If you are a student from Delhi University, then, Maggi is probably the most reliable source of food. It comes out comparatively cheap, if compared to other things and is readily available everywhere. Subsequently, attracts more students. Located at the most popular hub of south campus: Satya niketan, KEV’s Café aka Maggi point has managed to embed itself in the minds of the south campus students with its huge range of Maggi and shakes menu . 

Kev’s Café brings to you more than 25 flavors in Indian, European and Chinese tastes keeping in mind the exotic taste of Maggi. Each and every flavour is amazing as taste preferences differ. Also, for additional Rs. 10, you can add Chicken/Mutton/Egg/Corn to your Maggi as well. But their menu just does not end with the wide variety of Maggi, they also serve various types of shakes, ranging from milk shakes to Mocktails and lip smacking ice cream shakes, for a very minimal price.

Though, Kev’s Café does not provide its customers with the seating arrangement and students find it inconvenient in unfavorable weather conditions, but still remains the favorite of many. Kev’s café is located in the most visited suburb of Delhi but has got a few limitations to it as well. While people have to stand while eating to the inconvenient location of dustbins and dogs loitering around.

But as goes the saying, that you cannot have your both hands full, Kev’s café manages to fill the stomach of the students at a very reasonable price with quality food with its drawbacks too, it manages to earn a more than decent crowd almost every day.

Photograph: Anjali Singhal

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