Intern (Research Coordinator) – Longitudinal Impact Study

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Last date to apply: 31st December 2012

Position Summary: The intern will play a critical role in the successful implementation of the Longitudinal Impact study. He/she will work closely with various stakeholders (Principals, Fellows, other teachers in the school, and students) to administer the end of year assessments and survey to the students. The intern will also be responsible for grading the assessments and student survey, ensuring reliability and integrity of the data collection process. Qualified candidates for this position should demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, ability to work with a large group of primary school students, and basic knowledge of spreadsheet applications (such as MS Excel). The candidate should also be fluent in Hindi or other local language, and be willing to travel to municipal schools within the city. 
Project Overview: Teach For India (TFI) has partnered with SIPA, Columbia University to design and conduct a longitudinal study. The study will enable us to measure the impact of TFI intervention by comparing a sample of our classrooms with non-TFI classrooms from the same schools. As we are rapidly expanding, ensuring that we have reliable impact measurements to define our programmatic operations is
critical to our long-term sustainability and success as an organization.
To date, we have measured our impact on students through a number of key metrics, most notably student achievement. Our student-centered metrics have primarily included external academic assessments to measure student outputs across learning subjects, such as Literacy, Writing, Mathematics, and Speaking / Listening.

We’re currently aiming to expand our metrics to further measure the impact our Fellows have on other key student inputs, such as student participation, motivation levels, time spent studying at home, values and mindsets, and other key indicators. In 2012, TFI strives to begin conducting a multi-year, longitudinal study – consisting of student surveys and external assessments – to measure these metrics within Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad.


Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

- Undergo trainings to understand the scope of the project and various processes:
  o  Administering assessments and student survey
  o  Grading assessments
  o  Data management and collection
  o  Tracking student IDs and classroom/school IDs

- Coordinate with Teach For India Team and school authorities to ensure timely execution of the baseline assessments/survey in target schools.

- Travel to participating schools to conduct baseline assessments and student survey in classrooms.
- Grade assessments and student survey as per the rubrics, ensuring reliability and integrity of the data collection process.

- Transfer assessment and survey data on to easy-to-use MS Excel trackers.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

 - Fluency in local language
   o   Delhi: Hindi
   o   Mumbai: Hindi or Marathi
   o   Hyderabad: Hindi or Telugu

- Strong interpersonal skills; ability to influence and motivate team members and project stakeholders to achieve outcomes

- Adaptable and flexible in working style; willingness to travel within the city

- Basic knowledge of MS Excel

- Ability to work with large group of primary school students; classroom management skills (strongly preferred)

- Attention to detail
Education and Experience
- Previous experience working in a multicultural environment; sensitive to the diversity of our target population

- Previous experience working hard in a deadline-oriented, target-driven environment with respect for process and professionalism: able to keep himself/herself calm during high-stress periods

Application process

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