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Courtesy- Google Images
In many ways the college cafeteria holds a higher position of importance in a student’s life, sometimes more than the library or even a classroom, if you were to ask someone, of course ‘Food’ is one essential part of life. The canteen hosts to numerous impromptu birthday celebrations, gossip updates, last minute assignment completion, intellectual and many not so intellectual discussions all with the aroma of food hanging in the background. The cafeteria at Kamala Nehru College manages to be all this and lot more.
There are two sections of seating arrangements to choose from; the outdoors which is a quaint cobbled courtyard adorned with street lamps and umbrella shades and a Nescafe kiosk nearby wafting out the heavenly aroma of coffee and muffins and inside the cafeteria, which is equipped with its own 
Foosball table and a TV, that everyone swears has never been switched on.
The process of getting your food involves four easy steps:
1) Scan the menu quickly or if possible memorize it, for you have less than a minute to make a decision before the crowd swamps you.
2) Haggle with the lone cashier for your receipt and don’t forget to bring change. He is not fond of large denomination notes if you are ordering a Dosa worth Rs. 22. 
3) Now hand over your receipt to whoever it is on the other side of the counter, grab your cutlery and wait patiently for your order to be served. Be prepared to be jostled left and right and suffering a few injuries is a normal occurrence, no need to call the ambulance!
4) Once you can lay hands on your food, safely guard it, scout for a good seat and dig in.
One of the best things about this canteen is the variety of cuisine available and at a price which does not make your wallet weep.                                                              
One can choose Chole Bhature, Shahi Paneer Naan, Pao Bhaji in the North Indian category or if you are already confused then pick the mix thali priced at Rs.45 which gives you a little of everything. For the South Indian food lovers there is Masala Dosa (Rs.22) and Idli Sambhar (Rs.22).
Fried rice, ‘Chow-Mein’, ‘Chilly Paneer’, ‘Honey Chilly Potato’, ‘Manchurian’ and ‘Momos, are available in the Chinese category. The ‘Spicy’ tongue tantalizing chutney the ‘Momo guy’ (yes, he’s called so) provides is a specialty and the French fries, they are orange and scrumptious. For the bread lovers we have the Croissant and sandwiches, bread omlette and Subs. Also served is maggi, chips and egg roll. Beverages include soft drinks, fresh and preserved fruit juices, ice tea, coffee of all kinds and lemonade. For dessert, dig into the pastry, brownie and Donuts or just a kit kat if you prefer.
The head of the canteen Mr. Sanjay, quashes all claims of girls being conscious with their diet claiming that on an average they make Rs.15,000 in a day selling over 100 dishes of the popular items in the menu. The canteen is host to a number of students from neighboring colleges, who come scouting for cheap but delicious and stomach filling food. Apart from the staff, very much a part of the canteen are the squirrels and the crows fluttering about. If you leave your plate unattended for a minute, you come back to find a portion missing, don’t just look at your friend with suspicious eyes, the squirrels are equally to be suspected. 
For the hard core non-veg lovers the canteen could prove to be a disappointment with only chicken sandwich (Rs.50), momos (Rs.30) and patties (Rs.25), available in the menu. 
Other than that, the KNC canteen, does not disappoint at all. This canteen is a must visit and specially if you are one in the South Campus and do not want to spend a fortune on your food or if you just want to have a filling and tasty meal.
"It's Finger Licking Good!"

Niharika Singh

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