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If you are a tad tired of the soaring popularity of the unimaginative lawns in most campuses, Hansraj promises to be a pleasant change. It’s not that the college doesn’t have a stretch of green to boast about. It sure does, it’s just that students have discovered a zone tucked well into the heart of the campus which they have christened the ‘Lover’s Point’, AKA the College Canteen.  When we hear the name ‘Lovers point’, a picture does conjure up in our minds of a cosy corner or a private nook where sweethearts spend time oblivious to the world. On the contrary it is infact a tiny triangular place which is lined up by a row of eateries. This place is called the Lover’s Point because it is believed that Shahrukh Khan proposed to Gauri, his childhood love interest at the same place and since 1989 it’s been called the Lover’s Point to celebrate the bond of love and togetherness which the star couple shares till date.

The eateries at LP stand out from the other colleges, serving finger licking and mouth-watering vegetarian cuisines.The non-veg lovers however need not be disappointed as the canteen offers delicious egg noodles and egg fried rice, to fulfil their ‘chick-en’ desires! The menu offers a wide variety of appetizing food  ranging from north Indian cuisine like chole bhature, rajma rice ,pavbhaji, paneer pakoras to Chinese cuisine such as spicy noodles, fried rice and last but not the least the heavenly chocolate shake and  fresh fruit juices.

Despite the location of the college being right across Kamla Nagar Market; students prefer to sit and spend their time checking out the cool crowd at the LP and enjoy the scrumptious muffins and hot chocolate.

The canteen stands out for its fresh and hygienic food. The silken chocolate frappe and the grilled sandwich come at an affordable combo. HansRaj College canteen’s spring rolls served with the divine mint chutney are a wonder plus the cafeteria’s frappe and maggi are the most sought after items and are also very light on the wallet. The cheese omelette and the variety of paranthas to choose from are extremely tempting. The south Indian delights like butter paneer dosa and vada sambhar is also popular amongst students with its spicy savoury taste. The tomato soup is a hot favourite among students in winters and the chilled ice tea promises to quench your thirst in the sweaty afternoons during the scorching summers.

Next time you plan a visit to Kamla Nagar market skip that thought and instead pay a visit to Hansraj college canteen which guarantees delicious food at affordable prices and you will definitely end up lovin’ it! 

Aanchal Mehrotra

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