya Angelou
Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to feel less stressed out? Did you know that the majority of people who join the writing business do so because they simply love to write? When you begin, it can be hard to imagine that you would ever do anything else other than write. However, when you write for your living, you may sometimes feel the strain and the burden of writing full time. When you write out your feelings or troubles, you can ease your worries. If you would rather not reflect about your hectic life, there is the option of creative writing as a way to escape the treachery of reality.

There are many things to do before it gets to point of no return and there are many things to do to stop the joy disappearing forever. But you have no ideas, you say?

For starters you need to completely step away from your computer. It is not surprising that most writers feel stale every now and again when they sit in front of the computer day in and day out. If you start to feel restless or anxious when you're writing you need to get out, even if it's just for a short walk at the park or taking the dogs to the park. Exercise is a great way to relieve tension and can clear your mind.

Find Inspirations in people and things around you, for example, my best friends inspire me to write. They're the ones who have stuck through and read my ‘creations’ to the end. They ask questions and find loopholes in the plot for me. The easiest and best ways to come up with new ideas is at night before you go to sleep. That's when our minds wander through different ideas and really think in depth about what we can do with our writing. The second best way I get inspiration is after a good movie.

Find music that makes you tick! Visit websites like www.stereomood.com and type out the feel with which you want you work to come out with. This not only builds up an ambience, it also helps you steer clear of all the distractions that might come in your way to hinder the process of bleeding words out of you!

Sometimes if you have to write an article about a particularly hard hitting subject it can be difficult to find inspiration. Sitting at home and writing makes your chances of meeting other people for inspiration really slim, but that does not stop you! You still have many opportunities to find out what other people think, so find a good forum or a message board and see what other people's opinions are.

Another favorite way to unwind is not only writing for fun but to write with a pen and paper. Sitting at a computer can be a drag at times, staring at the same old white screen and sitting at a constant position can also be very tiring. So find out your favorite pen, and notebook and start jotting down ideas to let off some steam.

Sometimes, you will often hear people saying that writing is not their cup of tea or they don’t want to do it because it is not something they normally do, and prefer its alternatives, such as talking to a friend over the phone to vent out their emotions, but sometimes, you need a thing, you can confine to without the fear of being judged and sometimes the emotions that we write and get recorded, later, turn out to be sources of inspiration for us, later in our life, in situations.

This weekend, try this activity! You’d be surprised with the relief and satisfaction that tags along.

Anvita Mathur

Shivani popli
3/1/2013 11:16:43 pm

It was actually awsum.. Got sum nice nd real tips of writing or rather i shud say of expresng our emotions nd feelings... Nice.:):)

3/2/2013 01:30:49 pm

you're most welcome shivani!
Happy writing :)

3/2/2013 04:56:43 pm

Hey Anvita! This is so nice and inspiring.(y)


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