Courtesy- Onusha
Tangible artistry, the heart & cheek stylizing of an Urbane setup with a tinge of ‘Villagey’. The most youthful place that one can find here in ‘Dilli’.
Of course it is our very own ‘Hauz Khas Village’.
It is a place synonymous with the arts ranging from visual to culinary with every place trying to creatively carve out their niche among the stiff competition. It is in this place, in one of the many lanes that one gets to witness a board atop a doorway named ‘Kuzart Lane’, a name very popular among the foodie circles. 
As you decide to give it a chance, you see a lane just wide enough for about three people to fit in, with the walls lined up with the works of various young and talented budding artists and with small but cozy sitting for people to relax. 

Courtesy- Radhika
Courtesy- Onusha
The restaurant’s rightly named ‘The Kuzart Kitchen’. The name ‘Kuzart’ comes from a phrase 'Kuzhinë Artistit's which in the Albanian language means an Artist’s Kitchen. The walk from the entry of the Kuzart Lane to the restaurant gives you an inkling that you are in some different zone all together, the ambiance gets you high. 
The idea of decorating a dingy lane leading to a restaurant and making it the USP is quite brilliant a curative for people who want to let go.
The restaurant is an average sized room with a few tables at one end an ordering desk on the other, a handkerchief sized but lovable arrangement.
Why exactly the narratives?
Well it was ‘THE BEAST FEAST’ which drew huge amount of crowds from different corners of the city, especially foodies and students.
For the Non-vegetarian foodies the feast starts with the crispy Chicken Schnitzel Steak with some garlic bread and mayonnaise dip. The Corn and Jalapeno Chicken Steak was a surprise with a tang of sweetness and a hint of spice. The Kuzart Special Steak was cooked to perfection with an amazing barbeque dip. The Grilled Mutton Hulk Burger was worth dying for. It was bout of 'Perfection' in cooking it with 'Love'!

Courtesy- Onusha
For the Vegetarian folks the it starts with the Tandoori Paneer Steak which was juicy, creamy and indefinitely yummy, sauced with the world’s best Indian style gravy. It was a sheer piece of awesomeness with layers of cheese wedged between and desi flavours. The Paneer Aubherghine Steak was well pampered with corns and spiced with the ‘Baked Sausage’. Surely something for the ones in awe for ‘CORNS’
The Veggie Veg Hulk Burger was something to try as it was not the usual aloo tikki burger but something beyond. It proudly flaunted the very desi ‘Baingan Ka Bharta’, can you beat that? And to add it was just awesome tantalizer to the taste buds with ‘Baked Sausage’. 
Potato Wedges decorating every plate, made it all the more tough to let go, and believe us when we say, it was ‘Finger Licking Good’.
‘The Bottomless Iced Tea’ offered in amazing ‘Lemon’ & ‘Peach’ flavors was candy to the eye as well as the tongue.
All in all we would rate it 4 stars out of 5.
You can catch the Beast Feast at Kuzart Lane, Hauz Khas Village till March 3rd 2013 and at its extension Glued, Dynamic House in Noida till March 6th 2013. 
The feast costs Rs. 449 for ‘Leaf-lovers’ and Rs. 499 for ‘Beast-Lovers’.
And it is definitely ‘NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!’

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